Getting to the bottom of things, literally

After going to the eye doctor on Monday and after my eyes were no longer dilated, I put my contact lenses back in.  I just want to mention that my coconut oil and my contact lens solution look very similar.  They are both clear bottles with blue writing, which is probably why I didn’t realize I had mistaken one for the other until my eyes started to burn.

eye pain

It was so much fun.

Do you know what’s even more fun?  What I’m doing tomorrow…


Well, I don’t remember ever wearing anything so ugly but the doctor says I’m ready so I guess I am.


Actually, even better than a colonoscopy, I’m also having an endoscopy at the same time, oh the joy!  I’ll be exceptionally glad when all this is over.  Seriously.


I’ll be glad when the doctors finally figure out what’s going on but I’m also happy to forgo this procedure if I could.



Since you can’t eat anything the day leading up those two procedures, I’ve decided not to run today. Because I”m always hungry anyway but if I run it’ll be twofold.

Wish me luck for tomorrow.

Red tide, struck by lighting and baby shark doo doo doo doo

I know it’s been awhile.  I’ve been vacationing with my sister and the family.  I meant to update yesterday but I had an eye doctor appointment at 9 in the morning and they dilated my eyes which basically means I had a migraine from that point forward.

eye doctor

So, my sister and her family went home on Saturday morning.  We had an awesome visit despite the red tide that is plaguing us this year and the fact that my house in Nokomis got struck by lightning and we had no internet or cable or a decent TV since it killed my big ass TV in the living room.  And by killed, I mean fried.

No internet

Except none of us were feeling that amazing and this is actually what lightning looks like after it hits your house.

lightning strike

And when you go to the beach and red tide is in full effect, the smell can be pretty bad and there are warnings out, like this:


While I didn’t do any fishing myself, the rest of my family was able to do quite a bit and my sister and I got to shop. A lot.  We also spent some time on the beach, on an island and at Weeki Wachee and I have some pics for you….

The guys caught some sharks but this is the only pic that I actually have.

they caught and released it for those of you who are all, ‘love the sharks.’

My sister, my niece and her daughter and I all went to Nokomis beach one day while the guys fished.

this is one of my favorite pics of the day

After realizing the fishing was a no go in Nokomis and without any TV to watch or internets to browse, we decided to head back to Clearwater.  Shortly after we got back we went to Anclote Key where they have the best shells ever and also some great photo opps.


I mean, seriously, how cute is this picture?

Kaitlin and Novaleigh

My sister and I found that shipwrecked vessel on the Island and convinced Kaitlin and Novaleigh to pose in it.

But then we decided we needed to pose in it too.

me and ang

Except we’re awkward and I couldn’t sit straight on the bow and my sister obviously had some important phone call to make or something.  Because we were supposed to be shipwrecked you know.

Later that night after we got home we went to a local restaurant called Ford’s Garage.

Ford's Garage

I highly recommend this place.  It was awesome.  Look at the burgers:

ford's Garage

And the onion rings come out on an oil thingy and the napkins are garage rags held together with hose clamps.  I kid you not.


And if none of that impresses you, check out the bathroom sink…

We also went to Weeki Wachee which I was really excited about because my sister hadn’t been there since we were kids.

weeki wachee

Why yes, that is a potato chip raft and a pizza raft, don’t judge.

My highlight of that whole trip was the mother and baby manatee.


The last full day the guys went fishing and the girls went shopping and then we all went to Tarpon Springs for dinner.  I didn’t take any pictures while we were there because it was already dark and it was raining a bit.

They left on Saturday morning and I miss them so much already.  But there is one thing I don’t miss.

When the kid was little, we had a wind up music box I could play to help him fall asleep, or the mobile on his bed which played music, but kids today have youtube.  And I would like to personally thank the ass hat who came up with the gem of a song below because I sing it all the damn time now and I cannot stop.

And now, I pass this gem onto you…

Even through all the beaching and shopping and playing, I still managed to run 23 miles for the week.  Not bad.  Vacation is fun but now it’s back to the real world.

Where is the last place you went on vacation?

Has your house ever been struck by lightning?

WTF Wednesday, birthday eve biopsy scheduling

I was on a roll with running.  I had a real streak going……. until today.  You would think today would have been a no-brainer, because it’s my birthday eve, but it wasn’t.  I ran about a mile and three quarters, and then I walked the rest, until I hit three miles and then I called it quits.  Today was not my day.

Today I meet with the surgeon to schedule the biopsy of my subcutaneous nodule and then I meet with my regular doctor.  Today I try to convince my doctor that she needs to refer me to a doctor who can better manage my case and determine what tests need to be run to lead to a quicker diagnosis and result in earlier treatment options.

It’s not that I’m feeling bad, per se.  It’s just that I’m not feeling great and I’m tired of it.  I’m not myself.  I know that something is wrong and I have a very good idea of what that something is.   It’s my own fault.  I actually got a diagnosis 10 years ago but I ignored it because there wasn’t a biopsy and it wasn’t conclusive.  It still isn’t conclusive and I need to make it so so that’s what I’m doing on my birthday eve.  Or at least trying to.

WTF, it’s Wednesday, maybe afterwards I’ll go shopping?