A sunny spot for shady people, a birthday and the ER

We’re still in Nokomis and I’m not sure when exactly we’re heading home but I wanted to check in and wish you a happy 4th of July and share a few things from our weekend thus far.

On Friday after I got back from my appointment with the neurologist MacGyver and I went in search of a store that his parents had told us about.  The place is located down in Englewood and I knew the second we walked in it would be a favorite for MacGyver.

For me, not so much.


It aint exactly Macy’s.

There was a cute furniture store located directly across the street that I did like a lot but the thing that got my attention was the bar located right beside the Man Cave Consignment store.  I’m not sure if the bar was open because it looked empty and it wasn’t so much the fact that it was a bar that I was interested in, even though I could have used a drink, but I digress.  The bar was called Will’s Honky Tonk and it had the best tagline ever.

wills honky tonk

Will’s Honky Tonk
“A sunny spot for shady people”

Love it!  I am determined to go back when they’re open.

On the way home we got stuck in a bit of a traffic jam.  There were several cars in front of us and they were all taking their time passing something.  As we got closer we realized it was someone on a bike and we couldn’t figure out for the life of us why people weren’t passing more quickly…..

Until we got closer.

crack kills

Apparently neither does his crack!

Crack kills.  Don’t do crack.

On Saturday morning I got up early and headed to the Legacy Trail.  I planned on running 5 miles but it was crazy hot and humid and at mile 3 I ran over the bridge and the view was breathtaking.

Running on Legacy Trail

And I decided that fishing was a much better idea so I headed home and caught MacGyver just as he was about to leave.  I took this picture as we headed out into Dona Bay.

Dona Bay

“I really wish it was more beautiful here”, said no one, EVER.

It was pretty hot out there fishing all morning so around noon we decided to hit up Snake Island and go swimming.  It was absolutely beautiful. (Contrary to the name, there are no snakes.  At least I’ve never seen any snakes.)

Snake Island

I could totally live here.

Snake Island beach

No, really, I could live here.

After an hour or so we headed back to the house and the pups and while MacGyver took a mid-afternoon nap I did a little shopping.  I had to pick up something special for a certain someone.

Sometime around 6 in the evening MacGyver’s allergies started acting up so I decided to give him a break and cut the grass in the backyard.  I only cut the backyard because I didn’t want to permeate the area with grass smells and I figured if he felt better the next day then he could do the front lawn.  See, I’m pretty smart.

On Sunday morning I got up early and went to run.  I ran four miles and then stopped to admire the view again.

Legacy Trail bridge

Come on down and run with me anytime.  You’ll probably never go back from whence you came.


When I got home I realized MacGyver was still in bed and not fishing so I knew something was wrong.  When I went to wake him up his right eye was swollen, shut.  As in, would not open.  I was positive we had been extra careful this year.  I was really hoping we could stay out of the emergency room but our curse continues and the July 4th weekend ER trip was on.


Typical ER room. We’ve seen enough to know.

MacGyver is going to be fine.  It turned out to be an eye infection due to really bad allergies.  They gave him a prescription for antibiotic eye drops and sent us on our way.   So, while we weren’t happy to be in the emergency room at least no guns blew up in our hands and neither of us broke a bone or needed stitches.  So there’s that, right?

Shit.  I probably shouldn’t have said that since technically the fourth is today. God bless it!

Anyway, we’ve got a big day today and a major celebration and I’m not just talking about the 4th of July.  Nope.  Remember when I said I went shopping for someone really special.

Boomers birthday presents

Boomer turns 8 years old today!


That face!

Happy Birthday my love.  Boomerton G. Pinkerton, Boomalicious, Boomer, Boom Boom, The Gentle Giant.  We love you big guy.  Best. Dog. Ever.

You can wish Boomer a Happy Birthday if you want to, I’m sure he’d like it.  Of course, he’d like you better if you send him food but birthday wishes are good too.

UPDATE:  I wrote the first part of this post at 12:30am and I cursed myself because at 3AM we were off to the hospital again.  MacGyver’s eye got worse.


Fortunately Venice Island is a quiet community and when we arrived at 3AM there were only 2 patients in the entire ER and we were the only people in the waiting room so MacGyver got in quickly.

macgyver in hospital

Poor guy!

We were in and out in about an hour but MacGyver is going to have to see an eye specialist tomorrow.  The ER doctor said it was iritis and he needs to see a specialist to determine the cause and make sure it heals properly.  Poor guy.  I’m taking very good care of him today.  Sadly, no fireworks but I don’t think he minds.

On the up side I told MacGyver even if we happen to be in Clearwater, if either one of us ever gets injured again, we’re driving to the Venice Regional hospital on the Island.  Even if it takes us an hour and a half to get here it will be faster than the Clearwater ER’s.

Quickest ER ever!  I mean, seriously, it’s an anomaly.

What are you doing for the 4th?  Party?  Cookout?  Emergency Room? Tell me!

Some ice cream, a cupcake, and a donut all go to the pool….

I’m not gonna bitch about the heat or anything since I live in Florida and y’all are probably thinking, ‘hasn’t she lived there for like a billion years?  Doesn’t she realize it’s hot in Florida?’ and yeah, I do.  That being said, dayum, it was hot when I left this morning.  I’m pretty sure the bottom of my shoes melted off while I was out there.

I'm melting

Because we didn’t really have much of a winter I keep forgetting that it’s almost summertime and that means if you want to get your run in, you have to run early in the morning or very late in the evening and I’m a morning person, for life.  Truthfully though, I’ve been walking almost as much as I’ve been running lately and I’m okay with it.

A few months ago I took a little break from running and realized how hard it was to get in those 10,000 steps on my fitbit.  So, I challenged myself to get 10,000 steps a day not counting what I get from running.  Last week was the first week that I pulled it off for the entire 7 days!

fitbit steps

Sweet Step Success!

I never realized how hard it was to get those steps until I started tracking them.  It’s crazy hard, especially if you forget to charge your fitbit or you leave it off after you shower….I wish my fitbit would track swimming because that’s something I plan to do a lot of this summer.

MacGyver and I took a trip to Target yesterday intending to stock up on some pool rafts.  I say intended because I couldn’t make a decision.

Let’s do something fun, let’s vote, lets vote on my new raft!  Here are your choices:


The Creamsicle

cupcake float

The cupcake

ice cream sandwich float

The ice cream sandwich

And last but certainly not the least,

donut raft

The donut float!

Which one would you choose and which one should I choose?

Friday Photos, edition 2

So, I think since y’all seemed to like the Friday photos post of last week I’ll just incorporate it into the program here with a little twist.  I’ve decided to change the photo theme weekly depending on, well basically whatever I feel like.

Earlier in the week I told you we were going out on the boat and heading out to Stump Pass which is absolutely beautiful.  I’m pretty sure I told you I would try to take some pictures for you.

I aim to please.

mermaid bracelet

I had to share that photo first because MacGyver is such a sweetheart and knows how much I love mermaids so he bought me this bracelet.

We got up early on Tuesday but it was a little too cold just yet so we hit up breakfast and then sat by the pool for a little bit.


Those are our friends, Randy and Peggy and if you look closely, you might spot Hank’s tail waggin photobomb.

When we finally got on the boat it was absolutely beautiful and quite sunny.


We made a quick stop at the marina for some bait and I took a picture of the bridge.  Most of the time when we fish under the bridge we see all kinds of bats, it’s a little eerie and unnerving.

placida road bridge

You drive down the Intracoastal Waterway for around 15 or 20 minutes heading toward Stump Pass which is the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico.  Just before you get to Stump Pass the water color changes and the difference is stunning.

This picture doesn't really do it any justice, trust me, it's beautiful

This picture doesn’t really do it any justice, trust me, it’s beautiful.

Check out this photo and tell me if you can see the manatee…or his nose…


We fished for a bit at the mouth of Stump Pass and then we decided to visit our little Island that we love.

I got off the boat and the first thing I did was take a picture of the awesome shells and greenery.  It got a little cloudy but it was actually a good thing because none of us were in the mood for a sunburn and it kept it nice and cool.

seagrass seashells


I snapped a lot of photos out on that Island so bear with me because dammit I’m sharing!  I thought they would turn out crappy because of the lack of sun but they actually came out very cool.


I love the shells, LOVE!


The shells here are insane! I always bring back bucket fulls.


These pelicans were doing whatever pelicans do on a sandbar. I was so excited to see white ones because we typically only see the brown ones.

We were out there for so long that the sun started to go down but I didn’t want to leave.  The sky was ethereal.  I hope I captured even a tenth of the exquisite beauty.

boat at sea

It started to get a little cloudy but look how pretty the sky is.  Can you see the dolphin fin?

The dolphins were all over the place this day

The dolphins were all over the place, can you see the two of them in this picture?

Here’s a view of the Island on the other side.

stump pass island

Just before we left I took a quick photo of MacGyver doing what he loves to do and that seemingly random photo has become one of my favorite photos ever.  It completely defines him.

MacGyver fishing

A boat in the distance, fish in the water and a pole in his hand. 🙂

And I took this last photo just as we left the island.  Check out the sky.



And here are a few randoms.  Typically we never have water coming inside the boat but for some reason this old boat put off a massive wake and Peggy and I got soaked.

jerky boat owner

Thanks ass wipe!

This is one of my favorite boats and it belongs to one of the neighbors.  It’s a Chris Craft and there is just something so beautiful about all that wood.

Chris Craft boat

Look at their Christmas Tree!  Can you see it just behind the boat lift.

And I can’t leave you without one final picture.

Boomer has given me permission to add this picture in order to satisfy the requests of his fans so I will comply.

Boomer and the bed he ‘borrowed’ from his brother:


That’s a handsome boy right there!

Just like last week, tell me about a random photo on your phone or tell me about a photo of something awesome you did this week.  GO!