Weekend recap, water spells, just because day

Happy National Just Because Day.

national just because day

I don’t make this shit up, I swear, I just roll with it.

Anyway, we just got back home from a weekend in Nokomis.  We went there for my birthday and to suss out the red tide situation.  It wasn’t pretty.  I feel horrible because my sister is coming in to town Thursday for the annual family fishing vacay and last year the trip was cut short by the hurricane and this year red tide has reared it’s ugly head.  Cross your fingers it mysteriously gets better…

Charged water spell

I wonder if a charged water spell would work?  Probably not huh?

MacGyver got me some new running shoes for my birthday.

launch 5's

I broke them in this morning.  You can never go wrong with the Launch 5’s.  I love them.  I ran a little over  3 miles in them this morning and they feel so light.  I have a pair of launch 4’s in Nokomis and I ran 4 miles in them yesterday.  I haven’t noticed a big difference between the 4’s and 5’s except that the 5’s might be a teeny bit lighter but other than that, it’s still the same great shoe.

I didn’t really want a cake or any type of desert for my birthday but I was craving an orange creme milkshake from Arbys and they didn’t have one here in Clearwater.  When we got to Nokomis on Friday, MacGyver and I drove to Arby’s that night and guess what they had?

orange cream

I urge you to go get one of these immediately.

Last night before coming home my in laws took me to dinner.   We drove over to their house in Englewood and then we all drove over to Carrabbas.  I know some people like their in laws, some people love their in laws, and some people tolerate them but I hit the in law jackpot because I truly have a second family and I love and adore them so much.   I had a wonderful time and afterward they came by our house for a bit  before we had to head back to Clearwater.  It was a really nice evening and a great end to the weekend.

And then I woke up to Monday.  Don’t you hate it when that happens.

How was your weekend?  Do anything exciting?



Happy Birthday to me

birthday meme

It’s true.  You know it is.

Anywho, it’s my birthday.  Yesterday I went to the doctor.  I thought I was going to go schedule a biopsy and see my regular doctor to get a referral.


Surprise, I got a biopsy.  I don’t know what the hell I was thinking and why I didn’t realize they were just going to go ahead and cut that little nodule out but that’s exactly what they did.  Now I just have to wait…and it could take up to six weeks.  And it still might be inconclusive…because this is my life.


Guess what?

I woke up to the best present ever…

pink fishing pole

That’s my new rod and reel and yes, my rod is pink, PINK.  MacGyver is the best.  I’ve got some new running shoes coming today too because he knows how to make me happy.

Now, y’all will have to forgive me, I’m off to celebrate.  I’ll be back tomorrow.

WTF Wednesday, birthday eve biopsy scheduling

I was on a roll with running.  I had a real streak going……. until today.  You would think today would have been a no-brainer, because it’s my birthday eve, but it wasn’t.  I ran about a mile and three quarters, and then I walked the rest, until I hit three miles and then I called it quits.  Today was not my day.

Today I meet with the surgeon to schedule the biopsy of my subcutaneous nodule and then I meet with my regular doctor.  Today I try to convince my doctor that she needs to refer me to a doctor who can better manage my case and determine what tests need to be run to lead to a quicker diagnosis and result in earlier treatment options.

It’s not that I’m feeling bad, per se.  It’s just that I’m not feeling great and I’m tired of it.  I’m not myself.  I know that something is wrong and I have a very good idea of what that something is.   It’s my own fault.  I actually got a diagnosis 10 years ago but I ignored it because there wasn’t a biopsy and it wasn’t conclusive.  It still isn’t conclusive and I need to make it so so that’s what I’m doing on my birthday eve.  Or at least trying to.

WTF, it’s Wednesday, maybe afterwards I’ll go shopping?