WTF Wednesday, when your shopping plan fails, improvise with these gems

I was pretty proud of myself for getting all my shopping done over the weekend.  Every store that I shopped from had 2 day shipping or either promised delivery by Christmas.  I ordered items that would all be delivered before the 20th.  The only thing I had left to do as wait for it all to arrive.

But then the emails started coming, delayed shipping they said….

screamingAnd what kills me is one of those very websites is still promising two day shipping on a product that I ordered on the 15th which still hasn’t shipped.  LIARS!

If you’re dealing with issues like this and waiting for gifts that may or may not arrive, here are some alternative solutions that I came up with.

My first choice was this,

helmet head

Bringing whole new meaning to ‘helmet head’

Unfortunately, I have no idea where to order it but if you have more patience than me you could search the internet.  In the meantime, here are some things you can order.

ciastersHow’s that for a passive aggressive gift for the hubby?  You can order them here.

And because I have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy,

poopSeriously, who doesn’t need this in their life?  This is the best thing ever.  You can order it here.

And lastly, for the man in your life who lives to fish and spends way too much time taking a poop in the morning.  Give him something to do:

potty fisherOrder it here.

WTF?  It’s Wednesday, and who says gifting can’t be fun?

What’s the weirdest gift you ever gave or got?

WTF Wednesday, Overdecorating and stealing baby Jesus

I was almost positive I scaled down my Christmas decorations last year.  I think I remember donating quite a few ornaments and outdoor decorations and if my memory serves me correctly, I’m pretty sure I threw out one of my artificial trees.

And yet for some reason my house still looks similar to this:

over decoratorAnd sadly, I am not even close to being finished.  Maybe that’s because I keep putting things up and then staring at them, deciding I don’t like it and redoing everything.  At this rate my house will be fully decorated by April and you’ll be able to see it from space.

There have been some great sales lately at some of my favorite department stores.  Macy’s had a great deal on this Michael Kors purse which I bought from me to me and Belk had a great sale on a cute dress from Free People and I planned on wearing it out on New Years Eve, but that probably won’t happen because guess who just got summoned for Jury duty?  Yeah, on New Year’s freakin Eve!  You know who I feel sorry for?  The defendant.  I mean seriously, how would you expect a fair trial?  People have celebrating to do you know.

I’m already working on my excuse…

jury dutyThat statement is unbelievably accurate.  I’ve lost nails to a few of my sports bras, I kid you not.

In case you didn’t see this next item, I’m about to make your dreams come true and you can thank me for it later.  You can get a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts for a buck next week.  That’s right, I said one dollar.

donutsStarting Wednesday, December 12th you can walk into any Krispy Kreme and order a dozen donuts at regular price and they’ll give you a dozen more for a buck.  Mark your calendars for this important date.  Now!

You may have seen this on Facebook already but since I’m from Tennessee originally and I know how hilarious we all are I had to share.  We start young…

You go girl, get you a baby Jesus.

WTF?  It’s Wednesday!

WTF Wednesday, It’s a shitty one.

You know what time it is, time to go ‘what the what?’

For the last few weeks each time that MacGyver and I have logged into Netflix we’ve noticed that our continue watching shows are all off.  For instance, we were on episode 10 of Schitt’s Creek but it showed that we watched the entire season and that’s just one example.  There were also shows in the continue watching section that we’ve never watched, nor would we want to.

whats going on

Finally I realized that you can log in to your account and see what devices are using your account.  Yes I know that’s probably common sense but I get complacent and forget such things, sue me.  Anywho, apparently MacGyver and I have been supplying loads of enjoyment for a family in Michigan as well as Kentucky.

And not only had they watched our netflix on one device but the family in Kentucky was viewing on 6 different devices.  SIX!

what are you doing

So I changed the password thinking that would solve the problem but guess what, it didn’t.  And it won’t.  It says it takes up to 8 hours but the truth is, if the person who is logged into your account doesn’t log out and try to log back in, they can continue watching your netflix!

are you kidding me

The only way that I’ve found that can actually block someone from using the account is to set parental controls and Jesus Christ is that annoying.  What the hell Netflix?

Do you ever fly Delta, er Shit Airline?  Have you heard about the guy who was forced to sit in shit or get off the plane?  It’s true.

Delta shitYou can read the article by clicking on the image about but basically what happened is a guy got on his plane and sat down and then realized he was sitting in shit.  Literally.  He and the passenger beside him complained and were basically told either sit down or get off the plane.

Because he had to be somewhere the next morning and had no other options he was forced to clean himself off and fly.  That’s unacceptable.

Hey Delta…

Get your shit togehter


WTF?  It must be Wednesday but hey, at least the political ads are over.

Tell me one of your WTF Wednesday moments.