These hips don’t lie, and they don’t move well either…

This morning I went to the sports doctor.  I was pretty sure he was going to tell me how awesome I am that I’ve been walking instead of running and that my hip is getting better by the day.

He didn’t.  He said I have to take a week off from walking or running and then another week off of running.  I also can’t do any squats.  Instead, he wants me to bike and do strength training.  Wonderful, the two things I just love the most.  Obviously, sarcasm.

theif of joy

But, he promised me two things.  He said if I do what he says and follow the instructions to the letter, not only will my hip get better but I will get faster.  Wait, what?  Faster?

im in


He also said I need a really good bike, one with toe clips, a nice holder for my water, and a place to hold my iPhone and display the screen, and all the other bells and whistles….okay maybe he didn’t really say all that but he said I should have a good bike.


This will never happen to me, I’m getting a real bike.

I told MacGyver he said to buy me a great bike.  It IS my birthday month anyway so the timing is impeccable.  I might have even said that he told me I needed cute bike clothes.  I can’t be held responsible for what I said, I was in mourning over the loss of running.

things I want, all

Today is National Watermelon day!  I don’t really need a special day to celebrate watermelon, I celebrate it all year long.  I absolutely love it.  It’s very rare in this house that MacGyver actually gets any because I usually eat the entire thing and sometimes in one day.  I’m so not kidding.  My dogs and both birds also love watermelon.

MacGyver told me that it’s not good to eat so much watermelon in one sitting so I searched long and hard to find this article,

Click on the image to read the article

Now, when someone tells you you’re eating too much watermelon, you can show them the article.  You’re welcome!  Now, go eat some watermelon.

Are you a bike rider?

What kind of bike should I look at?

WTF Wednesday, the Real Up and Humming

I’m sure most of you have seen the news reports of the ass hats dragging a shark behind their boat and laughing.  The FWC is investigating all of the men involved and for many of us who live or own homes in Sarasota County, we’re pretty happy about it.  We’ve seen many pictures of one of the offenders harming animals other than sharks so it seems to be a pattern, to me anyway.

MTV has a new show out called ‘Siesta Key’.  It premiered on Monday but the watch party that was planned in Siesta Key was cancelled when it was reported that one of the cast members admitted to being friends with one of the people in the shark dragging video and death threats were received.  For the record, that cast member has stated that he is not in the video nor did he take part in it.

What I find interesting about the show is that cast member Alex’s father, Gary Kompothecras, (of 1800 Ask Gary, yeah that guy) is the person responsible for this show because he thought that his son and all of his friends were interesting and should be on TV.  So he did what all good father’s with ample means do, he hired a producer to follow them around.

Now, because I have a home in Nokomis and visit the Sarasota area often, I already knew about the show and had heard all of the rumors about it when it was filming.  I fully admit that I planned on watching it just to see how it represented the area and also to see just how interesting the cast members are, you know, because if you Ask Gary he will tell you they are.

Siesta Key cast

Siesta Key cast
Credit: MTV

If you haven’t seen the show, don’t watch it for their personalities, you’d find a more interesting one in a stale piece of bread.  Also, I think it’s important to set the record straight because Gary and the producers would like you to think that this is the real Siesta Key.  In fact, they say so in the opening.

In reality, there are around 6500 or so actual residents on Siesta Key and the median age is around 62.8.  Lemme show you the REAL Siesta Key:

Old People live in Siesta Key

OK, this is not actually Siesta Key but you get the point.

If you’re at all interested in hearing how a former cast member of another realty show feels about this new show, check out this hilarious recap on Cosmo with Spencer Pratt.  I never thought I would say that in a million years.

WTF Wednesday, from the Real Up and Humming.

Tuesday, two places to put your money, do it!

Hey y’all.  Last Tuesday I told you about the Defend Six, a safety wearable that alerts you when someone is approaching.  The kickstarter campaign launched last night.  It’s an all or nothing campaign and they have 30 days to raise the funds to get this thing going.  I am providing the link here.  If you can’t help fund the product, please help spread the word.  Every little bit helps.  This is a product we could all use and I would love to see it out there on the trails!

Defend Six

Most of you are probably aware of Gabe Grunewald and her cancer battle.  During the summer she continued to train and race, all while enduring chemotherapy treatments.  Sadly, the treatments did not work.  Gabe posted a message on her Instagram page recently about her latest cancer treatments and what’s next for her.  Despite everything she’s gone through she remains an optimist and an inspiration.

The last thing in the world anyone in Gabe’s position should have to deal with is finances.  Thankfully AthleteBiz has set up a fund for Gabe to help offset some of the expenses she and her husband will undoubtedly incur.  You can donate here.  If anyone can beat this, it’s Gabe, she truly is awe inspiring.

Lastly, just in the last week two runners were struck and killed by automobiles.  The first, Janet Pickney, 66 of Atlanta, Georgia, and just yesterday Linda J. Evans, 66 of Columbus, Ohio.  I’d like to extend my condolences to both women’s families.

Be careful out there.  Be mindful of vehicles, and stay safe.

Tell me one thing you do to protect yourself while out running.