Is there even a bike out there for me?

The good news is that the depression that was found less than a mile and a half from my house is stable and not a sinkhole.

runny sinkhole

But it’s okay to drive on it….sure!

I still don’t trust the area and I’ll be avoiding it for the meantime. I don’t care what the scientist say.

I’m still walking every morning because I don’t want to risk injuring myself and I want to be completely better before I start seriously training for a marathon in late fall.  I’m not walking far however, MacGyver and I have ridden our bikes for two nights in a row.  That’s almost a record.  I mean, I’m trying to love my bike because I know MacGyver loves his, but yeah, no.  I just don’t.

Perhaps if I had this bike, I’d be more apt to get out there.


I do like the color, it’s pretty sweet right?  Obviously color is very important when choosing a bike.  No really it is.  I always fret when I’m picking out a new bike or even accessories because the wrong color can be catastrophic.

If you don’t believe me maybe you should take a look at this.

bike fail


I think I’m just destined to be a runner but I’ll still try because I like doing things with MacGyver.  And there’s also the added bonus of someone paying attention to what I do because obviously, I am easily distracted.

a penny

Yep, been there.  If it weren’t for MacGyver I would have gotten run over at least twice in the past two days.

MacGyver has been looking for some new bikes for us and he keeps mentioning names to me, but I seriously have no clue about any models or makes and what’s good and what isn’t.

I already have a three wheeled bike, 2 beach cruisers, and a cheap Wal-mart mountain bike and I like them all the same.  Notice I didn’t say love. And if you’re wondering why I have so many, garage sales.  What I need is a bike for runners.

Runner's bike

That’s not exactly what I had in mind but if we could replace those shoes with some Brooks Launch 4’s, well, I’d be on board.

Do you like to bike?  How often do you do it?  Do you bike and run and if so how often do you do each?