A new cream, peacocks, and a little surgery, it must be Tuesday

In case you weren’t aware, today is the second day of Palindrome Week.  A palindrome means the numbers read the same forward as backward.  It’s not really as rare as you would think but still, it’s pretty cool.

Palindrome week

I mentioned yesterday that I have a jacked up Rhombus muscle.  Well, the doctor told me to use ice and heat and try not to spend so much time on the computer.


Oh sure, no problem.  I’ll just stop working. But seriously, since I work on a computer for most of the day I needed to find something that would alleviate the pain and I found the best thing ever.

I went to Wal-Mart to look around and I was just about to pick up some more biofreeze when I found this new version of it.


Y’all this version is by far the best ever.  It’s a cream instead of gel but more importantly it is twice as strong.  It lasts for hours and I am so happy with it.

I would like to mention that as a precaution if your husband applies this for you make sure he washes his hands thoroughly, and maybe even twice, before going to pee….otherwise his junk might be on fire for an hour or two.  I’m not sayin how I know this but just trust me on this one.

And while we’re on the subject of all my ailments, I got the results of an ultrasound that my doctor ordered for what she thought was an enlarged lymph node on the back of my neck.  Turns out it’s actually a subcutaneous nodule and now she would like to remove it and biopsy it in the hopes that it may help us figure out, or at least give us clues, as to what is going on with my body systemically.  So yeah, big fun.  I am currently awaiting a call from the surgeon.

I’m running this week.  Just three miles a day but it feels sooooo good.  And this morning, this guy flirted with me……


He’s a looker but I’m not taking him home.  I think we have enough pets for now.

Do you use biofreeze?

Have you tried the new cream biofreeze?

Tuesday by the twos

Two miles.  The amount that I walked yesterday morning.  It seems like such a small amount but when you’re having breathing problems and it’s hella humid, two miles is a marathon.

Two minutes.  The amount of time it will take me to put on my running shoes and run a marathon as soon as my doctors figure out what is wrong and then ultimately fix it.

when you cant run

Two Days.  The amount of time until I actually meet with my new pulmonologist.  Also, an eternity.

Two movies.  I told you about one of these months ago but these are two movies that I simply cannot wait to see.

Love, Gilda

Three Identical Strangers

Two for the price of one.  A cassette tape in which I am auditioning to be a teacher, at 8 years old because yes, I thought I needed to audition.  So I reigned in my brother and sister and on that same tape my sister can be heard pretending to be Rosanne Rosanna Danna who stepped in cat poo and my brother, who is playing my student pronounces agent as ag-ant.  AG Ant.  I have that cassette tape in my possession and I am just waiting for the perfect moment to play it again.  Embarrassing two of my siblings at the same time.  Two for the price of one.  Finding a cassette player may prove to be  challenging…… and also I just dated the hell out of myself.

Never mind found it, AMAZON.

Two Dogs.  The amount I have and the little boogers who keep me somewhat in shape by insisting I walk them many times, every. single. day.  And feed them and pet them and give them snacks and take them for car rides and….

Two Birds.  Also the amount I have although I’ve released them countless times because they refuse to leave me.

Too Many.  The amount of peacocks and ducks that I feed daily in my yard.  Also why the two birds may be refusing to leave.  My shopping bill is huge.  HUGE.

Two hours.  The amount of time I slept last night because MacGyver is in Nokomis and it was eerily quiet without the soothing sound of his snoring.

Your turn, tell me something in twos. 

Tuesday, how this woman faced down stave IV lung cancer, and won.

This morning I woke up early and went to get ready to go run. I wasn’t feeling particularly ambitious and I actually thought about not working out at all but I took Monday off so I really wanted to get a workout in.

The truth is, I’ve been sort of lazy for the last month or so.  Okay, really lazy.  Because sometimes it’s just easier not to work out, not to prepare the healthy food, not to worry so much about keeping the house clean, and not to take care of myself.

im lazy

Anyway, while I was sitting on the sofa pondering whether to go for a run or not I picked up a magazine and started flipping through.  This particular magazine tends to have a few feel good stories in it every issue, you know like the chicken soup for the soul variety.  I never read them.  I don’t know why but I’ve always considered them a bit hokey.

This morning I read the story.  I’m not sure what got my attention, the ‘beating the odds’ headline or the byline that said, ‘after being diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer doctors didn’t have a lot of hope.’  Whatever the reason I read the story.

Rachel Drazan-Malmberg was a 30 year old elite athlete who woke up with a pain in her ribs that wouldn’t go away.  At first her doctors told her it was probably pneumonia because she was such a health minded person and so physically fit but the pain didn’t go away so she pressed the doctors, got an MRI and then heard the news no one ever wants to hear, stage IV lung cancer that had spread to her brain.

Rachel went through an expensive and grueling treatment and miraculously she has beat her cancer.  In fact, she’s currently training for a marathon.  I was so inspired by her story I looked her up online and wanted to share it with you.

I so admire her courage and strength and in the article I read this morning Rachel was quoted as saying, ‘What you believe is what you can achieve.’   We should all live by that motto.

Have you ever had to fight to find a diagnosis before?

On a scale of 1-10 how confident do you feel that your doctor listens to you?