Windy weekend update

MacGyver and I were in Nokomis for the weekend. We were really looking forward to some fishing and fun. We got there late Friday afternoon and spent most of the day working on some projects and cleaning. I would rather have been out of the boat or at the beach but it was crazy windy and a bit chilly and when that happens Florida be like….

doggie ears

Is it windy or are my ears just sensitive?

Anywho Friday night we hit up Left Coast Seafood with the parents and as always it was the very best way to end the night; with great food and full belly’s.

We had hoped to fish on Saturday but it was still crazy windy and MacGyver and I had some things we had to attend to so we took care of some business and then hit up a few garage sales. Sadly, most of the garage sales were disappointing. I hate it when that happens but MacGyver managed to find some things he needed so it wasn’t a total bust, for him anyway.

Saturday night the parents cooked dinner for us so we went down to Englewood with the dogs. While waiting for dinner MacGvyer managed to get a few mullet while bow fishing. He put them in a bucket on the shore and within just a few minutes we almost lost them all to a Great Blue Heron. MacGyver only had his back turned a few minutes before he swooped in and try to score some free fish. It was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen. I had no idea how lazy Great Blue Heron’s are, I think I love them even more.

sky at sunset
Unfortunately when you get distracted by all this beauty, scavenger’s Great Blue Heron’s await!

We finally made it out to fish on Sunday and everyone caught a fish, everyone, and that’s why we decided to have a fish fry yesterday afternoon.  Even though the weekend was quick, there wasn’t a lot of fishing, and I never walked or ran my favorite trail, it was still a great weekend. Could it have been better? Yes, No, maybe, I don’t know…Why are dingleberries brown? It’s just the way shit is.

Abraham is such a source of wisdom, is he not?   I ran this morning and I cant wait to tell you all about it, tomorrow….

Points if you can tell me where I heard the dingleberry line from…

New Shoes, Oh Cheesus!

As much as I love my PureFlow’s, and I do, I need to change shoes.  I’ve compared the new 5’s to the 2’s and 3’s I’ve been wearing for years and there IS a difference.  It’s so minute that I didn’t really notice it but it’s just enough that it is affecting my Achilles.

I went to two different running stores and tried on literally ALL the shoes and the choice has been made but I’m keeping it a secret until they arrive…but here’s a hint.



I ordered two pairs from one of my favorite stores because I had a huge discount and it just made sense.  (Don’t worry I spent money at both running stores as well because, support.  Not Shopaholic.)

MacGyver and I are heading towards Venice for the weekend.  We had planned on leaving in the late afternoon (which to mean means after 2PM)but he finished all of his work so somehow that turned into, ‘I’d like to get out of here by 10AM.’  He kills me!  KILLS ME!

Apparently the man does not realize what a control freak I am.  Uh, schedule bitch, I have a schedule!

I may not even give him the new present I ordered for myself him.

grilled cheesusIt’s a sandwich press in case you were wondering.  Because everyone should have a grilled cheesus.

Since I am not running this week because I am smart, we’ll be in Nokomis, Venice and Englewood, and I am determined to walk on the Legacy Trail.  Hell, I might even get on a bike!  A. Bike.

And with that I need to get scootin’ because apparently MacGyver has already packed the car and God only knows what he has picked out for me to wear.  Forget the fact that it will be something hideous, I’d bet my good leg it doesn’t even match.  The man has an affinity for purple and green, it’s downright scary!

What are your plans for the weekend?
What running shoes are you wearing currently and why?    (This is for scientific purposes and I must know….)

Is Nike changing the future of running?

Not only because of my current injury, (retrocalcaneal bursitis), but also because I’ve dealt with Achilles Tendinitis in the past, it’s no secret that footwear is of the utmost importance.

I won’t be ready to try running again until next week but what I am able to do is look at some of the current running shoes available and make a list so that I can head over to my running store and try them. While in the process of doing this I came across the latest shoe that Nike has developed and although I’m not typically a fan of their shoes, this one is intriguing.

LunarEpic FlyknitThat’s all one shoe.  It looks sort of like a high-top hybrid.   I wonder if you need socks with them or is that sort of taken care of with the built in top?  Nike?

The LunarEpic Flyknit is available today at The only comments I’ve seen are from sprinters or shorter distance runners so I’m not sure how this shoe will work for distance runners but Nike offers a full 30 day money back guarantee, (dirt and all) so you can try them out risk free.

Nike Shoes

Source: Nike’s website, Click on the image to find out more.

You can click on the image above to visit Nike’s website and you can even order a pair of these new shoes which just came out today.  After all, we may be looking at the future….

What are your thoughts?
Does this look like a shoe you would try?  (I’ve never worn Nike for running because they feel all wrong on my feet but these look interesting and I may just try them.)