WTF Wednesday, What if?

I need to run to the post office today to mail my nephew his mouse for his computer, which unfortunately will not work in Virginia from my home in Florida.  I  also need to mail my sister in laws’ bible, which is code for the constantly growing, never ending, to do list.  I know how important those are because I have one too.

Anyway, they left them at my house by mistake and I need to go to the post office to mail them back and I wasn’t sure what time I should go and all I can think about is this video.

If you haven’t watched Whoa Susannah, you need to, she’s hilarious and I’m convinced that in real life, we’d be besties.  I mean what if, right?

You know who I’m glad I’m not besties with?

This girl.

WTF?  That girl needs a new friend because the one in the video is a jerk.  I mean, what if she died for Christ’s Sake?

Last weekend my brother in law posted this meme on his facebook page and it asked to keep it going in the comments.  It was hilarious.  So I wanted to post it here to see just what you guys can come up with.

What if the Grove is really in the butt?

Extra bonus points if you crack me up and that’s hard to do y’all.  Take the challenge, go ahead, you know you want to.

WTF, it’s Wednesday, what have you got to lose?

There’s no place like home, which in this case is my head.

I swear I’m in a good mood today but in case you have any doubts after reading my tangents just remember I said that.  Okay?

not in a bad mood

The Motiv ring, which I really do still love, still won’t hold a charge for longer than a few days.  I started to think that maybe it’s because I tend to be really active throughout the day and it’s constantly working, or maybe it’s just me and I’m doing something wrong.  But then when I was feeling bad last week and my activity level was much lower, it still didn’t hold a charge for longer than 2 days.


It’s the third one so I just feel like it’s something they really need to work on.  Other than that, I do love the ring.  I love that I can take a shower with it and I love that it tracks all of my activities, even swimming.  I hope that they are able to do something about the battery life though because that’s a pain.

If you remember the kid bought me the fitbit Versa for Mother’s day.  I love it.  It’s been a staple on my wrist ever since and it holds a charge for a good  or 5 days which is nice.  It also shows me the time and text messages which is really important to me. I’ve actually been wearing both the motiv ring and the fitbit Versa, well, until yesterday.

I’ve been running this week and I was pretty excited yesterday to have my 10,000 steps in before 8AM and I was really curious how many steps I had a few hours later.  I looked down at the watch and then hit the button on the left side.  Blank.


I tried everything, blank.  After researching it online and trying all the resets, I called fitbit.  They had me do all of the things I spent the previous hour already doing.  Still blank.  I told the lady from fitbit that I had read about this online that this seems to be a common problem, so she had me spend another 30 minutes resetting just to make sure.  Still freaking blank.

So today I’m sending the Versa back and they are going to send me a new one.


Except reliable trackers, apparently.

This morning was the day we chose to release Squeakers the Mohawk, the bluejay I rescued.  We brought his cage outside in front of the lanai and carefully opened the door.  He flew all the way around the yard and then came back by us and landed squarely on my head.

So we took him out further, to the oak tree by the water.  He flew up to the tree, perched on a low branch and then took off and flew all around the tree.  And then right back to the top of my head.

After repeating this process 11 times it finally occurred to us that Squeakers the Mohawk is perfectly happy right where he is.  He’s been on the lanai all morning long with the door wide open but so far, he hasn’t ventured outside.  I guess we’ll try again tomorrow.

I wish I had something I could track him with for the day that he actually does fly away but I guess I should find one that works for me first.

What fitness tracker or trackers do you use?

What do you love and or hate about your fitness tracker?

Teal Tuesday because you are amazing

My mother in law is one of the kindest human beings I have ever known.  She is happiest when everyone else is happy and she takes pride in taking care of everyone around her.  I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say I am blessed to have her in my life and love her dearly.  Not only has she devoted her life to her family, she was also devoted to her patients as a registered nurse for over 40 years.

Other than a bout with shingles last year and a few colds here and there, she has never really been ill so when she was started losing her appetite and felt really full after only a few bites of food she went to see her doctor.

The doctor ran an x-ray and didn’t see anything so she prescribed antibiotics.  When my mother in laws stomach continued to bloat she went back to the doctor who ordered a CT scan.  We didn’t wait on the results.  She was getting weaker and we were worried so my father in law took her to the emergency room.  They told us they saw a bowel obstruction and we were relieved it wasn’t more serious and it could be repaired but that was just the beginning because we found out the next day that it was ovarian cancer.

teal tuesday


Unfortunately the hospital she was in wasn’t equipped to handle such a serious illness so after a few days we got her transferred to Tampa General Hospital and she now has a wonderful team of doctors helping her.

21,980 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year.  It is the fifth leading cause of cancer death among women and there is no effective screening test for ovarian cancer.  A pap smear does not detect this disease.

Unfortunately most women who are diagnosed are diagnosed at late stages and only 19% of women are diagnosed before the cancer spreads to the pelvic region.  The symptoms of this disease are subtle and vague.


Teal is the color for Ovarian Cancer and it stands for Tell Every Amazing Lady and that’s what I am doing.  I’m telling all of you the symptoms and the risk factors and I am begging you to be your own advocate.  Do not take no for an answer.  If you feel that something is wrong, insists that your doctor perform testing and if you don’t feel like the doctor is helping you, see another one.  When my mother in law was in the emergency room waiting to be transferred to Tampa General hospital her doctor called with the results of the first CT scan, which she had only a few days before entering the hospital.  She was told it was normal and that they didn’t find anything.

Trust your instincts because no one knows more about your body that you do.

No one fights alone

Ovarian Cancer Signs and Symptoms

  • Vague but persistent and unexplained gastrointestinal complaints such as gas, nausea, and indigestion
  • Abdominal bloating, pelvic and/or abdominal pain, and/or feeling of fullness
  • Frequency and/or urgency of urination
  • Unexplained change in bowel habits (constipation or diarrhea)
  • Unexplained weight gain or loss
  • Unusual fatigue
  • Shortness of breath
  • Back pain
  • New and unexplained abnormal postmenopausal bleeding

Ovarian Cancer Risk Factors

  • Increasing age, with highest occurrence in women over 50
  • Family or personal history of ovarian, breast, endometrial, or colon cancer
  • Uninterrupted ovulation (having no pregnancies, infertility, low parity)
  • Presence of gene mutations, especially BRCA1, BRCA2, or Lynch

For more information on Ovarian Cancer, visit this site.

Do you know anyone who is currently fighting or has battled ovarian cancer?