123, Happy Birfday to me!

In case you’re wondering how I’m feeling today, it’s sort of like this,


I’m pretty sure my nephew feels the same way because it’s his birthday too.  Happy birthday Vinny!  🙂

MacGyver is taking me to do a little shopping.  He’s already given me a few gifts which I’ll share with you later but he’s taking me to pick out some more because, well let’s face it, I deserve more.

my birthday


This year I broke down and bought myself a practical gift.  I always have a hard time finding the right buttons on the remote control and since the TV in our bedroom at the Nokomis house doesn’t have a remote, I bought myself a Universal one.


I thought it said I’m Hip but the Kid said it really said I need a hip.

If you have any doubt at how large that remote control is, let me put it into context for you.  It is laying upon my oversized King bed.

remote control

Sort of looks like an iPad doesn’t it?  Except it’s a lot bigger.

You see, that’s what happens when you get old.

i'm old

Yeah, all that good stuff happens too.

But while I still feel young, I intend to act like it.


Happy Birthday

Aren’t birthdays just the best?

When is your birthday, what’s your sign and do you prefer cake, cookie, or cupcakes?


And that’s a Rupp.

Happy Monday or as it’s known around here, happy birthday eve!  Tomorrow is my actual birthday and since we typically celebrate the entire month, the eve of my actual birth day is the final stage of the climactic moment in which I get all the presents the celebration begins hence, my birthday.

It's my birthday

Yes it IS this fabulous!

Did you happen to see the 2016 Olympic men’s marathon yesterday?  Well if not, it’s a Rupp, I mean, a wrap.  But seriously, running only the second marathon his life, Galen Rupp took home a bronze for the United States with a time of 2:10:05.  That’s just incredible.

Galen Rupp

I didn’t exactly run a marathon this weekend.  In fact I pretty much walked both days because I ran just a bit during my walks on Thursday and Friday and unfortunately it led to migraines both days.  So while the neurologist says it’s okay to ease back into running and that my back and neck will get a bit better with time and therapy, the headaches are still full on, ball busting bastards.

I’m almost as sick of talking about migraines as I am getting them so let’s talk about this weekend with some pictures and stuff.

We’re in Nokomis right now.  We came down on Friday afternoon to spend some time with the family and so that the Kid and I could do some shopping.  I’ll tell you more about that later in the week.

Anyway, by the time we got down here, these two were exhausted.

HankBoomer boom

On Saturday morning I got up early and woke up the Kid and his friend and then my sister in law came over with my niece and we hit every garage sale, estate sale and thrift store within a 20 mile radius, more or less.

But I think my niece was most excited about one thing….

taking shoes off

After taking off our shoes, she and I played in this:

the Splash pad

It was awesome.

We shopped all day long and afterwards the kid and his friend headed home and my sister in law and my niece joined me for dinner at The Evergreen Cafe in Nokomis.

It was incredibly good.  I’m not just saying that, it really was.  I had a gluten free chicken pot pie and I second guessed myself ten times before I finally ordered it.  In the end, it was the perfect choice.

GF chicken pot pie

On Sunday morning I got up early and walked six miles on the trail.  It was nice and serene for the most part.  The only bump in the road was when I almost stepped on this guy.


Well, excuse me little snake.

After my walk MacGyver and I went to pick up his brother to do hang out for the day.  At some point we happened on a house where they were selling Husky puppies and of course, I had to stop.


Y’all it was all I could do not to take all of those puppies home with me.  I mean seriously, look at this face…

husky puppy tongue

So freaking cute.

And one more thing from the day that I just have to show you.  The house we stopped at was the home of an artistic man and it was located on Stoner road.  Guess what his art was?

Pot People!

No, really.

Pot people

And those aren’t the only pot heads, apparently there are pot animals as well.

pot dog

I’m not sure if that’s an armadillo or a dog but it’s so cute, who cares!

And now we are packing up to head home and commence celebrations.  Wish us luck because we are dragging home the floating dock that MacGyver built.  It’s not going to be the safest trip as this thing is huge.

I’m sure people will be turning their heads to look at us but it could be worse.

redneck limo

much, much, worse.

What did you do this weekend?

Did you watch the men’s marathon?

How do you celebrate your birthday?