WTF Wednesday, did you run the high heel or penis marathon?

So MacGyver and I are in the process of moving things into a room in the new vacation house that the previous owners were nice enough to let us use.  That way we didn’t have to move everything from the old house and put it in storage for a couple of days and then move it into the new house again because in case I didn’t mention it a thousand times, we are closing on both houses on the same day.

This is my life right now,


Most of this is crap from the shed. I do NOT put items in garbage bags, that’s all MacGyver right there folks!

I am not able to run right now because a, I don’t have a spare minute but most importantly, I’m taking Levaquin and you don’t mess around with that stuff. If you run while taking it or even shortly after, from what I’ve read, you can tear ligaments, so no thank you.

I am wearing my Motiv ring though because every step counts!

motiv ring

Count ALL the steps!

One of these rings is not like the other.

I’ve only had a few moments to spare since this process began so I’ve limited my computer time to only the most important things, Facebook and Runner’s World news stories.


I did come across these two stories I wanted to share with you.  First, is this woman who ran a marathon, (the seven bridges marathon in Chatanooga which is no joke a hard ass race) in high heels!  The entire race.

run in heels

You can click on her image to read the full story but she made it into the record books so good for her.  I can’t even walk to my car in high heels without turning my ankle so I give her full props.

I’m gonna leave you with this next story because you’re definitely going to want to click on the link and watch the full video.  No seriously, I had to and I know you will too.

This man ran a marathon and free balled it at the end without even knowing!

hanging low

,,,,cause I’m free, free ballin’

I was not satisfied with the banana image, at all.  Therefore I searched online and did the dirty work for you.    I found it amazing that he was more worried with his time, check that Garmin first, screw the junk hanging out.  Click here to see the unedited, no banana version.

You’re welcome

WTF it’s Wednesday!  Why not start the day with a little marathon porn?

WTF Wednesday, plans in the planner that need planned.

I was reading online an obvious sponsored post where the author was talking about the perfect planner and how it helped keep her accountable and stay on task and get everything in her life accomplished and I was all, Bullshit!

i do everything

I have never found the perfect planner because there isn’t a single one that has 36 hour days and let’s be honest, if I were to finish half the things I wanted to finish in one single day, I’d need that kind of time.  Well, unless I could trim something from my day and I don’t see how that’s possible.

Okay this was not on my list but I just added it.

I mean, I have to get some form of exercise every morning unless MacGyver wants to bail me out of jail and I have to walk the dogs because otherwise, they’re not very nice to me and I have to work because for some reason I have all of these credit card bills that just don’t seem to get any smaller. ( I have no idea how Macy’s keeps luring me back in, by the way.)

Maybe if my workday didn’t turn into a 12 – 14 hour thing every day, I could actually get something done.  But you know how it is when you’re self employed….

facebook break

I’m pretty sure if I look hard enough I’ll find the perfect planner and it will have plenty of space to account for social media breaks.

On a side note, on one of my distracted quests yesterday I happened to find the most perfect socks in all the land.  Based on my history of two men in and one man out dryer scenarios, and my introverted ways, I really need these.

best socks ever


In my defense, I’m unsupervised for most of the day.  It’s just amazing that I make it through sometimes.

WTF, it’s Wednesday and I’m over here trying not to get distracted by all the status updates and Macy’s best sale ever emails!

WTF Wednesday, if only we could prolong the endorphins

I just looked at the computer and realized that it’s 10:00AM and I hadn’t posted yet and I’ve actually been up since 5:30.  How the hell is it 10:00AM already?  And how did I not know?  Maybe because MacGyver is at home and instead of my usual Kelly and Ryan he has some stupid Tru TV comedy show on with stupid criminals that really isn’t comedic at all, it’s more stupid.

walking into wall

So of course I have no idea what time it is because instead of being entertained by the background noise, I’m just annoyed as all hell and now I kind of want to slap somebody.


After taking yesterday off, I ran again this morning for 3 miles.  It put me in my happy place too, which obviously only lasted until the TV issue this morning, but hey baby steps, right?

WTF, it’s Wednesday and today is Google’s birthday.  I wonder how long before it will become a National holiday?