10 Miles for Meg in pictures….

Hey there. How is your weekend going so far?

This morning I ran 10 miles for Meg. I hope you were able to run too. I ran by myself and turned the music off about a quarter mile into the run and I just enjoyed the beauty of everything around me. Oh, and I took lots and lots of pictures. It was a cold but otherwise beautiful day.

And here it is, I hope you enjoy it:

running in the morning

It was cold and breezy when I left this morning…

Ream Wilson Trail

This is the bridge over McMullen Booth Rd. It’s a fairly good incline but it’s not really long.

Ream Wilson Trail

A winding part of the trail where I once saw 3 coyotes…hard to believe, I know…

Ream Wilson Trail

This is one of the biggest hills of the trail though you can’t tell in the pictures…

Ream Wilson Trail

This is one of my favorite parts of the trail. I always try but always fail to break the speed limit at this part, but one day, I’ll break it.

Last year all of the sea grass burnt down during July 4th but it was replanted and grew back really fast.

Last year all of the sea grass burnt down during July 4th but it was replanted and grew back really fast.

Ream Wilson Trail

I love the landscaping on this trail

Ream Wilson trailREam Wilson Trail

Ream Wilson Trail

It really is beautiful here..

Ream Wilson trail

I usually see alligators here..but not today.

Ream Wilson trail

Ream Wilson Trail

Can you see the bird down on the rocks? I think it might be a cormorant…but I’m not sure.

Ream Wilson Trail

Kapok Park, this is where I end my run…

Did you run today? Was it a long run? Where did you run?

Run your own race or crop dust them, whatever works.

Happy Monday! Hope yours is going well. Mine is going pretty good so far. I got up this morning and ran 7 miles. I ran some hills in the neighborhood and then ran Phillipe Park which is the oldest park in the County that I live in. It was named after Count Odet Phillipe who settled here 1842 and introduced citrus farming and cigar making to the area. He is buried in the park. It’s located on the shore of Tampa Bay and it’s breathtakingly beautiful. So beautiful in fact, that I thought I would randomly insert a lot of the pictures that I took today throughout this post.

Phillipe Park, Safety Harbor

Phillipe Park Pinellas Counry

Anyway, while I was running today I was thinking a lot about my upcoming races. I’ve got another half marathon in less than 2 weeks and I’m really focused on having a good race, well, that and not eating too much fiber, because we certainly don’t want this to happen again.

Safety Harbor Florida Parks

Although on a related note, I noticed that the faster I ran today, the more volatile my stomach became. I almost felt sorry for anyone running behind me today as I crop dusted the entire park, but hey, if that happens on race day it may not be a bad thing. *evil laugh*

Phillipe Park in Safety Harbor Florida

In this next race, I’m going to follow the same plan I’ve been following all year and it’s the best strategy I’ve ever used. I’m going to run my own race. It may sound simple, but in reality it isn’t. It’s hard to listen to your body and do what it tells you, especially in a long race, but if you want to do well, that’s what you have to do.

Running in Safety Harbor, Florida

Running in Phillipe Park

I’m going to use the other runners to help guide me and push me a bit harder while maintaining a pace that is within my range, (running my own race). What I mean is, I’m going to race against those who run similar times as I do and let them push me. I’m not going to try and pace with the 7 minute mile runner because I know I won’t be able to keep up. Don’t get me wrong, I can run a 7 minute mile. In fact, I’ve run a 7 minute mile on many occasions, but after 1 mile, I am spent. Done. Finito! Call me a cab, the race is over. I’ll be needing a nap now.

Parks in Safety Harbor Florida

Running in Florida

No, my plan is to stay with the 8:30 pacer and use them to push me harder, because I know my competitive nature will kick in and I can hold that pace for a longer distance and that’s how I plan on getting to the finish faster.

Phillipe Park Safety Harbor, Florida

Now all I have to do is figure out the right balance of fiber, protein and carbs….because while crop dusting is okay, shitting your pants is not.

Running Trails Florida

Florida Parks with running paths

What’s your race strategy and when is your next race?

Yesterday, 14 miles, Today, Rest!

Happy Sunday to you! I’m taking a rest day. And by rest day, I do not mean I’m laying on the sofa watching reality TV, snacking on candy, and drinking soda because we are completely out of soda.

Yesterday I ran 14 miles at a really easy pace. It was a nice run around Kapok Park and on the Ream Wilson Trail.

Kapok Park

Kapok ParkKapok Park, Clearwater, Florida







Nice, huh? Isn’t this another trail that just makes you wanna move here and come and run with me? Yes? Well, do me a favor then and call my Mom, and tell her that she needs to move here permanently. She went home today and I am not happy about it.

I am missing her already. She and I went to Nokomis beach on Casey Key on Friday, and spent some time looking for shells and sharks teeth. (Sometimes we do take a little break from the shopping), I took a lot of pics, of course, as well as a video:

Nokomis BeachCasey Key






Casey Key, Nokomis, FLNokomis Beach






Nokomis, FloridaCasey Key, Florida

Sharks Teeth in Nokomis, Florida on Casey Key

Can you believe she left all that? I know!

MacGyver brought home an advertisement from Radio Shack today that says,’ Accidents Happen’, it has a dachshund on it. We also found a can of spray used to deter dogs from urinating where they aren’t supposed to. It also has a dachshund on it. Both Dachshunds look eerily similar to Hank:

Dachshund Ads

Are you noticing a recurrent theme here? MacGyver says we are doomed.

That’s all I got for today. MacGyver made this awesome homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and I am going to destroy that bowl! YUM!

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

Hope you had a fabulous weekend! Tell me what you did?