WTF Wednesday, challenges, spray tans and spiders

People please, stop jumping out of moving cars for the kiki challenge.  For Christ sake the fact that I would even find myself writing that is in itself disturbing.  What’s wrong with you people?


THIS, is stupid.

I have a challenge for you, how about read a new book every month or take a class and learn something new, like pottery or painting, or take a dance class.  Inside.  Jeez.

So, MacGyver is still in Nokomis and I’m in Clearwater partying like a rock star.  And by partying like a rock star I mean like this,

my desk

Yeah, glamorous, I know.

Yesterday was garbage day.  They usually come to our house pretty late in the day which means if I forget to put the trash out on Monday night I can still usually get it all out there before they come.  I said usually.  I’ve been a little preoccupied with work and the whole breathing thing so I forgot yesterday, until they were on my street.

I ran out there as quickly as I could with two large garbage bags and caught them just in time.  I threw them in the garbage truck myself as they emptied the cans.  When they emptied the third on, and yes we have three, I grabbed the can to start bringing them up by the garage and that’s when something ran over my hand.

I didn’t see what it was at first but the big burly garbage man screamed like a bitch.  So I looked under the lid and that’s when I saw it.


We don’t appreciate spiders around here.  And this one was huge.  HUGE.  And now the garbage man thinks I’m pretty badass because I slayed that sucker.  Slayed him.

Has anyone seen these booths on the beach or around the pool?

sunscreen booth

From someone who always ends up with a hand print or an unusual spot on her body after applying her own sunscreen, this thing is genius.  It can also dispense bug spray.  Seriously.  I want one of these in my house.

WTF it’s Wednesday

WTF Wednesday, pillows

MacGyver had to work today.  I did too but I work from home.  I can work all day and night if I have to when I need to finish a project and he can only work when it’s daylight and the earlier the better because, Florida.  i.e. it’s seriously hot.

A typically day in Florida in the summer looks like this,

Florida heat

So, it became all too clear this morning that I would have to be the one to make our appointment with the accountant to handle our quarterly taxes.  Not that it takes a really long time, it just adds about two hours to my work day.

oh great

But I ain’t mad about it.  No really, I’m not.  To prove it I decorated MacGyver’s man cave and his garage with the loveliest of throw pillows.

WTF it’s Wednesday and nothing says I love you like bitchin up his personal space.

WTF Wednesday, droppin panties like a smurf.

Y’all know I love my planks.  I just don’t do them as often as I’d like to or as often as I should.  So yesterday I was looking for a little motivation and hoping to find a quick workout or a youtube video to help get me moving but I found something even better.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

That, my friends, is Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  The one and only Justice Ginsburg.  I am so completely impressed by the Notorious RBG.

But if you think her workouts are easy, check out this video, you might be surprised.

That shirt.  I’m in awe.  Love her.  Girls, this woman should be a role model, not a Kardashian or a Jenner but this woman.

Yesterday I was reading the top news stories on my feed and came across this photo:

Funeral pose

Sadly, that’s a funeral viewing and that young man was shot to death while out walking his new dog by someone who just wanted to steal his phone.  Such a tragedy.

What I was shocked about was the funeral viewing.  Apparently this is a new thing and it’s wildly popular.  The family chose to ‘pose’ the boy with his favorite things.  The article showed images of other viewings as well, like this woman who apparently loved her scotch, beer and Salem’s.

Dead woman

I tend to think ahead and so my first thought was, if a person was embalmed that way, how the hell are they going to be able to fit them in a casket later?  Seriously.  It seems like that would present a major problem.  But my second thought was, if I was going to have that type of funeral I’d want to be in my running clothes crossing a finish line.  Not just any finish line but let’s go all out and make it the Boston Marathon finish line and while we’re at it, pose me so I’m breaking the tape and winning the damn thing.  Yeah, that’ll work.  I think I just planned out my funeral.

Over the weekend I was out shopping and I was wearing a Nike running skort.  It has strings on the side so that you can shorten it a bit if you want, and for some reason the string on the right side was irritating me all day.  My last stop was a Goodwill store in Osprey which is known for having a lot of good designer clothes.

As I held a few items in my hand the string on my skort was itching badly so I kind of lifted my leg and rubbed my elbow against it and that’s when my freshly laundered panties fell out onto the floor.

Oh dear God

And because I have the luck of the Gods there was an employee walking by at that exact moment and she said ‘oh, did you want to try these on to’  just as she was reaching down to pick up the panties.

And I don’t know what I was thinking because I’m pretty sure she saw the panties fall from my general area but for some reason I blurted out, ‘I don’t know where those came from’.  That was also the moment she realized they were panties and quickly threw them back on the floor.

I put back the clothing in my arms and made a beeline for the front door.  I’m pretty sure she either thinks I was trying to steal panties from the Goodwill or that I’m some sort of pervert.   I will now be carefully separating the laundry before I wash my clothes.  And I probably won’t be shopping at that Goodwill ever again.

You know how we get stuck in a routine with products, like makeup and nail polish?  I mean, am I the only person who tends to wear the same things over and over?  This week I decided enough was enough and I changed it up.  I went to the nail salon and instead of my french mani or my usual pink, I went with a pop of color.

Only the summer blue that I chose isn’t really the fun color I thought it would be.  Instead my hands look like they belong to a smurf.

nail color

WTF it’s Wednesday and I’m just gonna roll with it.

Ever washed your clothes and then realized your panties were stuck in your jeans or yoga pants or shorts?  Apparently it runs in my family…