Friday – A progression run or not, depends on who you ask I guess

After some unintentional speed work earlier in the week, and easy runs the rest of the week, I had a progression run planned for today but due to the uncertainty of this project launch and the training, my schedule has been a bit crazy and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to do it.  As luck would have it, (or not have it), when I woke up this morning the project was still not ready, so I got to do the progression run and if I do say so myself, I nailed it!


I didn’t have a lot of time for a cool down and to walk the dogs so I combined the two. GENIUS!  The dogs were happy about it too because typically they wait for me to take a shower and they didn’t have to do that today.

Shortly after we left the house we got to the grass patch where the dogs like to do their ‘business’.  There was another neighborhood runner there that I had seen earlier in the morning.  I don’t know her very well as she’s only been running for around 3 weeks or so, just long enough time to make her a professional or an expert.

So, I’m there with the dogs asking them to hurry because ‘mommy doesn’t have all day guys, we’ve got a busy day’ and I know she heard me because she was right behind me.  Anyway, she says hi and we make a bit of small talk and she asked me how many miles I ran this morning and I tell her that I ran a 5 mile progression run.  And then she asks me what my splits were and I tell her that I haven’t even looked and then I remember it’s on my phone so I pull it out and we look at it and she says, ‘oh no, you ran that wrong, that’s not how you run a progression run’.

excuse me

And I’m not crazy, I mean I know my dogs can’t talk but I swear Boomer looked up at me with his big ol’ brown eyes and he said ‘Oh no she di’int!’

She did Boomer, Oh yes, she did.  Momma bought to go off.

For the record, here are my splits:


My five mile ‘perfect’ g-damn progression run!

But I indulge her and ask her why she feels that my progression run is wrong and she informs me that I didn’t cool down with a proper mile and that I didn’t run fast enough in the middle.  I gently informed her that a progression run is when you start slow and finish fast and that while there are many types of progression runs typically you don’t want to increase your speed too quickly but increase steadily and then finish fast.

I told her that I usually start out training with 5 mile progression runs and gradually increase to 10 mile progression runs as my training progresses.  And then I asked her what race she was training for and she said, ‘well I haven’t run any races yet but I’m thinking of running the Clearwater Ultra.’

That’s a 50K y’all!  She’s been running 3 weeks.  Did I mention that?

dear lord

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t being bitchy.  Okay, maybe I was a little but lately I’ve been a bit frisky and it is Friday but it kind of unnerves me when the New Years Resolutioners’ (Is that a thing?) get all hyped up on a sport and suddenly, they’re an expert.  It’s a bit annoying and today I decided to have a little fun with it and correct a bitch.

As I was leaving I told her it was great that she was really enjoying running and learning so much about the sport and that I admired her dedication and I truly meant it, I did.  But I also told her to be careful and use caution before giving anyone advice but if she still felt inclined to do so to always preface it with, I’m not an expert or a professional but in my opinion.

You know, like all of us professional running bloggers do.  😉

Happy Friday y’all!

When is the last time someone tried to give you running advice?  Did you get mad or did you laugh?  Or did you listen?  And most importantly, were they right?


The hills are alive, with the sound of runners

To say that yesterday was a little stressful for me is like saying the Grand Canyon is this little hole somewhere in America.

Stressful, hell yeah

As many of you know the Kid lives in Columbus but what a lot of you don’t know is that he has had some issues getting the title of his car transferred from Florida to the state of Ohio.  Without that title transfer he cannot get his tags and without Ohio tags he cannot drive his car because he had to return his Florida plate to the state of Florida.  The kid has to take a bus which means he has to leave almost two hours earlier than normal because the bus goes through downtown and near OSU and not on the interstate which is how he would normally go to work.

(You can only drive on your out of state tag for so long until they make you turn it in or you can risk losing your license and the kid is all ‘I’m not gonna break the law’ where as I would have been ‘just drive on it and be careful’ but he’s a good kid in spite of me so thank God for that.)

Anyhow, in case you’re wondering where in the hell I’m going with this post, yesterday when Columbus was being ordered to Run, Hide, Fight,  I was wondering if the kid was still on the  damn bus and anywhere near High Street!  Thankfully, he was nowhere near the area but once I entered the stress zone, I was there for the remainder of the day.

Pulling my hair out

I cannot wait until that title transfer goes through and I can go back to worrying about the normal things like the occasional neighborhood shootings, bad drivers, and wandering interstate deer.  I’d better stop myself now.

I did go for a five mile run yesterday to release some stress.  It helped immensely.  I definitely needed the release.  I even finished it up with a hill at the end.  I never do that.  Obviously I was feeling badass or I needed to feel badass but either way when it was over I just felt bad.

I mean I was fine, I wasn’t injured, just not in the shape I once was in because at the end I decided I’d run the last half mile up the hill by my house, which is a pretty steep incline for Florida, and no it’s not a bridge, it’s an actual hill.

Anyway, I’m chugging along and I think I really am making good time and that I really have this down and I’m repeating this mantra in my head, I got this, I got this, I got this.

I don't got this hill thing anymore

I need to run more hills.  I used to eat this hill for breakfast on a regular basis.  What’s wrong with me?  It’s time to get back to basics.

When is the last time that you ran hills and do you incorporate them into your regular running routine?

And I ran, I ran so far….

Sometime on Friday afternoon MacGyver, my Mom and I were sitting in the living room watching TV and discussing our plans for the next day when one of our neighbors pulled up outside.  He isn’t one of our immediate neighbors, he lives a few streets over and we aren’t really close friends with him but I would often see he and his wife when I was running all the time.  Since he has a son in law who works in the same industry as MacGyver I assumed he was there to see MacGyver so I told MacGyver to go out and see what he wanted.

After a few minutes MacGyver came back in shaking his head and asked me if everyone within a 5 mile vicinity knew me as the ‘that runner girl’.

I'm THAT girl

Duh, they just all KNOW me!

So, I asked him why and he said the neighbor was just worried because he hadn’t seen me running by lately and he and the other neighbors had been talking and they decided that since he knew my husband he should come by and check on me and make sure I was okay.

So, you see, I am famous.


I’m trying to make a point.  And get to an important lesson here, which is, if you run in your neighborhood, get to know your neighbors.

They’ll watch out for you and they will help to keep you safe.  And for all of those people who made fun of me for running in circles, go suck it.

same dude, same day

Hello neighbor……and Hello Neighbor…..and Hello Neighbor…..and Hello Neighbor

The OCD dog AKA My spirit Animal.

On Saturday the cold front came through and while MacGyver went hunting with friends I decided to forgo the morning exercise and spend the day with my mom instead.  I knew I wouldn’t have a lot of time to take her to garage sales or to the malls or for any other shopping throughout the week so we went Garage sale-ing on Saturday and we had a blast.

We found some pretty awesome things but mostly we just had a really good time spending the day together, talking, laughing, and enjoying the weather.  We also shopped got over 10,000 steps on our fitbits so I’d say it was pretty productive.


The shopbit system

Sunday morning turned a bit cooler and I decided it would be a good day to attempt a longer run again.  I was determined to go at least five miles without stopping but more if I felt okay.



And then I danced a jig, kind of like this but maybe even more awkward.

It was epic.  Six miles felt like sixteen.  It was incredible.  It was slow and I didn’t run any spectacular trail, I didn’t master any amazing hills or break any speed records.  I ran six uninterrupted beautiful, peaceful, blissful miles and I realized that I didn’t forget how to run, my body hasn’t totally fallen apart and I am still as strong as I ever was. and I didn’t get a migraine.  F*ck Gluten.  I quit you.

I spent the rest of the day doing some things around the house and running errands with mom.  Last night MacGyver and I joined the rest of the World and watched the season premiere of the Walking Dead.  I won’t spoil it for you….I can’t anyway because there are just no words.  I haven’t even processed it yet.  I mean, I already knew what would happen, I seriously did, I called it a long time ago but still, they never cease to surprise me with the way they make it happen.  Does that make sense?  Did you see it?

Last thing…If y’all have read my open letter to Nabisco then you know how upset I was over the Candy Corn Oreo’s, but by the grace of the Cookie God’s Nabisco must’ve read my letter because Mom took a trip to Target yesterday and brought these home.

Candy Corn Oreo's

The nectar of the Gods

Great timing Nabisco.  It only took you three years.  And now that I’m flippin Gluten Free!  Nice.



If you need me, I’ll be out in the neighborhood.  I’ll be drowning my sorrow in exercise.  Running.  In Circles.

flamingo dancing

Don’t knock it til you try it.

Have you tried the Candy Corn Oreo’s?

Did you watch The Walking Dead?