A bird and buffalo blue

When did they start naming snow storms and winter storms?  I mean hurricanes have always been given names for as long as I can remember but I never remember winter storms being named before recently. So I googled it and apparently it is a new thing.

blow me

And just an FYI, NOAA doesn’t like it at all.  I have a feeling they would like to have a monopoly on storm names.

Yesterday MacGyver came home with, surprise, another boat.  If one were to actually count that would make four and I pointed this out to him. I don’t remember his exact response but it was something like this:

money for boats and beer

I didn’t say too much because later in the day the UPS man delivered my 7th area rug of the year.  Apparently, I’ve never met an area rug or a throw pillow that I didn’t like and I’m okay with that.

We are heading down to Nokomis tonite.  We haven’t been there since the spider bite and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little fearful.  MacGyver did go down immediately after it happened and bomb the hell out of the house and spray for bugs all around the perimeter but I’m still going to be beyond cautious.

Hank is going to the vet today at 4 and we’re hoping they say they can take out his staples.  The poor little thing has been through so much I would just die if anything else happened.

freakin spider

Hank has also had a sensitive stomach since he started antibiotics after the first surgery.  When he doesn’t feel like eating all of his food I put it up on the island in the kitchen otherwise Boomer will eat it the moment we leave the room.

I’m sitting beside Hank on the sofa and I just watched the bird fly into the kitchen and over to the island and leave with a piece of buffalo blue dog food in his beak, which he is currently pecking and eating.  Guess I’ll have to find another place to put Hanks food.

Woody Jac

Personality galore on this one

Our weather is still lovely here.  I ran another 8 miles this morning.  It was nice and cool and it was one of those runs where you actually enjoy every minute of it.  That never happens.  Seriously, it doesn’t and if anyone ever tells you otherwise, don’t believe them.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been running, everybody hates the first few minutes and sometimes, we hate the entire run, but we live for days like today when it feels effortless and that’s what keeps us going.

Have a fabulous Thursday!

Did you run today?

Fishing by Viagra Falls and other things

On Saturday after I ran 5 miles, MacGyver and I put the pups in the car and headed on down to Nokomis.  Typically Boomer would be in the back seat stretched out and Hank would ride in the front because he likes to look out the window but we’ve been trying to break that habit.


I hate the back seat and I hate you.

Did I mention that I hate you?

Did I mention that I hate you?

We dropped our things off in Nokomis and then MacGyver and I went to Englewood to see his parents.  On the way over we got sidetracked by few garage sales and as we were headed to the very last one we had to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting an endangered species.  I quickly jumped out to rescue it but it started peeing all over the place so MacGyver came to rescue.  In case you’re wondering what it was, it was a Gopher Tortoise.


We hung out with the parents for a while and then came back to Nokomis and watched a little TV.  The next morning I got up again and ran 5 miles and then we went to Englewood to spend the day with the parents and celebrate Father’s day.  We decided the best way to do that would be a day on the boat.


Ready for Tarpon Fishing

I love going out on the boat but it takes a while to get from the canal out to the main channel.  I entertain myself by reading all the boat names.  Most of them are typical like ‘second chance’ or ‘mystic waters’ but my favorite is the ironically titled ‘viagra falls’.


Ahead on the left ‘Viagra Falls’

The original plan was to head out to Boca Grande Pass to fish for Tarpon but that’s a long way by boat so we went with plan b which was to fish Stump Pass instead but we definitely wanted to try for tarpon.


We didn’t see any tarpon at all but we did catch some other fish and I was able to spot some Pass Crabs which I netted for the guys.  Pass Crabs are what you use to catch Tarpon.  The guys went fishing again this morning so I hope they are able to use the crabs to catch something.  A tarpon would be nice but I’ll take any kind of fresh fish.

pass crab

This is a pass crab

This morning when I went to run the moon was out.

summer running

It’s summer, time to run.

I was headed out the back gate and I saw something out of the corner of my eye.  I stopped and looked around and just as I thought it was nothing and my eyes were playing tricks on me, a spider crawled out.  I told MacGyver about it when I got home and he said if I only knew how many bugs he had killed inside the house and not told me about I would just die….


I will never sleep in that house again without one eye open!

On my run this morning thankfully I saw two bunnies which completely erased the spider from my mind.


And then as I was finishing my five miles and heading down the trail bridge, I saw a centipede.  I think I read somewhere that these kinds of centipedes are poisonous but I can’t remember where I read it or if it’s even true.


You get extra credit if you can tell me what kind of centipede that is or if it’s poisonous.

MacGyver and I are headed home tonite so I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.

Tell me what you did this weekend.