When are you too old to run?

Next month 397 adults over the age of 70 are prepared to run 26.2 miles in the New York City Marathon. Ginette Bedard is one of them. She also ran the marathon last year and she finished in 5:10:42, not a bad time for anyone but exceptionally good when you consider that Ginette is 82 years old.  EIGHTY TWO!

Ginette Bedard

Hell, I hope I have the good fortune just to live to see 82, and if I’m still able to run, well that will be a bonus.

I love reading the advice of some of the older runners and I always like talking to them at races. I ran a half one time and the lady behind me was 65. Her name was Barbara and when I say behind me, I mean she was on my heels the entire time. She killed it and I could hardly wait to tell her how much she motivated me when it was over. She was quite impressive.

Motivation is different for everybody. You just have to find what motivates you and go with it. Typically I’m motivated when I see results, such as new PR’s, that really helps, but lately I’ve been more motivated by the muffin top that crept up over the last year and needs to be eradicated.  That’s what is working for me currently.  It is what it is.

I’m also motivated when I watch the Chicago Marathon and see that Deena Kastor, at age 42, just ran a 2:27:47 setting a new master’s record and that of the top 100 women finishers, 9 of them were over 40.

There’s a man in my neighborhood who runs 4 or 5 times a week. I’ve also seen him at several local races. He runs with his dog, a hound mix who looks so happy to be out running beside his master that it always makes me smile. I’ve seen this man for years and only recently did I stop to talk to him.

He told me he was 76 and I was stunned. I thought he was around 60. I asked him what his secret was and he said that he didn’t really have one. He said he just gets up every day and moves. He said strength and flexibility are the keys to running as you get older and that if you keep those two things in check you can run forever.

It’s so nice to get advice from an older runner instead of the typical advice I get from the older people in my neighborhood which is more along the lines of, ‘you’re gonna wear your knees out’ or ‘if you don’t stop all that running your uterus is gonna fall out’. I guess they don’t realize how healthy my knees are or that I don’t really need my uterus anymore. In fact, if it fell out I’d just kick it to the side and keep going.  Good riddance uterus.

I think the older gentleman in my neighborhood is correct, if you keep up with your strength and flexibility you can run as long as you want to and I believe you can also be competitive at any age.  You might disagree with me but I don’t think Ginette Bedard or Deena Kastor would, do you?

Are you motivated when you see older people out running?
Are there a lot of older people who run where you run?
What motivates you the most to get out and run?

I have a confession….I am a stoner

Happy Columbus Day! Hope you were lucky enough to get the day off. MacGyver and I decided at the last minute to take it off so we’re just over here getting high.

gettin high
Okay, MacGyver isn’t getting high, but I am.

Maybe I should explain before this goes south.

According to new research by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, runners high is actually caused by an increase in endocannabinoids. In case you don’t know what those are, they are the natural chemicals produced by the body that regulate how a person feels, moves or reacts. The New York Times calls them our ‘internally produced marijuana’.

runners high and low
While you may get endorphins from running and endorphins are good, they are also too large to cross the blood brain barrier so they can’t be responsible for ‘runner’s high’. This new research suggest the high you get comes from the cannabinoid receptors.
I’m a believer. I totally get a runner’s high but I also get ridiculously ravenous after a long run and usually the day after and guess what’s been implicated in your body’s hunger? Yep, endocannabinoids! Doh!

runners high
So, let’s talk about how much I got high this weekend….

On Saturday I attempted a long run but it was humid as all hell. I did manage to get in 8 miles though and even though I walked a shit ton in the last half, I still managed to come in at under 11 minutes a mile at an average pace of 10:56. I’ll take it!

On Sunday I really wanted to get in a quick 4 and try to plow through it without stopping because MacGyver really wanted to go fishing. I managed 4 miles at an average pace of 9:38 so not bad.

Sunday running

And obviously the high was good for me because I finished at the water and jumped in the boat and check out the flounder I landed at my secret fishing spot.


Twenty inches of yummy deliciousness!

So I guess it’s true and my 9th grade teacher was correct when he said, ‘If you don’t straighten up and fly right you’re gonna wind up a stoner’. Guess what Mr. Atchley, you were right, I’m a stoner!

So, how often did you get high this weekend?
Do you eat the entire day after a long run or is that just me?

Friday fun including Usain and an 8 year old personal trainer.

Hello from the lovely Englewood, Florida.


Just having some morning coffee with Snoopy and the sunrise.

Did you see the 8 year old kid on Ellen? The kid who is a personal trainer from Jamaica?  He challenged Usain Bolt to a race and I mentioned he’s 8 right? And a personal trainer of sorts.  Well the race is obviously a bit staged but oh my God is this kid the cutest thing. You have to watch it.  (At around the 4:48 mark there is a hilarious moment, it cracked me up.)

No Weakness!  We know muscle!   I am going to put that on my iPod.  That kid is so motivating.

Today is a rest day for me and MacGyver and I are just taking care of some things down here in Englewood. I have 19 miles in for the week so far so after my long run and easy run this weekend I should be where I need to be. I’m increasing my mileage slowly each week and then I’ll start working on speed again.

I’ve gotten a little slower this year and I was concerned about it so I did a little research as I normally do on ways to increase speed as you get older and I found this next article pretty interesting.

getting older and slowerYou can read the full article here.

I’ve obviously got to get to work on my strength training and weight workouts!

Do you feel like you’re getting faster or slower as you get older?
Did the 8 year old personal trainer motivate you too?

What are your weekend plans?