A Rescue, Long Runs, The Undress and Bless Your Heart.

I know, I’m a little late with that promise.  The big discount and those Herb Ritz like pictures but we had a major event happening over here last Thursday.  A rescue.

MacGyver hired a few friends to help with the floor project because the den is huge and he didn’t want to tackle that project all on his own and apparently, he didn’t have all that much faith in my abilities, anyhow, we were all sitting out on the back lanai when a raven flew by with something in its talon and dropped it in the jacaranda tree and started pecking at it.  The screech was horrible.

Woody Jac

Meet Woody Jac.  He’s a red-bellied woodpecker.  He’s perfectly fine now.  MacGyver climbed into the jacaranda tree and rescued him.  The raven was mad pissed.  We weren’t able to re-nest him.  The nest is much too high up and even if we were able to get him in it, the raven kept circling and we were afraid it would take him again.  So, I guess I’m a mama to a red-bellied woodpecker now.

When he gets older he’ll look like this,

Right now he just eats and sleeps.  But because baby birds can’t drink water, he needs to eat quite frequently to keep from becoming dehydrated and I didn’t get a lot of sleep this weekend.  I feel like a new mom again.

I did manage to run 10 miles on Saturday and I had planned on running 10 more on Sunday but I stopped at 7.58 because I was tired as shit.  Having a newborn baby in the house wears you out regardless of the species.

Mom and I did manage to get those pictures though and you really need to take advantage of this offer because you have six days left.  THIRTY FIVE percent off!  That’s a heck of a deal.  The Undress is my favorite piece of clothing, because it gives me the ability to change clothes anywhere, even in public!   Check out the video of how it works here.

Mom and I started to take some really good pictures and I really wanted them to look professional so I tried to pose.


But Mom got a little trigger happy and snapped hit the camera too soon.  Great shot of the dress,  (and my hair.)  In fact I wish my hair looked this good all the time.  It doesn’t though.  It only looks this good when I’m on my way to get it cut.

(FYI, I take my bikini bottoms off at the beach and shake the rinse the sand out and put them back on and no one has a clue!  I can take them off right through the pockets.)


The is the only pose that I actually got but it’s blurry, I’m pretty sure I called that, anyway shortly after mom wanted me to do some ‘exercise posing’ whatever that is and that’s when things went a little crazy and the gut laughs started.

the undress

Don’t forget to use code 35Flower and go get this dress at www.theundress.com  You will love this dress.


Mom and I did manage to get a little bit of shopping done this weekend, not much, but some.  Just enough for me to find the perfect coffee mug.

I’ve got to get some work done but I’ll post some better pictures of Woody Jac later in the week.  And maybe some more hilarious outtakes of the photo shoot mom and I tried to do and head on over to the Undress website this week and get your Undress before the code expires.  Use Flower35 for 35%off!

What did you do this weekend?


Mayday Melee.

Around 6:30PM last night the silver Jetta pulled into my driveway and out popped Shakespeare and my Mom.  The guest that we were expecting…they’re here!  By the time we unpacked the car and took the dogs for a short walk and got everyone settled in it was too late to do much else but mom’ll be here for around 3 weeks and we’ve got a lot planned.  A lot!

vacationing again

Mom also brought me my Christmas presents from my sister and I’ll be sending my sister’s presents back with her.  Yes, I realize it’s May but we’re both post office challenged.  No matter, it’s obvious that my sister knows me well:

Addicted to running

Guess what I wore on my morning run.  Yep.

After three days of serious determination and unwavering discipline I completely caved last night and ate everything I could get my hands on, and all after 10PM because when I go, I go big!  Actually I go huge.  Oversized, supersized, ginormous.

eating like a boss

Sonofabitch, this is me.

I’m glad my mom is here because we’re going to be helping each other get back on track.  We both want to work on doing more weight training and our ultimate goal is to lose 10 pounds.  We’re calling it the Mayday Melee.  Okay, I’m calling it that.  Mom is calling it the, ‘help me lose 10 pounds because I said so’ diet.  Same thing though.

And with that we’re off to do this arm workout.  It’s simple but quite effective and one of my regulars.  Regulars, ha.

Have a great Tuesday.

How many times a week do you lift weights?

PureFlow’s for under 40 bucks!

Well, I didn’t win the powerball, obviously. I ain’t mad about it because I’ll keep trying and one day I’ll win, something.

Anyway, since I didn’t win the lottery I guess I’ll just have to keep looking for bargains on all my running gear. The best part about that is the fact that I share. Yep, when I find a good deal you can bet your bottom dollar, (hehe, see what I did there) I’ll pass it along.

You may already know that the new Brooks PureFlow 5’s are out and they’re pretty sweet. I decided that I was going to bite the bullet and get a pair. I’ve been wearing the PureFlow line for a few years now and after at least 15 pairs, I’m pretty sure my feet love them. So I found the new ones online at Dicks Sporting Goods for 109.99.

pureflow 5But I’m not one to pay retail so I also found a coupon for 20 off a hundred, which means I got the new 5’s for 89.99!

And guess what, you can too!  I’ve got the code for you. Just enter this code at checkout and save twenty bucks but hurry it’s only good for a limited time.

Enter: HLG6273  at checkout

And because the new PureFlow 5’s are out I correctly assumed that everyone would have the 4’s on sale. I’m pretty famous for finding last year’s models at under 40 bucks and I have to tell you, I outdid myself again.

I found Brooks PureFlow 4’s for 39.99!

Click on the image above or visit JackRabbit.com and get yourself a pair. If you order 75 dollars or more, you also qualify for free shipping. You don’t have to spend the extra 35 bucks but I did because they have a lot of my favorites on sale. Including some of my favorite Brooks shorts.

pure project shorts
I got those for under 15 bucks!

They’ve also got a few Moving Comfort Sports Bra’s fro under 10 bucks, that’s insane. And I love it!

So how’s that for some bargains?  And let me just say none of these links are affiliate links.  I’m sharing because that’s just how I do.

When is the last time you bought running shoes?  (Of course I bought a few pairs or four today.)

Do you like Moving Comfort Sports bra’s?  (I have a few and I love them but I only buy them on sale because they’re sort of expensive.)