I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Well, technically I didn’t go anywhere but I’ve been MIA for a few days.

You may remember that my Mom has been in town and since she was leaving this morning I wanted to spend as much time as possible with her, hence my little disappearance.

And now, we have some catching up to do.

Me and the TurkeyOn Thanksgiving morning I ran the Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot. I ran the first 5K which I believe is called the wingding or something like that. It was supposed to be the more competitive race and the fun run, (which was later in the morning), was supposed to be for the walkers, strollers, dogs, etc.

I got to the starting line about 4 minutes late and so I didn’t start with any of the competitive runners, I was behind mostly kids and walkers. I didn’t really mind because there are 10’s of thousands of runners in the Turkey Trot every year and unless you are an elite or start at the front of the pack, you most likely start a bit late and get crammed behind other runners or walkers, regardless of which race you run.


That’s me, in Orange.

Or, as in my case, you might have to pee before the race and spend a bit too much time in the port-a-potty line which means you get to the starting line late, oops.

Turkey Trot 2015

Where’s the turkey, Get me the turkey!

I don’t really know what the clock time was but according to my Garmin I finished in around 29:10 which surprised the heck out of me because it was really congested and there were quite a few times when I had to walk or slow way down until I could get through the crowd. I wasn’t trying to PR or anything though, I was just trying to finish and get home to the Turkey and the Apple Pie because seriously, Thanksgiving!

my first apple pie

Yes, friends that is the very first homemade apple pie I have ever made and it was delicious.  I also autographed it for your viewing pleasure.

We had some very good friends over for Thanksgiving dinner and we all had a wonderful time.  It was a beautiful day and I sure am lucky that I got to spend my Thanksgiving doing something I love first thing in the morning, and spending time with the people that I love in the afternoon.  I am so grateful.

Around 7:30 Thanksgiving evening our friends went home and mom decided that we should go shopping. Y’all should know by now that I cave every year and that’s exactly what happened.

Power shopping

The only way to power shop is in your blue chucks!

We hit up Wal-Mart, Target and a few other places, mostly with disappointing results. That’s why we had to get up Friday morning and head out again, for the entire day.. because, well, Black Friday y’all!  In case you’re wondering, we fared much better that day.

And, after a full day and a half of shopping, I was pooped!


I managed to make some time during all that shopping to make these two wreaths, one for my sister and the other one for mom.

We were sick of department stores by Saturday, (that may or may not be a little white lie), so mom and I went to the annual community garage sales in Indian Rocks Beach.

I will go into more detail about that later this week when I’ll be able to share some real proof that solidifies mom and I are the most prolific, capable and die hard shoppers on the planet, trust.  I should have that proof by Friday…seriously.  Make sure you come back.

Yesterday, MacGyver went hunting and so mom and I decided to spend the last day together decorating my house. We managed to get a little bit done but with over 14 boxes of decorations in the upper level of my garage, it’s a week long process.  There was also the matter of the tree, I decided to go get one after my run on Sunday morning but since MacGyver had my SUV we had to take mom’s car.

We channeled our best Griswold’s impersonation.

We are NOT the Griswold's.

How’d we do?

We got the tree home unscathed.  Mom’s car was fine too.

Unfortunately it took me 4 and a half hours to get the thing balanced in the damn tree stand so I haven’t decorated it yet. Hopefully, I’ll get it done before Christmas although it looks pretty good just being a tree in my living room and I could always decorate it with receipts and then I wouldn’t have to dig through 14 boxes of decorations.

shopping addicts unite.

And that brings us to this morning. Mom left around 8am and I’ve been tending to some business things and such ever since.  No running for me this morning but I’ll be back at it tomorrow.  I’m taking a little break for the day, from running, not shopping.  It IS Cyber Monday you know!

So, tell me, how was your holiday?
What did you do over the weekend?

We now return this blog to its regularly scheduled posts…..

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday weekend. I did.

With all the things going on around here in the last few months, I’ve gotten a little lax with my post but fear not gentle readers, you loyal few, I’m back! I am now returning to my regular weekday posting.

Let’s get started shall we.
With my Mom here, Thanksgiving cooking was a breeze. Well, except for the banana pudding. We made a delicious version of the one from Dead End BBQ and we both had our own ideas about what and how much to put in. It might have gotten a little ugly since we are both strong-willed and stubborn but don’t worry we did not end up with any black eyes or bloody noses, just a few splatter’s of pudding on the wall. Oh, and my Turkey cookies were a success!

Turkey Cookie Goodness!

Turkey Cookie Goodness!

We had dinner around 3PM so that Mom and I could head out for some early shopping. No one can shop like my Mom, so I get pretty amped up when she’s here for black Friday and this year was no exception.


Get the $100 TV Carl!

Get the $100 TV Carl!

We headed out around 4:30 on Thanksgiving afternoon and shopped til 1AM. After some rest and a little sustenance we headed out Friday morning around 9AM and shopped until 3PM. Then we stopped for some food and started again around 5PM and shopped til late that night. I’d love to say we took a break on Saturday….no I wouldn’t… because we didn’t and I loved every minute of it.

That's my happy shopping face...

That’s my happy shopping face…

I’m not sure we got the very best deals and honestly we didn’t chase down the big items like MacGyver and I did last year but we had some major fun and that’s all that really matters anyway.

On Saturday around 5PM, I was packing up my Moms car for her trip home on Sunday. I finished up around 6:30 and came in to chill since it was her last night here. Around 8:30PM, my neighbor knocked on the door and asked MacGyver to come outside. Apparently, someone had broken into his home!

After the police came and all of the neighbors compared notes, we realized it happened at around 5:30PM. Someone had actually heard the smashing window but couldn’t figure out where it had come from. What freaked me out is that I was very close by packing up my Moms car at the same time it happened and I never even heard it. However, I quickly realized that I saw the person who most likely did it, and so did MacGyver.

Nope!  They didn't look like this...

Nope! He didn’t look like this…

No it wasn’t a zombie. Actually, there’s a kid in our neighborhood around 17, who tends to get in trouble a lot. MacGyver caught him in the same neighbor’s backyard about a year ago and ran him off. We both saw him walking around the street near our neighbor’s house on Saturday right around 5:30PM. We told the police about him and they were already familiar with him. Unfortunately there was no hard evidence so nothing could be done.

The whole situation was unnerving at the very least. On Sunday when I wanted to put up all of my Christmas lights, I was actually trimming all of the bushes around my windows.

Home Invasions

Thank goodness today is Cyber Monday and that I love to shop because MacGyver and I are installing an elaborate security system with cameras and motion sensors and such. My job is to find some of the components on sale. Ugh, Challenge accepted!

This is probably not gonna work anymore....

This is probably not gonna cut it anymore….

And speaking of shopping, make sure you come back tomorrow because I’ll have my annual runner’s Holiday wish list and people, it is good! Trust me. In the meantime, since it’s Cyber Monday, here’s a discount for you…

best-damn-race-facebookRegister for any Best Damn Race and get $5 off! Use code TURKEY

See ya tomorrow!

What was your favorite food this Thanksgiving?
Did you make the whole dinner yourself or did someone help you with it?

Black Eye Friday and 15 miles.

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I got up early and ran 10 miles to create a calorie deficit, which I later filled with all kinds of good stuff. It was a beautiful day and I was so thankful to spend it at home with the Kid and MacGyver.

After we had a lovely dinner and cleaned everything up…..

Black Friday….I think it should be called Black Eye Friday, because DANG! Some of these people take their shopping to a whole other level, and honey, it’s a level I am NOT planning on visiting, no sir, no how.

Walmart Shoppers

MacGyver, the Kid and I had decided NOT to participate in any of the sales starting on Thanksgiving. It was sort of our silent protest against the corporate giants for forcing their employees to work on a holiday….but then I bought the newspaper….

And at 6PM on thanksgiving night….

Attention Walmart Shoppers!


We bought 3 new TV’s, because….because…because…..oh, I don’t even know why, we just did. There was something about the frenzied rush and $700 “60 Smart TV’s that got MacGyver all crazy and then I got all crazy and then we got 2 more TV’s, and then we got a bluray dvd player… and then it was on. Warp Speed to credit card retrieval, I was in the zone; and then the unthinkable happened, MacGyver jumped ship, he went home.

But I just couldn’t stop. I. just. couldn’t. So, I went rogue.

I have no excuse, but when I get coupons that say 10 dollars off any purchase of 25 dollars well, damn it I have to use those coupons. And if you top those 10 dollars off with 10 dollars in bonus bucks or crazy cash or whatever they’re calling it this week, then you get a 25 dollar item for 5 bucks! It’s a no brainer.

Black Friday Shopping

Except for one fact.

And you know what that is, don’t you?

You can never just spend $25. Especially at this place:

Shopping the mall on Black Friday


But thankfully, even I have limits and after a few hours, I returned home.

I ran 5 more miles on Friday and it felt really good to be outside in the fresh air and honestly I didn’t really miss the shopping…I was kind of glad to be out of the stores at that point. It was getting sort of scary at the end anyway.

Now, I need to go watch a bazillion dollars worth of TV and get some rest because I have absolutely nothing to wear to my race on Sunday and I need to go shopping tomorrow….

Did you participate in Black eye Friday? Did you run on thanksgiving or today?