Women vs Men, listening.

The last time we were in Nokomis was a week ago.  We went down for four or five days to paint and put in some  windows.  When we left I told MacGyver that since we were leaving on a Monday I wanted to spend the coming weekend in Clearwater in order to get some things done at that house.

Plus we have a lot of wild life to take care of.

soft shell turtle

It’s egg laying time

And since we live so close to the ball field Hank insists on watching the fireworks from our front yard on weekends when there are home games, like Friday night.


I told MacGyver at least 10 times that I wanted to head back to Nokomis on Sunday night and stay until Thursday night.  (MacGyver’s sister and her husband are here and we want to spend as much time with them as possible.) I know I told him this because I really need to be in Clearwater to get some things done on Friday because on Saturday, very early in the morning, I am headed to Columbus for 8 days.

I am convinced that MacGyver has a filing cabinet in his brain in which he stores information that he deems useless.  That filing cabinet is half full of things that I have told him.  And for the record, some of those things are pretty important.  But I guess it makes sense.  He is MacGyver and he probably has to keep his brain open for stuff like repairing a helicopter with a paper clip and a piece of gum.

Anyway, yesterday I mentioned again that we had to be home by Thursday night because I have to pack and run errands and basically put food together for all the animals and him for the next eight days because if I don’t, something will die. DIE!

something will die

Well apparently the Thursday night info was ‘useless brain fodder’ because he planned to fish all day Thursday and Friday and come home late Friday night.  And when I explained to him that we already went over this he found it incredulous that I would need a day to get ready after being gone for four days and then leaving again for eight.

Well, I am not wired that way.  I can’t get ready at the drop of a dime.  I just can’t.  I need prep.

None of that is important today though.  MacGyver is fishing.  I just ran three miles and in 30 minutes, I am going shopping with my sister in law and my mother in law.  And I just took this picture in my backyard,

Great Heron

…about to take flight

How was your weekend?

Does your partner listen to you?

Easter orange mist on the moor and stuff.

Can you believe it’s April 3rd already?  I can’t even believe it’s April.  Seriously.  Time is flying by this year.

Anyway, in case you missed me, MacGyver and I just got back from a little mini vacay down to Nokomis.  And when I say vacay, I mean we basically went down and worked on our house for 5 days.  It wasn’t all work though, we had some fun too.

We saw this chrome car on the way down.  Does anyone have any idea what type of car this is?

chrome car

We got there on Thursday and I took MacGyver out to lunch at my favorite place, Left Coast Seafood Co. 


After lunch we drove over to the pond supply place to check out some fountains and stones for our landscaping.  We are determined to put in some sort of water feature in the front yard.  We spent an hour or so looking at everything and got some pretty good ideas and some serious sticker shock.

All of the rock that we grew up with in Tennessee and Virginia is hella expensive in Florida.  We might have to go visit the relatives and pick up some to bring back.

On Friday I found an estate sale and a few garage sales locally and I convinced MacGyver that we needed to go.  It didn’t really take a lot of convincing.  If you have any doubts as to how much he loves a bargain, here he is retrieving a tool that someone dropped in the middle of a busy street.

Run honey

He spotted it from a half mile away, pulled over and ran out to get it.  I barely saw it.  Wouldn’t you know it turned out to be some German wire cutter worth around 75 bucks!  Yes y’all, MacGyver is that good!

I scored some awesome vintage marbles at the estate sale but they hardly compare.

I am taking all the credit for this next find because we found it at the estate sale that I heard about through one of my sources and we got it for only 60 bucks.

water fountain

Water feature, check!  I added the little bird statues because I already had them and they were too cute not to add.  We may change the cherub for a dolphin eventually but for now, we have a fountain.

While we were out we kept checking the security camera to make sure the animals were okay.  This is how they were practically the entire 3 hours we were gone.

dogs and bird

The two dogs cuddled in the chair the entire time and the bird ran around the room because you know, he’s in charge.

When MacGyver and I got home on Friday afternoon we started painting as we had the day before.  MacGyver also started putting in new windows.

You can see the new one on the right.  I love my new windows.  Love them!

And here is a picture of our living room which we finished painting with the dolphin gray that we used in the rest of the main parts of the house.  It’s hard to make out though.

living room

I also painted the spare room a very pretty blue but the picture is also hard to make out.  Obviously I suck at taking pictures.

spare bedroom

I refinished this desk too.

The highlight of the painting revolved around the master bedroom which we started on Saturday.  See, I had this vision in my head and I was positive it would be bright and sunny and exhilarating. So, while MacGyver and his dad put in some more windows, I got to painting.

master bedrroom

As you can see I stopped half way down the wall. Unfortunately it was the last wall.

I literally painted 3/4’s of the room before I realized it was the most hideous choice ever.  I stopped painting halfway through the fourth wall and then left and called my mom and told her I ruined my house because I turned my bedroom into an orange.  I’m pretty sure I cried a little too.  I should have known.  I mean both of my in laws hated the color and the paint guys at Lowe’s were making fun of it, though I didn’t get it at the time.  MacGyver thought it looked like pepto bismol but it wasn’t pink, it was coral.  I guess that’s a mute point.  The point is, it was definitely not a good color choice unless it was for a little girls room.  Or a grove.

That night MacGyver and I went to sleep but I got up at 2 in the morning to check to see if Lowe’s was open on Easter, it was.  And that’s where I went very early on Easter Sunday.  Because we had already returned paint twice, the guys at lowe’s thought I was playing an April fool’s joke on them.   I was not.

I told them we hated the color Tropical Breeze and needed to choose another one.  We ended up choosing Mist on the Moor and I think we made the right decision.

Master Bedroom

It also ended up looking much better in the master bathroom.

master bathroom

I couldn’t be defeated though so I decided to leave a feature wall in the bedroom and I saved one of the coral walls.

Master Bedroom

I think it works but MacGyver thinks that I should put the half can of leftover ‘mist on the moor’ to work and finish the job, we’ll see.  The coral is kind of growing on me.

On Easter Sunday MacGyver’s parents were over helping us with the house again and my mother in law made us the most wonderful Easter Dinner.  It was so good.  I have truly been blessed when it comes to in laws.  I couldn’t be any luckier, I swear.

I didn’t run a lot this past weekend, only 12 miles total on Saturday and Sunday and 36 total miles for the week however, I am so sore from all the painting and prepping that I’m pretty sure that counts as a few workouts.

We got home late yesterday and unfortunately I had a migraine all day and night, (probably from paint fumes.)  As we were driving in we thought we smelled smoke.  As we got closer we saw it.


This house is 3 street down from us, not far at all.  Fortunately the family was able to escape.  I have only met them once but they seemed nice, a young couple and their mother or mother in law.  Unfortunately the family’s two dogs perished in the fire.  So sad.  This is the third house fire that has happened in my neighborhood in the last few years.  I’m definitely going to be more careful with candles and things.

That’s it for me, I’ve got some serious work to do.

How was your Easter weekend?  Do anything fun?

An awesome Tempo run and a haircut

Good morning.  I’m a little late with my post here due to the fact that I was cooking breakfast.

you're kidding right

No, really, I was.  And it was very good too, if I do say so myself, and I do.

Remember a week or two ago when I said I needed a new hairstyle?  Well thanks to my friend Nicole, I have one.

I love  it!  She even used the Tyme iron and styled it for me but as awesome as she is at cutting hair she’s an even better makeup artist.  I’m gonna have her do my makeup next.

I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to style it myself because I’m not really good at that sort of thing on my own hair but I think I nailed it.

Tyme style

What do you think?  Did I nail it?

So, the new hairstyle was my big news for the weekend.  I also went to a few garage sales and worked on a project that I’m going to share with you later in the week.  The biggest news however was running.

I had a 10 mile mid-tempo run on my calendar for Saturday.  I’m not going to lie, I was worried.  I knew I could plow through 10 miles but I didn’t think I could hold a pace in the mid 9’s.

Saturday long run

I did it!  I was most proud of the fact that I kept a steady pace throughout the entire run because that’s what makes a tempo run so hard.

In a tempo run you have to run at a comfortably hard pace, or about 30 seconds slower than your race pace for the entire run.  Since my half marathon race pace is around 9 minutes a mile, I was shooting for a 10 mile run at a 9:30 pace and I finished with an average pace of 9:32.

Tempo runs help increase your lactate threshold but I love them because they help give me the confidence that I can hold a certain pace for a prolonged period of time and that confidence always comes in handy when race day comes!

After such an awesome run on Saturday, I took it easy on Sunday and ran 6 miles at a comfortable pace around the neighborhood.  I love feeling like I’m improving but what I’m really looking forward to is racing again….more on that soon.

Do you incorporate tempo runs into your training?

Do you have any races coming up?

When is the last time you changed your hairstyle?