Thursday, Bats, Dogs, Fish.

Did y’all think I had disappeared into vacation oblivion?  Because I almost did and it’s entirely possible that I still might.  I’d rather be on a beach or a running trail or outside than on a computer any day…oh, and I sort of like to fish too.


Seriously? Who wouldn’t want to live here permanently?

MacGyver and I actually arrived back in Clearwater late last night.  We were both exhausted and too tired to watch any TV.  So we opted not to watch the last 20 minutes of the finale of MR. ROBOT except that MacGyver forgets the plan regularly and last night was no exception.

While I was busy unpacking he watched the last 10 minutes….TEN MINUTES!  Jeez, why even bother?  If anyone tells me what happens before I have time to watch it, your life is in your own hands.  Remember that MacGyver!

Since it’s been a few days since I posted, there’s a ton of things to tell you about but I’ll do you a favor and only post some of the highlights.

First, we’ve been in Englewood, Fl hanging out with Inspector Gadget and the family.    We always have so much fun and I love any time I get to see the brothers together.  And I might also enjoy all the shopping I get to do with my sister in law as well.  I hit the lottery when it comes to in laws and I love all of them with all of my heart.

On Tuesday MacGyver and I headed over to Venice to do a bit of fishing and clean the yard up.  We took both dogs on the boat.  I’m convinced that Hank is a reincarnated fisherman.

fishing dog

C’mon Snook, Come to papa…

He loves it!  I’ve never in my life seen a dog with the determination that little guy has.  He even knows that  when the bobber goes down, it’s fish on!

On Tuesday night we headed back to Englewood, but sadly, we were a little too late to view the latest attraction.  The neighbors have a barrel tile roof and we were kind of surprised to learn that certain creatures of the night love to infest those types of roofs until we actually saw them.

And by creatures of the night I mean creatures of the morning as well cause those little boogers would dive bomb me in the morning when I went out to run.


Yes, I’m talking about bats.

Of the thousands of bats we saw, this was the only one that would make an on camera appearance.  I searched the internet so I could show you what they look like close up and oddly enough, those little shitheads are cute!

Florida Bat

Cute or not, they’re still creepy and they carry diseases.

I still don’t like them.

On Wednesday my sister in law and I did some power shopping.  We scored some pretty awesome things but the one thing I did find was not available in my size.  I wanted it to wear to my next race.


Yes friends, that is a donut costume!

I could have just died.  Is that not the most awesome costume?

Okay, it wasn’t the MOST awesome.  The most awesome are the two that I got for the dogs.  In case you’re new here, it’s sort of a tradition.

This year Hank will be  ….



And Boomer will be…..

dog sheep costume


I won’t post the pictures of the dogs in their costumes until Halloween but seriously Boomer’s sheep costume wins Halloween, I swear.  It made me all kinds of giggly.

After power shopping we girls were starving so my sister in law treated us to the best lunch ever at BrewBurgers on Venice Island.  This hip girl, who knows a thing or too about a good restaurant, gave it a big thumbs up.

thumbs up!

You have to try the sweet potato fries with marshmallow fluff, it’s awesome!

That flower is a straw and a napkin that one of the staff made for her after he performed some random but pretty awesome magic tricks.  She loved it.  We will be going back!

Sadly, MacGyver and I had to get home so we left later that evening.  We’re already missing them.  (I think they should stay all summer next year, hint, HINT.)

This morning I took Hank for a walk but we decided that Boomer should rest because his arthritis is acting up.  I don’t think he was too upset about it when he discovered he was back home with his favorite toy basket.

Lab and toys

Oh, how I’ve missed you toys!

While Hank and I were out walking we came upon the peacocks in the neighborhood.  You know you’re dog has been around a lot of peacocks when he walks within 2 feet of several of them and doesn’t even flinch!

We’re just getting back in the groove of things….but it won’t last.  On Sunday night my sister and brother in law are flying in for a week of fishing!  Hello Snook season, we’re coming to get you!  I’m so excited to see them.

Y’all, MacGyver and I are seriously blessed!  Seriously.

What’s your favorite thing to do on vacation and where do you like to go?
Spend it with family or not?

Monday, time to catch up!

Hey from lovely Englewood, Florida!

Englewood Florida Crane

We’re still down here visiting with the family.  We haven’t decided when we’re heading back to Clearwater but since I can work from anywhere it’s no worry for me.  And I’m pretty sure that MacGyver would rather be fishing so there’s that.

We spent the weekend fishing and beaching and combing the island at Stump Pass for some sharks teeth and shells.  We found a shit ton.

Stump Pass

It looks a little ominous in this pic but it’s actually very pretty.  It just happened to be a little overcast that day which we didn’t mind because it made it much cooler.  It also made the dolphins a bit frisky.

dophin in Englewood

This little guy was swimming around the boat.  He had a fresh prop wound on his back which made me sad.  I wish people would be a little more cautious when out boating especially with all the dolphins and manatees in the water around here.

He swam around for quite a while as we took pictures and then MacGyver was releasing a fish that we caught and he swam right up as if he was going to eat it.

dolphin eating

MacGyver dropped the fish in the water before the dolphin could actually eat it because you never want to feed them, it encourages them to beg which unfortunately can lead to prop wounds such as the one on this dolphin’s back.

We’ve got plenty of animals to feed anyway in the form of these two:

dogs with Vinny

And believe me when I say, they are loving every minute of the attention.

The shopping has been very good too.  This weekend my Sister-In-Law and a I did a bit of garage sale-ing and holy bargains we found some great deals.  Some of those deals are actually projects but I’m sure we’ll have fun turning them into treasures.  I’m looking forward to taking a trip to the craft store after I search pinterest for a few hours 😉  You’ve been there, right?


I’ve been running a bit while we’re down here too.  I ran 6 miles on Saturday, 4 on Sunday and 5 this morning.  I haven’t taken a day off yet because I’m sort of addicted to running  I was afraid it would rain for days due to the tropical storm.

Fortunately, the storm dissipated and so far we haven’t had that much rain at all.  Today should be the worst of it and then it should go back to normal.  And by normal I mean 100% humidity and hotter than the hinges of hell.  Beats rain though.

And while its raining today, I think I may do some research to find some additional running paths.  I like to use map my run to find them.  You can also search runkeeper and there are a few more as well.  I get bored if I run the same path all the time, even the Legacy Trail is boring after a while, no matter how pretty it is.

And with that, I’m off, got some crafting, trail finding and working to do.

How do you find new running trails or paths?
Did you know you’re not supposed to feed wild dolphins?

The girl who deserves all the medals.

Five things because it’s Friday.

Erika, you bitch! Can you please make up your mind where you would like to go?

In case you weren’t aware of it, we have two seasons in Florida, hurricane and non-hurricane. We’re smack dab in the middle of hurricane season hence the tropical storm that is looming, the one named Erika.

tropical storm

It’s always a fun time when we have to batten down the hatches and prepare for the storm. Fortunately we have never had a major storm near us but we still have to prepare. Good times.

Sunday is my wonderful mother’s birthday and since she is in Tennessee and I won’t get to spend the day with her, I’d like to take this time to wish my Mom the most wonderful day ever. Happy Birthday a little early Mom, I love you and miss you. (And your present is on the way 😉 )

Mom Birthday
Speaking of birthdays, when I was trying to decide what I wanted for mine, I came across the next two items on etsy. I thought they were both pretty cool gifts and I have decided to order them and gift myself. (Am I the only one who does this?)

You can click on the images to go to the etsy stores.

Runners necklace
runner's fork
Did you see the video of the women’s 10,000 meter World Championships in Beijing? If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 100 times and I’m pretty sure I’ve shared at least 1 or 2 other videos, but damn, you aren’t at home until you get through the door people!

And one last thing and it’s the most important. Y’all may remember my friends Mark and Akiko, and their beautiful daughter Jaimie. I wrote about Jaimie and her illness here.

After seeing a video that Mark posted of Jaimie running, I decided to run the Sarasota Half Marathon in honor of Jaimie with #TeamJaimie on my arm. I planned on sending her the medal immediately after but time got away from me and life sort of got in the way.

Recently Jaimie was once again admitted to the hospital and I really wanted to get that medal to her so I sent it out last week when we were in Englewood.  This morning I woke up to a message from Mark, and this beautiful picture:

Jaimie and her medal
That medal is finally home!

She earned it. She runs a marathon every day of her life and I hope she knows how inspiring she is and that she deserves ALL the medals.  I sure hope she has room for some more because every medal I earn from this point forward belongs to her.

Keep fighting Jaime! We’re all rooting for you! #TeamJaimie

What do you do with your race medals?
Who inspires you?