WTF Wednesday, I’m gonna test all the tests.

I went out for a run this morning and I felt pretty good.  I planned on running four miles as that’s what I’ve mostly been running during the week.  The operative word here is planned…..

I’ve got 93 reasons why I didn’t make it past 3.

it's hot

I’m okay with the mid 80’s or maybe even the high 80’s if the morning temperature could be around 72 or 73 with low dew points and no humidity but, dayum it was hot this morning.  Hot and humid.  Some days you just have to call it and today was one of those days.

After running I took the dogs for a quick walk and then I had to head over to the medical center for an appointment with my cardiologist.  For someone who has so many doctors, you’d think I was either the unhealthiest or the healthiest woman on the planet.  For the record I am neither.

bad joke

And my jokes are bad.

MacGyver always asks me how it went and I have become accustomed to giving the same response over and over, we’re doing additional testing.


Story of my life….

WTF, it’s Wednesday, at least I got a little break from work….

Let’s step up and volunteer

Despite the fact that I spilled an entire Yeti mug full of coffee all over the table, my computer, a rug and then the living room floor this morning, I am lucky.

Hurricanes hit Florida practically every year and even with the destruction of Irma last year, we have been fortunate.  Never having any major damage from any storm over the years, I am so thankful.

The panhandle of Florida has been devastated.  The damage and destruction is almost insurmountable.  Any and all help is needed even in form of prayers.

And if you can donate, Volunteer Florida is a good place to start.

Thank you.

WTF Wednesday, Trick or treating and squirrels

Squirrels can fly but they can’t fly on Frontier.  And one woman in Orlando found that out as she tried to fly to Cleveland on Tuesday night with her emotional support animal, a squirrel.

squirrel on flightNo, I am not kidding.  You can click here to read the full story.  I think we should get her and the peacock lady together.  Maybe they can carpool on all their trips from now on, seeing as how they won’t be allowed to fly anymore.

So, have you heard the news?  We’re having a bit of a hurricane in Florida right now and he’s not messing around.


We try.

Speaking of Halloween, is anyone else super excited about the new Halloween movie?  Because I am.  And probably a lot of teenagers in Chesapeake, VA too, you know because what else are you going to do on Halloween night if you’re not allowed to trick or treat?

I love me some Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and some Kit Kats but I ain’t about to risk jail time for them.  Of course when I was 13 I probably would have so its probably a good thing I didn’t grow up in Chesapeake.

WTF, it’s Wednesday and now I’m totally craving chocolate….