WTF Wednesday, a coffin in my car


Last weekend MacGyver and I went to some estate sales and a few garage sales.  My mom has been telling me for a few years now how she’d like to have a Lane cedar chest.  Since I have found 4 or 5 of them she wanted me to look for one for her.  This weekend I found one and even better, I got it for 10 bucks.

jumping for joy


I need to do a little bit of touch up on it to get it looking as good as it did when it was first built but I didn’t want to leave it in the front of my garage.   I just finished the dresser I had sitting out there for the past 3 weeks and I have finally started to get my respect back in the neighborhood so I opted to leave it in my car.

MacGyver was okay with that for a few days because he doesn’t really want it near his garage anyway but yesterday he said I should probably take it out of my car because it blocks a little of my view and if I decide to take the dogs anywhere, there’s no place to put them.  Little does he know, Boomer rides in the front seat and Hank sits on my lap and practically drives so I don’t need the back seat.

But the real reason I want to keep the chest in my car is because it’s a great hiding place.  I quickly discovered that I can hide all my purchases right inside the chest and then move them to the house when MacGyver isn’t home.  And since my mom isn’t coming until November, I can shop the entire month of October without having to explain my obsession with the Dollar Tree or Macy’s.  It’s a win win.  I just had to think of a reason to keep it in the car.

And then it occurred to me, Halloween.  I could get that fancy paint that comes off with soap and water and name my SUV ‘Halloween Hearse’ and then I could just dress the cedar chest up like a mini coffin.  It’s perfect. I’m doing it.

So if you see a Ford Escape dressed up like a hearse blasting this music

It’s just me.

WTF, it’s Wednesday and I am sooooo excited for Halloween.

Have you gotten a costume yet?

WTF Wednesday, Wreath me alone

So, this post is a little late today.  I was up at the usual 5:30 AM, I ran, walked the dogs, showered and then got ready to get on the computer.  Except, one of the dogs was farting.  And y’all, it was bad.

fart dogs

Completely accurate.

That’s the reason I spent most of my morning outside on the lanai.  Because my dogs are gross and they stink.  And also because I’m trying to contain all the glitter to one area.  You may have heard me mention it at least a hundred times or more but I hate glitter, it’s the herpes of the craft world but there’s a reason it’s all over my house.

glitter herpes

The reason for the glitter is my obsession with making things and you tube.  I’m pretty sure I could perform a vasectomy with the right you tube video.  No, I’m absolutely sure.  You tube is the best thing ever for audio/visual learners but I digress, let’s talk about why my house looks like the day after a disco party gone wrong.


I wanted to make my mother in law a wreath for the fall since she’s getting out of the hospital today.  And as luck would have it, I found a great tutorial on youtube and I made this one for her.

burlap wreath

And then I fell down the rabbit hole.  I found more tutorials and more ideas and after 7 trips to the dollar tree, all the supplies I needed.

And then I made this one for me.


And I might have made one or two more but I’m not publicly admitting to anything.  I do have a question though, why on God’s green earth does the Dollar Tree put glitter on practically everything?  WHY?  It’s completely unnecessary.  I mean really.

WTF, It’s Wednesday and today I’m steering clear of youtube and the dog’s butt.

WTF Wednesday, hot as hell o’clock

Yesterday I had to run a quick errand.  After not being in my car for almost a week it seemed like it was riding weird.  Turns out MacGyver had adjusted the seat but I didn’t know that at the time so as I pulled up to particularly long red light in my neighborhood I figured I had a few minutes to assess the situation.

I did so in about 2 seconds.  I spent the next two and a half minutes explaining to the newly anointed 16 year old driver beside me that no, I did not know Kiki and no, I was not doing a challenge and actually, I was just doing this thing where you jump out of your car real quick to check to see if your tire might be a little low.  It was all the rage back in the day.

big eye roll

About 2 hours after my run this morning when I was walking the dogs at hot as hell o’clock, I noticed this little petite woman up ahead of me running.  In long black running tights and a white hoodie.  Seriously.


She was serious.

I was floored.  I mean I was barely dressed and I was pouring sweat.  Did I mention it was hot as hell o’clock?  Anyway, it reminded me of a video I saw on facebook this week that asked what kind of runner are you?   They had a woman running in all kinds of layers and she was the ‘eskimo’, which is exactly what that woman was.

Another one was running with a garmin, a fitbit, and an iPhone and she was the cyborg, which is totally me, except add a motiv ring and sometimes the lumo run because data people, data.


Awe, c’mon, you know that was funny.

My sister will be here tomorrow for the annual fishing trip.  With the current red tide situation we may have to rename it the annual binge drinking and binge shopping trip.  Actually, that doesn’t sound half bad.

WTF, it’s Wednesday.  How hot is it were you are?