Awful Race Pics

Every runner has them. Some of us keep them hidden and some of us proudly show them off no matter how horrific they are. Sadly, I’m part of the later group.

So here they are for your enjoyment, my ugly race pics. (I’m sure I’ll be adding more as they become available, and unfortunately, I know they will.)

Here’s the latest from the Sea Dog 5K and let me warn you, it’s a beauty!

Sea Dog 5K

cray crayI probably should have waited to yell out but as usual I got freakishly excited when I PR’d.

Ugly race pic 2

Dear Lord, could I get any more serious? And why do I look like I’m in a best posture contest?… And here’s a note to self: grey shorts and sweat = pissed your pants look, not the most flattering.

ace of heartsI am obviously clueless to the presence of any photographers!

just say no say no 2Apparently before and after photos are equally bad!

What’s the worst pic you have in your running photos? Would you post it on the internet?

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