I’m an overthinker, I think.

I know, I’ve been MIA but sometimes I get stuck inside my own head.  It’s true.  I think too much.  Exercise is good for me but lately I haven’t even wanted to do that.  I’ve hardly run at all this week, or walked even but I’m okay, I’ll get through it, I always do.  Until then I haven’t really  had much to say so, I’ve sort of been staying away from the blog.

I did have a couple of things I wanted to mention though.

I was worried that something would happen to baby P since he got separated from his momma and that’s how we wound up with him initially but I’ve checked up on him the last few days and this makes me happy to see:


That’s momma, Baby P and baby P’s little sibling! Are they not the cutest things ever? I just die!

I’m happy to report he’s doing just fine.  I mean as far as I can tell, he seems to be doing great with his momma and his sibling, and I’m so happy for him.

Yesterday MacGyver and I took Woody Allen over to the Vet’s office to have her take a look at him and make sure he’s doing okay.  His feathers aren’t as sturdy as we would like and they break off which makes it hard for him to fly so we suspect he might be missing something in his diet that we aren’t providing for him.  I am happy to report he is exceptionally healthy and we are supplementing his diet just to make sure he’s getting all his nutrients.

On a side note we aren’t sure where Woody will end up since he won’t be able to live in the wild but I am considering getting my license so that I can help rehabilitate other birds in the future.  The vet thinks I would be very good at it.  I suspect I might get a bit too attached but we’ll see.

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

It was bittersweet but they’ve been reunited.

We grew attached to Baby P.  I knew we would.  When I came in from working in the yard and saw MacGyver sleeping on the sofa with him and Hank I knew it was just like when we found Woody all over again.

Baby P

So, as you can imagine, it was bittersweet this morning when I found Baby P’s momma and we reunited them.  I may have even cried a little.

Momma and her chicks

We watched them for about a half hour or so.  Baby P is a little bigger than his brother, probably because he’s been eating pretty well, thanks to me.  He may end up coming back when he realizes the food supply ain’t so great out there in nature.

I got my laptop fixed!  I had to order a brand new top part with the keyboard built in.  MacGyver had to take the entire thing apart and rebuild it basically, all because a few keys on the keyboard didn’t work, but he can fix anything.

fixing computer

I’m back in business now.

After a full week of no topirimate my migraines got really bad again.  I only ran 8 miles on Saturday and the last two I walked and I didn’t run at all on Sunday.  I did manage to run five on Monday but I took the day off today to reunite Baby P with his family.  Running seems to exacerbate my migraines for some reason so I have to ease myself back into it.

Here’s the funny thing, I’m going to be taking the topirimate again.

How Absurd

Yes, I know, it does seem absurd but here’s the thing.  I took topirimate for months with absolutely no issues at all and it was the only thing that helped me.  When I ran out my doctor wrote another prescription for me but instead of having me take two fifty mg pills at night, she wrote a prescription for one 100 mg pill and I had it filled at another pharmacy and that’s when the twitching began and the eye issues.

I am going back to two 50 mg pills and I am having the prescription filled at the old pharmacy because it turns out that medications are not all created equal.  My old medication was from a pharmaceutical company called Zydus and the most recent one was from a company called Unichem.  Both the pharmacist and the Doctor feel that it could be the additives in the medication that caused some of my problems so we are going to try the old medication to see if I can take it without experiencing any side effects.

If I experience anything weird at all, I’ll immediate give up on it.  What kills me is that when researching all of this, I found out that there are 17 manufacturers of Topirimate.  SEVENTEEN!  You really have no idea what you’re getting when you get a generic version of a brand name drug because according to the FDA Generic drugs do not need to contain the same inactive ingredients as the brand name product.  It’s a wonder I’m not blind.

Did you know that there were so many manufacturers of generic medications?

Have you ever had side effects from any of your medications?