It started with the M key

So, for the last few days this has been me:

stressedYou see, my laptop that I use ALL THE TIME has a little problem.  It started out with one of the keys, mainly the M key on the keyboard, it wouldn’t work.  And then, the C key stopped working.  And then the C and the V.  When one key at a time went out I could fix it but when two keys at a time started going out, I lost my shit and called the manufacturer.

It’s not like this hasn’t happened before.  We have three laptops and two are the same brand and they have both experienced this issue.  (And no, I don;t bang on the keys, well mostly not.)

Anyway, I called the tech support people, which I hate doing because they tend to ask stupid questions.  And no, I don’t want to use the other two laptops because one is as old as Methuselah and the other doesn’t have all of my data, so it would take me just as long to transfer everything over as it would to fix the good computer which I guess, technically really isn’t good anymore.

stress caloriesAnyway, after about two hours on the phone with the manufacturer yesterday and two days of trying to figure it out myself, we came to the conclusion that I already knew, the keyboard is broken.  It’s a busted mess.  It needs to be replaced.  No fucking shit.  I want my two days back.

crazy girlI’m going running.  Because I can fix crazy.

How you doin?

#GlobalRunningDay 2017

Today is #GlobalRunningDay which of course is a federal holiday for runners everywhere. Kidding! But it is a great day to celebrate all things running so even though it is still raining buckets here, I will be running.

Brooks Running had a ‘big announcement’ via Facebook live this morning.  In case you missed it, you can become a sponsored Brooks runner and get paid, a whole dollar, for real. Visit this link to learn more.

I heard what is most possibly the best news ever, no, really ever.  Listen up…

sunshine skyway marathonclick on the image to read the article

I have cleared my calendar for New Years Eve and New Years Day in anticipation of this and I am just waiting til the big announcement comes. I’ve dreamed about running over this bridge since they built it!

This is the best Global Running Day ever, I hope they make it happen!

Did you run yet today?

Birds of a feather flock, wait don’t tell the dogs….

It’s still raining here.  Mind you, I’m not complaining because just last month it was me who was saying that we desperately needed rain, it’s just that it’s sort of miserable when it rains all day and we don’t really get a break from it for several days.  I mean, I need a little break.

girl in rainNope?  Okay then.  We’ll move on.

Or not….because this morning MacGyver and I took the dogs for a walk in the rain for the second day in a row.  They hate it too.  Woody also hates rain.  He just sits on top of his cage and looks outside as if he wants to go out but he isn’t going to because dry is soooo much better.

It must be hard to learn to fly in the first place but imagine trying to learn to fly with soaking wet feathers.  Not gonna happen.  This morning we took Woody with us along with the dogs on their walk.  He rode on Boomer’s back.

Woody and Boomer

What?  Like you never seen anything like that before?

The neighbors think we’ve lost our minds.  Obviously they’re new to the neighborhood.  They’ll learn.  At least it’s interesting around here.

How’s your weather this week?