Tuesday Tangents

I went to the cardiologist yesterday afternoon and I showed him the black dot on my inner ankle and I showed him pictures of my toe earlier in the day and then I showed him my feet so he could see what they looked like while I was there. Because I also have a teeny bit of low back pain and a few other minor issues, he thinks that most of this may be caused by the steroids.

Since I’m in the process of tapering off, it will all probably go away soon. If not, he said to call him but we both agreed there really isn’t much he can do for me because my lovely insurance company is currently denying any testing my doctors order outside of routine lab work.

what the f

The insurance company said that they’ve consulted with their own expert physician and he doesn’t feel that I need any additional tests and that since I’m currently on steroids which is the standard treatment for sarcoidosis, I shouldn’t need any ‘additional care outside of the norm of regular checkups’.

When did insurance companies start deciding when and if I can have tests run if my doctor orders them? It’s so frustrating and I really have a lot to say on the matter but it’ll have to wait til another day but I promise, I’ll be telling you all about it soon.

Since the doctor didn’t give me any reason not to run I got up early this morning and went out for my usual six miles. MacGyver ordered new Otter box type cases for our new iPhone XR’s except being MacGyver they’re not actually Otter boxes, they’re from China.

So while out on my run this morning my phone started acting funny and fast forwarding and then skipping songs that I was listening to in apple music. Then my phone started opening random apps and then it made a phone call, not just any random phone call from my phone book, no. It called 911 and then I couldn’t hang it up no matter what I tried to do. When the 911 operator came on the line I explained that my new phone was in a new case and it was acting all kinds of crazy and it pocket dialed 911. She giggled and said okay and then hung up.

I had to stop running and take the stupid case off the phone so that I could finish my run. I’m going back to my other case tomorrow, the one from Walmart that is actually made for an iPhone XR and actually works.

I’ve been running in Kapok Park a lot lately. Isn’t it pretty?

Kapok Park

It’s also very close to my house and while I love to run in the neighborhood too, it’s also great to have such a nice park within a stones throw.

After I got back this morning MacGyver and I took the dogs for a walk and as we walked out the door a car with a huge camera on top drove by. MacGyver looked at me and said, ‘what’s that?” It was Google Street View and so I told him. And then we both got all kinds of silly and started throwing out peace signs and shit. I’m pretty excited that the new street view of our house might actually have us and our two dogs in it if they don’t nix it because we’re idiots that is.

Have you ever seen some of the images captured by the street view car?

google street view

Check it out sometime, the public sex ones are hilarious.

Have you ever seen the Google Street View car in your neighborhood?

Has your health insurance company ever denied you a test that your doctor ordered?

To prep or not to prep

I think my foot is going to die and fall off but we’ll get to that in a minute.  First, let me tell you how my well planned morning went completely awry despite the fact that I planned for it all weekend.

When I wrapped up my work day on Friday I was so looking forward to the weekend.  All I could think about was how I was going to get my entire house clean and organized so that I could go into this week well prepared and get some shit done. 

im doing laundry

Since I took down all of my Christmas decorations I had to replace them with Valentine’s Day decorations because obviously, I’m obsessed. 

First, I redid my window:

And then I made another wreath because you can’t really see the one on my door and I needed one for my big window.  And besides, can you really have too many wreaths? 

No, the answer is no.  You cannot have too many wreaths.

After all of that was done I had to rake the leaves because if you only have a minimal amount you can just mow them down and it’s actually good for the lawn but unfortunately we never have a minimal amount and our entire backyard was covered so I had to rake them and not once, no, I had to rake twice.

Next time I decide to rake I will check the weather first to see if a cold front is coming and then I’ll wait til the wind dies down. 

I also cleaned the entire house and I even swept and mopped all of the floors.  I finished everything around 9:30PM Sunday night and I was exhausted.  I synced my fitbit and was pretty excited to see that for the week I had managed to rack up 161,478 steps!  I know, right? 

So, when I went to bed last night I had every reason to think that today would be awesome.

I woke up at 1 in the morning with a migraine.  After an hour or so I realized it wasn’t going to go away on its own and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I got up and took some medication.  And then I laid there.  Until 4AM.  I finally just gave up and got up.  Based on all those steps I got in last week, I was actually looking forward to seeing if I had lost any weight last week especially since I’ve stopped rehydrating with Wendy’s frosty’s on a regular basis.

I gained a half pound.

I checked emails and folded some laundry that I had left in the dryer and I went outside and swept the patio.  Around 5:30AM I came back inside and that’s when I realized that Hank had decided it was too cold to go outside and instead, peed on the floor.

So I had to clean that up and at some point while I was cleaning up dog pee Boomer got up and went outside to do his business.  Only it was still dark and he’s a dog and doesn’t really look where he’s stepping.  And that’s why when I finished cleaning pee I walked into the living room and noticed trails of dog poo from one end of the room into the next and the next and ending up in my bedroom. 

oh joy

So I spent the next hour scrapping dog shit off of Boomer’s paw and then off the floors and then mopping again.  And I didn’t get out the house to go running until around 7:30 which was about a half hour later than I had planned and since I had no sleep, I was also exhausted.

I had a good hour to think about it this morning and I’ve decided prep work is basically a waste of time when you have dogs or a husband. 

And now back to my foot.  I think I told y’all last week that I had a teeny little bit of pain in my shins and that I was pretty sure it was because I was tapering off the steroids.  Anyhow, it got better and I managed to run 10 miles on Saturday morning and 6 more on Sunday which brought my total for the week to 44.   40 running miles and 4 walking.

So, when I went for a run this morning my shins were a teensy bit tight but not painful and I figured it was because I tapered down again on Saturday.  And then I got home and jumped in the shower and I noticed this purplish black spot on my left inner ankle.  It’s about the size of a mole and raised a little and at first, I thought it was dirt.  I washed it and then washed it again and then realized it was not dirt.  About an hour later I was sitting in my chair working and I noticed that one of my toes was turning blue.  So I consulted Dr. Google and he convinced me that it’s possibly a blood clot.

I might die

Thankfully I have an appointment with my cardiologist today so I’m going to stay away from Google for now. 

Have any of your toes ever turned blue?

Ever had a black dot on your ankle? 

Butt that IS Madonna….

I’ve been running pretty steady over the last few months but as I start to taper off the steroids my shins have been bothering me. And I’ve been icing them and stretching and foam rolling and today I walked instead of running because our weather next week is going to be awesome.

I’m most excited about wearing my new lululemon running pants. Seriously excited about that.

This year has already gotten off to a great start with work projects that will keep me quite busy. And they’re fun projects which makes it even better. It’s nice to get paid doing something you enjoy. Unfortunately after taking some time off at the end of the year, it’s been really hard to get back into the swing of things and I hate to admit it, but I’ve been procraftinating like a boss lady.

I mean once you take down the Christmas decorations, you need something to go up in their place, am I right? So, here’s the Valentines Day Wreath for my front door. I’m working on a few others as well because obviously, I’m out of control.

I was reading the news bullets yesterday and I was shocked. Not by the government shut down or money collected for the wall or the swearing in of all the new members of congress, no it was this:

Now at first I was like, maybe that’s not real. I have to admit that I’ve seen plenty of fake pictures on the internet and maybe somebody just photoshoped the heck out of that picture butt then,

I saw this video of Ariana Grande and the great Madonna twerking…and if I can’t unsee it, neither can you…..

Madonna finally responded to the speculation that she’s had butt implants by saying that she doesn’t seek approval from anyone. So, there’s that. I thought she looked great before but I guess whatever makes you happy butt I just can’t…

And before I go, has anyone else created a bullet journal? My sister in law is working on one and I saw some really cute ideas on Pinterest but I can’t help but wonder if it would become something that I would obsess over and drive myself crazy trying to finish? If you have one, tell me about it, I’d love to know how it works for you and if it really has simplified your life or helped you get closer to achieving your goal of becoming who you want to be.

Got any plans for the weekend? What’s your weather going to be like?