The day after…..

Typically we get around 150-200 kids who come to our house on Halloween.  It may seem like a lot but when you consider that most of them come in groups and some of the groups are quite large, it really doesn’t take that long to add up.

This year the younger ones started around 6:45 and by 7:30 the older kids started coming and they came in droves until around 8:30 and from then until 8:45 we got a few more until we finally turned off our lights.  I’d say we got about 120 kids last night and gave out 5 huge bags of candy.

Dachshun Chewbacca

Hank helped give out candy while wearing his Chewbacca costume.  Boomer wanted absolutely nothing to do with giving away anything edible.  I’m pretty sure he was disgusted by the notion of it.

By 8:45 Hank was exhausted.

sleeping dachshund

Cutest. Thing. Ever.

The worst part of Halloween for any adult I know is trying not to eat the candy.  Seriously.  I purposely bought candy that I don’t really care for in order to avoid the inevitable ‘grazing’ which for me, ultimately becomes a binge.  The problem is that MacGyver and I went to the store together over the weekend and when I mentioned I didn’t buy any Reeses Peanut Butter Cups he insisted we get some.  And then he pulled them out of the treat bucket last night and put them on our coffee table.

Now, imagine this little girl as an older woman with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and this is an accurate representation of me last night….

stuffing face

I was so overjoyed this morning when I realized that all of the ‘good’ candy was gone…and then I saw this.

WHAT?  Where is this magical mystery machine? 

I’m gonna be really busy the next few days.  I have a lot of running to do….

Did you over indulge on Halloween candy?

WTF Wednesday, it’s a booootiful day

Our weather could not be any more perfect.  It’s been so dry and even though it’s quite hot in the afternoon, it’s bearable.  Not at all like summer when you’re sweating while you drink your morning coffee.

And it’s a good thing our weather is so nice because, HALLOWEEN!


Over decorate much?

For the record, I took that picture last year while MacGyver and I were out driving.  I would never ever decorate like that.  Besides, I prefer wreaths to pumpkins.

This year little Hank will be dressed as Chewbacca.  Boomer was supposed to be Hans Solo but he did not appreciate the costume so he may have to be a Grumpy old man, which was the back up costume.

MacGyver and I don’t typically dress up although I did see this costume online and I thought it would be perfect if the kid were here.

halloween pun costume

I am all about the pun-ny costumes, get it?  Unfortunately, the kid is in his 20’s so I don’t how he’d feel about wearing a diaper but I get the feeling he’d revolt.  Actually, I’m pretty sure he would.

I’m thinking of moving to Texas.  I just have to convince MacGyver that it’s a good choice.  I mean, I have found my perfect job.  PERFECT.

It’s a pupternship.  You actually get paid a hundred bucks an hour to hang out with dogs.  No, I’m totally serious.

muttsThe only caveat, I don’t live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  So, I need to convince MacGyver that we have to move or I need to convince Muttt’s to open a location here.  Mutt’s, are you listening?  Mutt’s?  Mutt’s?  Bueller?  Bueller?

WTF, it’s Wednesday, did you dress up today?  What’s your costume?

32 total miles and taking a dog to the movies

I had a weird dream last night.  Like the kind that you can’t fix.  You know what I mean right?  Typically if you have a nightmare, you can make yourself go back to sleep and try to change it or if you have a good dream you can go back to sleep and try to dream some more but a weird dream is just weird.

bitch your weird

What?  Like you’ve never gone back to sleep and tried to change your dream?

Anywho, in my dream I was at the mall shopping, with Hank.  And I met this girl from Russia who had just moved here and she came over to pet Hank and we started talking.  After a few minutes she said she had to go to work soon and asked me for the time.  I told her what time it was and she told me she had to get to the movie theater in the next ten minutes to get paid and I was all like, ‘what?’

So she explained that she got paid to watch movies and then give her opinion and then she said she had an extra ticket and I should come and bring Hank.  You would think I would have been worried about taking a dog to the movies, especially a crazy one, such as Hank.  No.  All I could think about was how I’ve been trying my whole life to find a job that would pay me to watch movies all day and this chick comes here from Russia and figures it out right away!

Come to think of it maybe this dream was an actual nightmare because it went on forever and I woke up never having figured out how to watch movies and get paid.

This weekend MacGyver and I were in Nokomis and Fall officially arrived.  I woke up on Sunday to a crisp cool morning and a temperature of 60 degrees.  I walked outside to run and was like,

oh my goshI ended up running 7 miles that day and I loved it.  LOVED IT.  I’m pretty sure I ran with  the exact face you see above for all 7 miles.  I ended up with 32 miles for the week so I’m getting back up there, slowly but surely.

Not much else was going on this week except garage sales and MacGyver and I went to over 100 of them since they were having community sales in Nokomis over the weekend.  We only spent 4 dollars total and came home with 2 items not even worth mentioning.  What I’m saying is, it was a bust and a big fat failure but we had fun so not all was lost.

Now it’s back tot he grind and since I don’t get paid to watch movies, time to work!

How was your weekend?

Do you try to redream a bad dream away?