Congrats Desi, Visiting Cleveland and no sign of Khloe

Good morning and oh my gosh, a big congrats to Desi Linden!

Desi Linden

Not only is Desi a great athlete, she’s also a supportive one and I can’t think of anyone who  deserved this more.  I might have cried a little watching her cross that finish line.  Amazing.

I tried to live stream the entire race while we were in the car driving to Cleveland but it was nearly impossible so I relied on twitter feeds until the very end I was able to watch the end though.  I have mad respect for anyone who ran that race as the conditions were insane. Some of the pictures and video feeds I saw were just crazy.

The following tweet is not entirely accurate but it cracked me up.


Totally wins my award for the best tweet during the marathon!

And now, let’s talk about my trip.  On Sunday, the kid and I braved the rain and went down to the Scioto River and took a few pictures.

Scioto River

We also drove around some of his favorite parts of the city and this was one of my favorite areas.


That creek ran along the side of the road for a few miles and it was so pretty.

We decided that no matter what the weather decided to do we were going to Cleveland on Monday and that’s just what we did.  As luck would have it, the snow flurries started about an hour into the trip.


Obviously I was excited

Before we entered the city of Cleveland the kid and I drove down to see Lake Erie.  It was seriously cold and now I totally understand ‘Lake Effect’.

Lake Erie

I seriously froze my ass off.

There was a gazebo in this little area that we went to and the kid told me to go over there and he would take a picture.  Once I got up in the gazebo I looked down on the ground and there were random roses thrown on the ground.

abanded roses

Who just leaves beautiful roses on the ground?

Interesting fact: I have found random roses in the weirdest places on several occasions.  Once I even found them down in the keys on a beach in Key Largo.  It was a little hidden area that not many people go to so it was extremely strange to find roses there.

See, I’ve got hidden talent!

The place we went to had a little viewer that you could look through to see Lake Erie.

Lake Erie Viewer

The kid checked it out but it practically froze my face off, plus, you couldn’t really see Canada and we were going in to Cleveland so there wasn’t much point.  If it had been sunny and over 65 degrees, I’d have been all over that!

I don’t think I dressed warm enough but the kid has lived here for a while so he had on thermals under his jeans and a big warm jacket with a fur lined hood.  That’s probably why he was all like, ‘hey let’s walk the whole path around the lake’ and I was like, ‘uh, no!’

He was already on his way though.

the Kid walking in the cold

Off he goes

He was able to get some pretty cool pictures for me.  There are some really beautiful houses on the cliff overlooking the lake.  I couldn’t imagine living there.  I’d be afraid my house would fall off into the water but apparently that’s not really a thing here so people build beautiful houses on the cliff.

houses on lake erie

I wish it would have been sunnier so you could see them better but you’ll just have to trust me.

After about an hour I was so cold I wanted to head out so we decided to take one last picture before we left.

me on lake Erie

You are going to start to notice a trend soon because apparently I can only pose whilst throwing my arms out to the side.

lake erie


And then we were off.

A few minutes later and we landed here:


I don’t want to spoil it for you but we spent the whole day there and I didn’t see Khloe Kardashian once!  We did meet a couple of ladies and while we were talking with them they told us that some of their friends had reservations at the Ritz because they were going to see a concert but the Ritz called them and told them they had to cancel their reservations due to some very important guest who were coming to town.  They surmised it was the Jenner/Kardashian clan.

We’ll never know because we didn’t see them.  I took a shit ton of pictures in Cleveland but I’ll save those for tomorrow because you probably have a life to get to.

Have you ever been to a great Lake?  Which one?

Have you ever been to Cleveland?

Happy Marathon Day!

It’s Patriots Day, also known as Boston Marathon Day.  If you aren’t lucky enough to be in Boston where the race is show on the local CBS station here is how you can watch it.

Boston MArathon

National coverage (8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.) can be seen on NBC Sports Network and will be carried via the NBC Sports app and through Amazon Fire TV, the Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast, Roku, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. will also broadcast live from the finish line.  You can also visit the live blog on

There are three American women who have a real shot of winning this year, Shalane Flanagan, Molly Huddle and Desi Linden, unfortunately Jordan Hasay had to withdraw due to a foot injury.

I’ll be live streaming from somewhere near Cleveland, yes, Cleveland, (as in Ohio), but before I tell you about that let me finish telling you about last week.  We were in Venice visiting with MacGyver’s sister and husband.

me and Lynn

Me and my sister in law

We went to a few of our favorite restaurants and spent some time on the beach.



Disclaimer: Not me surfing, or anyone I know for that matter.

And then they came back to Clearwater with us.  I had to work a bit on Friday but that morning we all went to breakfast at Lenny’s before they left.  It was wonderful.  MacGyver and I were also excited to show them some of the antiques and things we’ve acquired since the last time they were here.  We were sad when they had to leave but we didn’t have long to dwell.  I had a serious amount of packing to do and then at 5:30AM on Saturday morning MacGyver drove me to airport and after an hour and a half delay, I was headed to Columbus.

me in a car

I’m leaving on a jet plane

We spent the first part of the day antique shopping in Delaware.

Delaware oh

A cool car because i really know how to take pictures.

random place

A random cool restaurant that we did not go to

And then we had lunch at Bun’s Restaurant, a 150 plus year old eatery in the downtown area which was charming.


I went to Bun’s and I got a T shirt.

And then we headed over to Easton Town Center where I was able to see my favorite blue pond in front of my favorite store, Tiffany and Co.


We also hit up a lot of other stores, (but really are there any other stores?) including the Lego store where I took a hiatus among the other girls.

lego store

We finished shopping sometime around 10PM.  The kid literally wore me out.  He walks a million miles a minute and he wanted to show me everything.  We did a lot of the same things on Sunday as well as some sight-seeing.

I was so excited to see my most favorite flower in the world has bloomed all over the city.


I picked a few while we were out and about.  I couldn’t help myself.  I wish we would have had nicer weather on Sunday because the kid and I wanted to visit a park or two but it literally rained for most of the day.  It may actually snow a bit today but that’s okay, we’re headed off to Cleveland and regardless of what we do, I’m hanging out with the kid and that is everything.

How was your weekend?

Are you watching the Boston Marathon today?

Who are you rooting for?

Happy Marathon Monday, We’re in Venice and I’m broken.

Good morning.  Happy marathon Monday!  In case you weren’t aware, this morning is the 121st running of the Boston Marathon.  MacGyver and I are in Nokomis and had planned on taking the day off so he could take a day to fish and I could watch the marathon.  In case you want to watch it live online, you can do so here.

We came down here on Friday night after a really long work week and on Saturday morning I got up early and went out for a long run.

long run done

I’d say I accomplished that.

After I finished running MacGyver wanted to take the boat over and test out the new motor but I had some things that had to be done around the house and I also had some work that had to be finished before I could begin the vacation so I stayed here and powered through everything.  I don’t know why but for some reason we never have to do anything to the lawn here and yet it always looks great.  The flowers and the plants are always healthy and bloom year after year with little to no maintenance.

Check out my lillies.

I started out with about 12 bulbs 3 years ago and this year we have about a hundred lillies!  It’s insane and they’re gorgeous.

I get carried away working in the lawn down here, I just love it but that’s probably why I didn’t notice that I was feeling sort of sick, until much later, when MacGyver got back and he and I went out to get some groceries for Easter dinner.

Since we were smoking a ton of meats on the Traeger, MacGyver and I decided to grab some fast food for dinner but I wasn’t all that hungry so I just got some fries and I hardly ate them.  Sometime later that night I woke up with the most sour of stomachs ever and my stomach decided to hand back everything I had given it for the last 48 hours!  And it wasn’t pretty.

Yes, it was!

This wasn’t the first time.  This has happened a few times this week.  Apparently I am not fixed.  I am still broken.  It may have something to do with the little bit of sugar I let slip in over the last few weeks or the fact that I ingested a bit of gluten knowing I shouldn’t have or my doctor could be right and I could be lactose intolerant and it could have been the ice cream or yogurt on the few occasions that I had them but whatever it was, I am not completely fixed.  Not just yet.  And I didn’t run on Easter because I was very dehydrated.

Actually, I didn’t even get out of bed until 9:30.

And then we went to MacGyver’s parents to eat and spent the day enjoying the new motor.

I guess if you have to be sick to your stomach on Easter, then you might as well have a view like this:


Thankfully I’m feeling much better today and I was able to run six miles this morning and now I’m off to watch a marathon.

How did you spend your Easter Weekend?