WTF Wednesday, it’s hard to sneeze when you’re in a coma

My brain is on vacation.

Last night I forgot to take out my contact lenses and after I washed my face I put on my readers and then watched an hour of TV before heading off to bed all the while wondering why I couldn’t see the television in my glasses.  It never occurred to me that I had forgotten to take out my contact lenses and I never realized I was wearing my readers.

oh my god

Until this morning.  I got up to take Hank out and my eyes felt weirdly dry and like something was stuck in them.  I assumed I had eye boogers, so I took off my glasses and tried to wipe out the corners of my eyes with a tissue and then I realized that I could see really clearly without my glasses.  DUH!


I never sleep in my contact lenses unless I’m taking a power nap late in the afternoon and even then, it’s always less than an hour.  Thankfully my eyes are fine for now but  this is all the fault of Benadryl.

I’ve been weeding my lawn a little every night in between little breaks in the rain and it’s affecting my allergies horribly. So, I took two Benadryl about an hour before bed last night, because it’s hard to sneeze and itch when you’re in a coma.

I’m still waking up over here, I’ll see ya tomorrow.  WTF, It’s Wednesday and Benadryl is some serious shit.

Do you feel hungover after taking Benadryl?