Tech tuesday because I seriously love my gadgets.

I am the luckiest person I know. For real.

I'm so luckyYou probably won’t think so when I tell you what happened in the last few days but Im’ma tell you anyways cause that’s the kind of girl I am.

First, on Sunday when I was out running, just after mile 5, silence. That may not seem like a big deal but it is because I had my iPhone on and I was listening to Pandora and I had the Runkeeper app tracking my run. When I left the house at 7AM, the phone was at 100% but after less than an hour, silence.

phone fail
Just after mile five the battery was at 1%, wtf! So, yeah, it died. Fortunately I run that route almost every single day so I knew how much farther I had to go to get to my six miles.  And I knew what time I left that morning so all I had to do was quickly run into the house and look at the clock when I got home thus determining my time and pace. Easy peasy.

Except it wasn’t because I had to first enter the code to open the garage door and then I tripped over the dogs who were waiting on me to walk them and finally I made it to the kitchen where there are two clocks and both of them displayed a different time.

Oh GodI was able to make a fairly good estimate and I just had to live with it.  Do you know how hard that is for someone with OCD and a stat addict?  HARD.

Y’all know what happened later in the day right? Yeah, I lost my Motiv Ring. So on Monday morning I had to rely strictly on my phone for my stats. I mean I could have charged my Garmin but I didn’t and that’s probably why at mile 2.4, crickets.

The phone battery diedThe technology Gods are laughing at me, hard.

In light of all this trouble I was having I decided to dig out my trusty old Garmin 620 yesterday and charge that bad boy up. While searching through all of my electronic gadgets I happened to find my Lumo lift and my Lumo Run. I totally forgot I had the Lumo Run. Seriously. I know, that’s bad.

A year and a half ago MacGyver bought me the Lumo Run and at the time I wasn’t running because surprise, I was injured. So, I put it in my ‘electronics drawer’ which is basically a pile of gadgets and cords in a box. Yesterday, I found it and I am so excited to use it. I remember when I first got it I was so upset that I couldn’t use it because it has so much info. You can read more about the Lumo run here.

Anyway, I was having a real hard time focusing on work yesterday so I went outside to finish cleaning up the back patio and maybe to add a few more lights.

light display
That picture above might just be the end result I was going for but I’m nowhere near that yet. It’s so magical, but I digress, as I was outside preparing to sweep the back patio I moved a plastic lawn chair over to the side and as God is my witness, there it was, right there just lying there on the ground.


Crazy Dance
I mean, how freakin lucky am I? It was right there. I was so excited to have it back and also to realize that I racked up 541 active minutes last week. I still can’t believe it. I found my ring!  I FOUND MY RING!

Anyway, because I don’t trust my iPhone right now, this morning I decided to go ahead and run with the garmin as well, just to be on the safe side. But guess what? The iPhone worked for all 5 miles and it was pretty fun to compare the stats between the runkeeper app and the garmin. (They were almost identical.)

And now I’m back on my gadget kick so for the rest of the week when I run, I’m going to use the Lumo run and the Garmin and some of the other tech gadgets I have. I forgot how much of a stat geek I am. And also how lucky.  Really lucky.

What tech devices do you use to track your exercise and what do you like the most and the least about it?

Plaids and a ring

It occurred to me that I might have a problem this weekend when I realized that I yell for MacGyver’s assistance anytime I need to get something that would require me having to use a stool or a ladder but I will scale a tree taller than my house all by myself to put up Christmas lights. Every time.

tree with lights
I got about 15 feet up the tree and I was trimming like a boss until I missed a step and fell into the pond. I know, I am graceful like that. It wouldn’t have been so bad except that it was freezing cold out, probably like 50 degrees. I nearly died. Okay not died but I did get very cold and I had to change clothes.

After all that I didn’t feel like working on the pond anymore but I did manage to finish the lanai.

lanai lights
Since it was so cold this weekend I got to do something I’ve been waiting almost a year to do. Last year late in winter MacGyver and I had gone to a pet store and I happened to find a clearance section full of some great things. So Sunday morning when I woke up I decided it was time to take advantage of the cool weather and show off my clearance finds.plaid chucksDo they make chucks in buffalo plaid? If they do I need them.

I spent a lot of the weekend in running clothes. I ran 11 miles on Saturday. You may not have noticed and I really haven’t been all that vocal about it but I’ve been increasing my long runs by a mile every week in the hopes that I’ll be ready to run a half marathon in the next month or so. I think I’m pretty close. I just want to be confident that I can run a full half without suffering from a migraine hence the reason I’m trying to get to 13 or 14 miles before I commit to a race.

There is a method to my madness. My migraines are debilitating and since I don’t take the evil Topiramate anymore, I have to really monitor everything I do. It’s really just that simple but complicated at the same time. I have to make sure I monitor everything from my shoes to my salt tablets but it’s working and that’s all that really matters right?

I felt fine after Saturday’s run so I ran 6 more on Sunday and that brought my total to 17 for the weekend and 32 for the week, 37 if you count the miles I walked.

I only ventured out once other than running and that was for a quick trip to Walmart of Sunday and then late last night MacGyver and I got all settled in and watched The Walking Dead. I have this habit of spinning my Motiv ring around on my finger when I’m nervous or anxious and believe me when I tell you that last nights episode definitely made me anxious. I won’t spoil it for you but when I was watching it and went to spin my ring, that’s when I noticed that tragedy had struck.

My Motiv ring is gone. Forever. MacGyver and I looked everywhere but we couldn’t find it and I am just heartbroken. I plan on heading outside today to look again, probably at lunch time but I’m not holding out much hope. Wish me luck!

Have you ever lost a ring? (I’ve lost many…)
Did you watch The Walking Dead?

The Motiv Ring and my review.

Happy Halloween!  I’m dressed as a running blogger who is writing a review on a new fitness tracker.

I’ve been wearing a Garmin watch for years.  The thing is, I use that watch for tracking things related to my morning run and that’s pretty much it.  A few years ago, I decided to add a fitbit HR to the mix to get an idea of how active I am outside of running, and I wasn’t very.

Jimmy Fallon

So I decided to up my steps and within a short period of time 10,000 steps a day became an obsession, running or not.  I also started tracking my heart rate and my sleep and the fitbit HR was great at that.  There were only a few things that I hated about the fitbit HR, mainly that I was always worried about it getting wet and the fact that I had a permanent white spot on my wrist that started to look like a very ugly tattoo, especially in the summer.

Tan lines

Yeah, not a fan of that.

When I first heard about the Motiv Ring, I was immediately intrigued.    A fitness tracker inside a ring and also available in slate gray and my personal favorite rose gold, show me where to buy it!  Unfortunately, it wasn’t available and I had to wait for almost a year.  If you know me, patience is not my virtue!

Asiz Ansara

I had no choice so I waited and then in September of this year, it was time, I bit the bullet and I ordered.  Surprisingly, the first thing that came was a sizing kit.

Motiv Ring Sizing Kit

Apparently, your fingers change sizes throughout the day, so they send you a sizing kit.  Once you find the right size, you are instructed to wear the ring for 24 hours to make sure you have the perfect fit.  I chose a large size because I wanted to wear the ring on my pointer or middle finger and so I wore the size I chose for 24 hours and it was fine.  Done.  Time to order.

The ring came shortly after I went to the Motiv website and chose my size.

Motiv RingThe ring is made of a very lightweight titanium and I chose rose gold.  It’s not as heavy as you would think and it didn’t take long for me to get used to it.  It is bulky looking though, and if you have short fat fingers like I do, it won’t do much for you aesthetically.   That being said, it’s a lot more attractive than the fitbit HR because, hello, it’s a ring!

If you are used to seeing the time and pressing a button to see your stats like I was, the ring will take a little getting used to.  It doesn’t have a display, instead it syncs to your phone and you view your stats in the app.

motiv app

To sync it you just twist the ring on your finger.

motiv stats

As far as tracking steps, not all steps are created equal and the Motiv ring places emphasis on the ‘active minutes’.  Don’t worry, it still tracks all of your steps but it tells you your active minutes which is really what you need to focus on if your objective is to get or stay heart healthy.  I also had to play around with the app to get used to it and it took a little bit of time for the Motiv ring to get used to my heart rate and activity.  I set my goal at 300 minutes a week because I focus on 60 minutes, 5 days a week.  Last week, I nailed it with 351 total minutes!


The Motiv ring tracks your heart rate too and gives you the overall average and it tracks your sleep.  I have to say the sleep tracking is not really all that accurate and I haven’t been too impressed with that feature.  The fitbit HR was much more accurate so if you’re buying a fitness tracker specifically to track your sleep, go with a fitbit HR or another tracker.

motiv app stats

A lot of those nights I got up multiple times and one of them it tracked my early morning reading as sleep because I read in bed.

Other than the sleep tracking, the Motiv ring is awesome and did I mention that it’s water resistant?  I’ve taken a shower with it every day, washed the dishes, swam and still it works perfectly.  In fact, it tracked my swimming workout!


Lastly, and this just may be because I’m hard on things but the ring does scratch.  I’ve had mine less than a month and its already gotten quite a few scratches on it.  Like I said though, I’m hard on things so it may just be me.  Overall, if you are concerned with your active minutes and overall how healthy your lifestyle is, I highly recommend the Motiv Ring.  I absolutely love mine and at 199 dollars, it’s certainly affordable.


This review is not sponsored.  I purchased the Motiv ring myself and! all opinions are my own.  To learn more about the Motiv Ring or to order one, you can visit their website.

Tell me about your favorite activity tracker and why it’s your favorite.