Running Clothes

Welcome to my closet.

Running Clothes

In the pic above I’m wearing my Under Armour Skapri’s and my Adidas racer back tank. I love love love these skapri’s.

As with most runners, my closet if full of running clothes. Some I wear frequently, some only occasionally, and some, not at all. When I first starting running any ol’ pair of shorts and t-shirt would do but as I soon found out, you really need some good running clothes….

Here are some of the things from my closet and the reasons that I like them so much.

tanks and sports bras

Nike Sports Bras and Avia Racer Back Tanks. Every woman needs a good sports bra, NEEDS! These are very comfortable and simple and they look great under my tanks. I am very fond of the avia knotted back tanks right now. They are super comfortable and very light weight. They’re great for the Florida weather and I can wear them practically year round. Of course they may not work for you if your running in areas such as North Dakota in the middle of winter, just sayin.

running tights and capris

Running Tights and Running Capris. Great for when the weather gets a bit chilly. I like them for cross training as well.

Nike Running Shorts

Nike Tempo and Nike Hero Mesh Shorts are the only shorts I wear. They are moisture wicking and keep you dry plus they fit really well. Not too tight and not too short. Just super comfortable and really cute as well.

running skirts

I wear running skirts…ALOT. I like Under Armour, Asics, Adidas, Avia and especially Nike. I have around 25-30 running skirts and I find them to be extremely comfortable and best of all they’re really cute.

compression socks

Compression Socks! I find these to be a must especially during and after long runs. I also like to wear them on my rest days if I’m going to be on my feet alot.

And there’s more but those are my favorites at the moment. What are your favorite running clothes?

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