Friday Photos, edition 2

So, I think since y’all seemed to like the Friday photos post of last week I’ll just incorporate it into the program here with a little twist.  I’ve decided to change the photo theme weekly depending on, well basically whatever I feel like.

Earlier in the week I told you we were going out on the boat and heading out to Stump Pass which is absolutely beautiful.  I’m pretty sure I told you I would try to take some pictures for you.

I aim to please.

mermaid bracelet

I had to share that photo first because MacGyver is such a sweetheart and knows how much I love mermaids so he bought me this bracelet.

We got up early on Tuesday but it was a little too cold just yet so we hit up breakfast and then sat by the pool for a little bit.


Those are our friends, Randy and Peggy and if you look closely, you might spot Hank’s tail waggin photobomb.

When we finally got on the boat it was absolutely beautiful and quite sunny.


We made a quick stop at the marina for some bait and I took a picture of the bridge.  Most of the time when we fish under the bridge we see all kinds of bats, it’s a little eerie and unnerving.

placida road bridge

You drive down the Intracoastal Waterway for around 15 or 20 minutes heading toward Stump Pass which is the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico.  Just before you get to Stump Pass the water color changes and the difference is stunning.

This picture doesn't really do it any justice, trust me, it's beautiful

This picture doesn’t really do it any justice, trust me, it’s beautiful.

Check out this photo and tell me if you can see the manatee…or his nose…


We fished for a bit at the mouth of Stump Pass and then we decided to visit our little Island that we love.

I got off the boat and the first thing I did was take a picture of the awesome shells and greenery.  It got a little cloudy but it was actually a good thing because none of us were in the mood for a sunburn and it kept it nice and cool.

seagrass seashells


I snapped a lot of photos out on that Island so bear with me because dammit I’m sharing!  I thought they would turn out crappy because of the lack of sun but they actually came out very cool.


I love the shells, LOVE!


The shells here are insane! I always bring back bucket fulls.


These pelicans were doing whatever pelicans do on a sandbar. I was so excited to see white ones because we typically only see the brown ones.

We were out there for so long that the sun started to go down but I didn’t want to leave.  The sky was ethereal.  I hope I captured even a tenth of the exquisite beauty.

boat at sea

It started to get a little cloudy but look how pretty the sky is.  Can you see the dolphin fin?

The dolphins were all over the place this day

The dolphins were all over the place, can you see the two of them in this picture?

Here’s a view of the Island on the other side.

stump pass island

Just before we left I took a quick photo of MacGyver doing what he loves to do and that seemingly random photo has become one of my favorite photos ever.  It completely defines him.

MacGyver fishing

A boat in the distance, fish in the water and a pole in his hand. 🙂

And I took this last photo just as we left the island.  Check out the sky.



And here are a few randoms.  Typically we never have water coming inside the boat but for some reason this old boat put off a massive wake and Peggy and I got soaked.

jerky boat owner

Thanks ass wipe!

This is one of my favorite boats and it belongs to one of the neighbors.  It’s a Chris Craft and there is just something so beautiful about all that wood.

Chris Craft boat

Look at their Christmas Tree!  Can you see it just behind the boat lift.

And I can’t leave you without one final picture.

Boomer has given me permission to add this picture in order to satisfy the requests of his fans so I will comply.

Boomer and the bed he ‘borrowed’ from his brother:


That’s a handsome boy right there!

Just like last week, tell me about a random photo on your phone or tell me about a photo of something awesome you did this week.  GO!

WTF Wednesday – I’m out of the closet and it feels amazing.

Yesterday was spent in Englewood down around Stump Pass hanging out with our friends who had to leave this morning. We had a really good time fishing, shelling and chillaxing.

It’s hard not to enjoy this…

Stump Pass
Yesterday morning I got up really early so that I could get in a 7 mile run in before we headed out for the last full day with our friends. It wasn’t fast and there was not real purpose to it but the weather was absolutely gorgeous and I had 7 easy miles on my schedule so that’s what I did. I also planked again that morning but God bless it, I just couldn’t get over three and a half minutes.

I think my problem is that most of the floors here aren’t carpeted and I forgot my yoga mat.  And try as I might, planking on my elbows on a hard tile floor is painful after a few minutes. Fortunately we had boating on the agenda so I didn’t have time to dwell on it. I mean how could you when you have this to look at…


Look how clear that water is!

We caught a few fish, picked up a lot of shells and sharks teeth and drank a few beers. Well, I didn’t, I don’t really do beer. I did drink water and I even had a Gatorade which is pretty adventurous for me so I guess you could say I partied a bit….no? Oh well.

I did rock my new shoes and I think they’re pretty fly…

fly shoes
Get it?

So, let’s get to it. This morning I got up early to see our friends off and get ready for a 6 miler and I was determined to rock an awesome plank time for my #plankathon.

The only place I could find with a thicker carpet was the closet, so in I went and I wasn’t coming out until I got at least 4 minutes….Y’all this makes me all kinds of giggly,

plank time
F*ck yeah! Five freakin minutes! I’m still all giggly, even more so than when I saw this photo…

Paper Mag photo
It’s a close second though, very close.

WTF, it’s Wednesday, and I rocked a 5 minute plank and showed you John Stamos’s butt!

Now it’s your turn, brag, tell me something that you did that made you proud, here’s your chance for a shout out….go!

When is the last time you…..?

Today I’m posting from Englewood. Yeah, I know, I gets around.

Before I tell you what we did on Monday I wanted to show you our friends home in Nokomis. They have the most spectacular Christmas display and this picture doesn’t even really do it justice but check this out:

christmas lights

I’m all sorts of jealous! I love this shit. 

On Monday morning I got up early and ran 4 miles on the beautiful Legacy Trail. It was a bit cooler than I expected, but nice. I didn’t see any critters or anything extraordinary to note except for a pillow which was laying on a bench on the trail head. We had seen the matching one in the canal the day before and so while I was running I occupied my mind trying to figure out a story behind the two pillows.

I didn’t do a longer plank yesterday. Every few days I take an ‘easier’ day and hold one for 3 minutes. I think after the plankathon ends I’m going to continue to increase my time but 3 minutes will be my standard for most days.

Not a fail, just a rest day.

Not a fail, just a rest day.

So yesterday I played a little hooky and we went boating and fishing. We caught a few fish but nothing noteworthy. After several hours on the boat we docked at Pops Sunset Grill and had a late lunch/early dinner.

The food was good but the Pina Colada was exceptional.

After boating we headed on over to Englewood and I had to do about 4 hours of work while MacGyver did some fishing. He didn’t get any fish but he did catch this guy and it completely mesmerized Hank.

Blue Crabs
Don’t worry, we didn’t let Hank get close to it.

We’re packing in as much as possible since our friends are leaving on Wednesday. Today is a lot cooler, high 50’s, so I’m headed out to run and then we’re taking our friends out to Stump Pass and Manasota Key. I will hopefully have some awesome pictures tomorrow…..

Now I want to hear from you.

When is the last time you played hooky and what did you do?