Big head, nah, not me.

If I were one of those people easily influenced by external things I’d have a really big head right now.

big head

This month is my birthday month.  If you didn’t know that you’re probably new here because I’m pretty sure I mention it all the time.  (The 23rd in case you’re wondering but really it’s a month long celebration.)  Anyway, because it’s my birthday month I’ve gotten a ton of little cards in the mail for free stuff.  FREE. STUFF.

First I got a free necklace from my jeweler.

diamond necklace

And then I got some free lotion from Bath and Body Works.

bath and body works

And then I got a free eye liner and lipstick from Marc Jacobs at Sephora!

Marc Jacobs

All free.

Next, I realized that according to my almost 12 year old nephew, I am the coolest Aunt in the entire World.  This all came to be because of my latest obsession with Pokemon Go.  You see, when you make it to Level 20 trainer and you have a Snorlax with a CP of over 1,600 you pretty much rock in the eyes of any red blooded 12 year old.

my pokemon go status

The truth of the matter is, Pokemon Go has made it possible for me to spend some quality time with my nephew and while we may start out talking about Pokemon Go we talk about other stuff too and I get to spend some quality bonding time with him.  That’s a win win.

And if all that wasn’t enough to make my head explode, earlier in the week the lovely Emily from featured me as one of the top 50 women’s running blogs to start reading now.

top 50 blogHow cool is that?

See what I mean?  I’m lucky my head isn’t huge right now and I better get to weekending before it gets that way. We’re headed down to Nokomis and Englewood for the next five days.  We’ll be spending some time with MacGyver’s brother, Inspector Gadget, and my sister in law and the kids.

Even though we’ll be hanging with family, I’ll be working a bit and I’ll be blogging, from the beach and the boat.  Damn, there goes my head….I better get out of here while I can fit through the door.

What are you doing this weekend?