Happy St. Patrick’s Day eve

Happy St. Patrick’s Day one day early.  MacGyver and I are not big drinkers and we’re not big crowd lovers either so we’ll probably stay at home and watch netflix.  I know, I know, we are wild and crazy.  Don’t hate.

On Wednesday night I made this lovely dessert for MacGyver,


And it was really good too.  It was my first attempt at making my own cheesecake and I’d say I nailed it.  Is it wrong that I’m thinking of having a piece at 10 in the morning?

It’s still a bit cold here and I’m loving it.  When I ran this morning it was 44 degrees.  I didn’t really have a run planned today, in fact, I was going to take the day off but I ran 3 little miles.  You can hardly blame me it was beautiful outside.

3 miles

It’s so beautiful that I’m thinking of playing hooky.  No wait, that’s a lie.  I’m not thinking about it at all.  😉  Happy Friday!

What are you’re plans for St. Patricks Day?

Are you running in a race?

What is your emergency?

We finally got some good news at the vet yesterday.  That morning I took Hank for a little walk and he pooped a little soft poop.  Not that you need to know that but really, you do.  When we got to the vets office Hank’s little swelling was almost unrecognizable and the vet determined that there was no obvious hole from a hernia and it must have been swollen because of his stomach issues, so we could just take a wait and see approach.

jumping up and down

But then she went on to explain that Hank has very large balls.  Only she didn’t exactly say it like that.  It was more like, the large blah, blah, blah, and the rise in testosterone from the doohicky in the watchamacallit could be a problem in the future.  It could result in a serious hernia that will need surgery.  So I asked her what could be done to keep that from happening and she said, we need to castrate him.

Run Dog Run That wasn’t really Hank’s reaction because he has no idea what castration actually means but it was close to MacGyver’s reaction.

After we left the vet Hank and I came straight home because I am really behind in work and can’t afford to dick around.  When we walked through the lanai up to the back door I noticed the back door was open and I thought I had closed it.

I didn’t give it too much thought as Hank and I entered the house but then I saw this:

wrecked house

Oh My God!

I slowly backed up as I dialed 911 and then I heard the bird make his loud ‘PEW’ sound and I was hoping he was okay and I was wondering where Boomer was and hoping no one had hurt him.

Just as that thought entered my head and the 911 operator answered the phone I looked down at the floor and saw Hank’s food bowl, the very same bowl I had put way up high on the table so that Boomer wouldn’t eat it while we were gone.

Emergency Services Lady:  911 What is your emergency?

Me:  Bad dog, BAD DOG!

Emergency Services Lady:  Excuse me?  Ma’am?

Me:  Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry.  I thought someone broke into my house but it was just my dog.  My dog is the thief, a food thief.  I’m so sorry.

The operator laughed and asked me if I was sure I was okay and I assured her that I was but that I couldn’t say the same for my dog because he was in big trouble.  We hung up after that but I think she had to follow some sort of protocol, (or else she just wanted to hear about what kind of idiot calls 911 for a dog food burglar), because she sent two cop cars by.

I was mortified.  Boomer was still in a food coma.

Do you have dogs? 

Have they been spayed or neutered?  If so, did you do it when they were younger or older?

WTF Wednesday, who needs luck anyway?

This is random but why the hell is Jerry Oconnoll filling in for Wendy Williams?  And more importantly, why is he acting like such an idiot?  It’s hard to watch.  Really hard.


Don’t give up your day job Jerry.

I took Hank into the vet’s office yesterday.  I was concerned about the little lump on the back of his backend but otherwise I was happy with how he’s progressing and he’s feeling much better.  He’s been pretty tired and lethargic but that’s to be expected.  He hasn’t thrown up although he has had a little diarrhea, but it wasn’t bloody.  It’s the little things.

After reading a lot of information regarding dachshunds and health issues I was hoping the lump was just an anal gland that needed to be expressed.  Since he had had some GI issues that would make perfect sense.  So I took him in and the vet tech took him back to see the doctor.  The doctor came out with Hank in her arms about 10 minutes later and said, ‘Hank has a perineal hernia.’

a hernia

So let’s break this down shall we.  Hank takes an unassuming nap while hanging out at the house in Nokomis and wakes up with a spider bite.  After two horrific surgeries he is finally on the mend and then boom, he develops hemorraghic gastroenteritis, most likely from the medication used to treat the spider bite.  Are you with me so far?  Good.

And now the latest, he has developed a perineal hernia, which was most likely caused from the violent hurling during vomiting, which was caused by the hemorraghic gastroenteritis, which was caused by the medication used to treat the wound caused by the spider bite.  My poor little Hank.  Fucking spider.

I left the vet’s office with the understanding that they would call me today to let me know when and how much surgery will be.  They did call but they asked me to bring Hank in today so that they can evaluate him to see if it’s a surgery they feel comfortable performing or if he’s going to need to see a surgeon who specializes in this type of hernia.

Let me guess

I have a feeling what they’re going to tell me because I’ve come to realize that when it comes to medical issues, Hank and I have the same luck.

hee haw

In a strange turn of events I checked my powerball ticket just on the off chance that I might have hit it big.  Don’t worry, I didn’t.  I got one number, or at least that’s what I thought.  Apparently I read the ticket wrong and thought the powerplay number was the powerball number or something like that.  (Let’s be honest, I don’t really understand the powerball lottery anyway).

But that’s not the point, the point is, I won!  I hit one number and the powerball on a powerplay ticket.  At first I thought whoa big deal maybe I’ll get like 3 or 4 bucks but somehow I won 21 bucks and at this point, I really needed a win, no matter how small.  Maybe our luck is changing around here and it will carry over to the vet visit.  *crossing fingers*

WTF, it’s Wednesday.