Is there even a bike out there for me?

The good news is that the depression that was found less than a mile and a half from my house is stable and not a sinkhole.

runny sinkhole

But it’s okay to drive on it….sure!

I still don’t trust the area and I’ll be avoiding it for the meantime. I don’t care what the scientist say.

I’m still walking every morning because I don’t want to risk injuring myself and I want to be completely better before I start seriously training for a marathon in late fall.  I’m not walking far however, MacGyver and I have ridden our bikes for two nights in a row.  That’s almost a record.  I mean, I’m trying to love my bike because I know MacGyver loves his, but yeah, no.  I just don’t.

Perhaps if I had this bike, I’d be more apt to get out there.


I do like the color, it’s pretty sweet right?  Obviously color is very important when choosing a bike.  No really it is.  I always fret when I’m picking out a new bike or even accessories because the wrong color can be catastrophic.

If you don’t believe me maybe you should take a look at this.

bike fail


I think I’m just destined to be a runner but I’ll still try because I like doing things with MacGyver.  And there’s also the added bonus of someone paying attention to what I do because obviously, I am easily distracted.

a penny

Yep, been there.  If it weren’t for MacGyver I would have gotten run over at least twice in the past two days.

MacGyver has been looking for some new bikes for us and he keeps mentioning names to me, but I seriously have no clue about any models or makes and what’s good and what isn’t.

I already have a three wheeled bike, 2 beach cruisers, and a cheap Wal-mart mountain bike and I like them all the same.  Notice I didn’t say love. And if you’re wondering why I have so many, garage sales.  What I need is a bike for runners.

Runner's bike

That’s not exactly what I had in mind but if we could replace those shoes with some Brooks Launch 4’s, well, I’d be on board.

Do you like to bike?  How often do you do it?  Do you bike and run and if so how often do you do each?

Someone tell Rob Kardashian Instagram is for workout pics!

Someone needs to call Kris Jenner or one of those sisters, (whose initials all begin with K because that’s easier than typing all those names), and have them reign that brother in.  Dear Lord.  If you haven’t heard, yesterday Instagram shut down Rob Kardashians account because he posted naked and explicit photos of his ex, Blac Chyna, and then went on a rant accusing her of cheating and using drugs.


I get that you’re hurt and angry but try to remember you are a father.  Isn’t that really the most important thing?  Protecting your child?  Shouldn’t you be more concerned about the way that she would feel knowing what you posted?  I mean regardless of what her Mother did or didn’t do, that’s just wrong, and I’m pretty sure it might be illegal too.

Man up Rob, just man up.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get a chance to see Rob’s crazy Instagram rant because apparently he’s moved it on over to his Twitter account and is continuing there.  I’m not posting the link because I feel sorry for his child.


I’d like to intervene and help the poor guy out.  If you can’t man up, then at least follow some southern girl etiquette.  If you don’t have anything nice to say, then whisper, and by all means, preface it with, ‘bless her heart’ or ‘we’re saying a prayer for her’.

And for goodness sake, if you ever do get your Instagram account back, remember Instagram is the place to post pictures of your Garmin or your fitbit stats, or your runkeeper stats, not personal drama.  We might be okay with the occasional animal pic as long as you keep it to a minimum, but keep it clean Rob, keep it clean.

What things do you post most often on Instagram?

It started with the M key

So, for the last few days this has been me:

stressedYou see, my laptop that I use ALL THE TIME has a little problem.  It started out with one of the keys, mainly the M key on the keyboard, it wouldn’t work.  And then, the C key stopped working.  And then the C and the V.  When one key at a time went out I could fix it but when two keys at a time started going out, I lost my shit and called the manufacturer.

It’s not like this hasn’t happened before.  We have three laptops and two are the same brand and they have both experienced this issue.  (And no, I don;t bang on the keys, well mostly not.)

Anyway, I called the tech support people, which I hate doing because they tend to ask stupid questions.  And no, I don’t want to use the other two laptops because one is as old as Methuselah and the other doesn’t have all of my data, so it would take me just as long to transfer everything over as it would to fix the good computer which I guess, technically really isn’t good anymore.

stress caloriesAnyway, after about two hours on the phone with the manufacturer yesterday and two days of trying to figure it out myself, we came to the conclusion that I already knew, the keyboard is broken.  It’s a busted mess.  It needs to be replaced.  No fucking shit.  I want my two days back.

crazy girlI’m going running.  Because I can fix crazy.

How you doin?