It wasn’t how I planned it but hey, I ran 20 miles!

Hey y’all, I’m writing this post from somewhere on I-75. We were still in Nokomis this morning but MacGyver has to get back.


Hank is ridin dirty….you know cause he’s in the laundry basket, get it?

We came down Friday Night after work. Originally we had planned to come home Sunday night but then we realized we didn’t have enough time to accomplish some of the things we came down to do so we decided to stay just a tad bit longer.

When we got here I laid out all of my things so that I could go running the next morning. But then Boomer had some issues with his ears and was shaking his head so hard we thought he was going to give himself brain damage.

Sometime around 1AM we got up and put some medicine in his ears and he seemed to feel better. I feel back asleep shortly after but I kept waking up. Until around 5AM that is. Precisely an hour before I was scheduled to get up, that’s when I finally fell asleep and somehow missed my alarm.

No matter, I had 12 miles on my agenda and that’s what I set out to do, at 7:30AM which is much later than I usually leave but the weather was good so I was ready.

I decided to run the Venetian Waterway Trail rather than the Legacy trail because part of the Legacy Trail is under construction and I didn’t want to have to detour. The only thing I hate about the Venetian trail route is the bridge over 41 because it’s straight up, but I ran over it no problem and soon after that I ran along the water and all I can say is, the view.

Venetian Waterway
About mile 7 I started getting really tired. At first, I thought it was just my mind telling me to quit so I played head games with myself. Like, if I see 2 dolphins I’ll stop and walk but then I actually saw two dolphins so I had to get more specific like, if I see two dolphins jumping out of the water and kissing in the air because no chance of seeing that right? It worked for a while but it was not going to work for 12 miles.

I noticed at mile 8 I was starting to slow down. Normally when I start to slow down, even though I’m trying to keep the same pace, I know my body is trying to tell me something and I was right because shortly after my back started hurting.  So I finished 10 miles and then I walked the last two.

Garmin shot

I have to be honest I was pissed at myself at first but then I decided that I would alter my schedule a bit and do a back to back semi long run if I felt better the next day.

On Sunday morning I got up bright and early, determined, and feeling strong. I ran the Legacy Trail portion this time because I wanted a different view and I really wanted to run 10 miles, but I was ready to call it quits at any time if my body didn’t agree with me.

Fortunately my mind and body were on the same page because that was the best 10 miles I’ve run in a long time. I’m pretty sure I could have gone to twelve too but I didn’t want to push it.

Sun Run
It felt really good and I’ve decided that I like running back to back longish runs. A lot. As a matter of fact, I’m going to incorporate them into my schedule at least a few times a month starting now.

And maybe it’s a mind game but 10 miles doesn’t seem quite as daunting as the 12 and then 6 the next day I had originally planned on running, even though it’s actually more miles in the long run. Long run, hehe, see what I did there.  I know a lot of ultra runners practice back to back long runs and it helps them with their endurance and I’m hoping that maybe it will help me too.

Other than running we didn’t do much this weekend other than work on the house. In case you’re wondering what the new house looks like, here are a few pictures so far.

We worked on the house some but we also visited with my in laws. While we were there a neighbor came over to tell us there were cops at the end of the street and some crazy mayhem going on but let me back up and give you the back story.

When MacGyver’s parents first started coming down to Venice, they fell in love with the area and decided to buy a house here. After a lot of looking around they found one in a quaint little community in Englewood and immediately fell in love. Since they aren’t year round residents I told them about a website I subscribe to that keeps me up to date on any criminal activity and I added the area around the Englewood house to my notifications.

Every now and again I would tell them about things going on in the neighborhoods like the time we had a vehicle theft in Clearwater or the time there was a drug arrest in Nokomis and they would ask me about their little community in Englewood and I would say, ‘crickets’. Nothing ever happens there, ever. I’m pretty sure they roll the sidewalks up at 9PM. It’s pretty much crime free. Until Saturday afternoon.

We ran outside to see what the commotion was and low and behold, detectives, forensics, crime scene tape, it was a serious matter whatever it was. There was much speculation but no one really knew anything except that it was probably bad and we didn’t find out for sure until later the next day.

Sadly it turned out to be a murder and the whole situation was just horrible. You can read about it here. I just feel really sad for the woman’s family and I pray they can find the strength to deal with their loss.

Any ultra runners who run back to back long runs? Have you found it beneficial? In what way?

Plaids and a ring

It occurred to me that I might have a problem this weekend when I realized that I yell for MacGyver’s assistance anytime I need to get something that would require me having to use a stool or a ladder but I will scale a tree taller than my house all by myself to put up Christmas lights. Every time.

tree with lights
I got about 15 feet up the tree and I was trimming like a boss until I missed a step and fell into the pond. I know, I am graceful like that. It wouldn’t have been so bad except that it was freezing cold out, probably like 50 degrees. I nearly died. Okay not died but I did get very cold and I had to change clothes.

After all that I didn’t feel like working on the pond anymore but I did manage to finish the lanai.

lanai lights
Since it was so cold this weekend I got to do something I’ve been waiting almost a year to do. Last year late in winter MacGyver and I had gone to a pet store and I happened to find a clearance section full of some great things. So Sunday morning when I woke up I decided it was time to take advantage of the cool weather and show off my clearance finds.plaid chucksDo they make chucks in buffalo plaid? If they do I need them.

I spent a lot of the weekend in running clothes. I ran 11 miles on Saturday. You may not have noticed and I really haven’t been all that vocal about it but I’ve been increasing my long runs by a mile every week in the hopes that I’ll be ready to run a half marathon in the next month or so. I think I’m pretty close. I just want to be confident that I can run a full half without suffering from a migraine hence the reason I’m trying to get to 13 or 14 miles before I commit to a race.

There is a method to my madness. My migraines are debilitating and since I don’t take the evil Topiramate anymore, I have to really monitor everything I do. It’s really just that simple but complicated at the same time. I have to make sure I monitor everything from my shoes to my salt tablets but it’s working and that’s all that really matters right?

I felt fine after Saturday’s run so I ran 6 more on Sunday and that brought my total to 17 for the weekend and 32 for the week, 37 if you count the miles I walked.

I only ventured out once other than running and that was for a quick trip to Walmart of Sunday and then late last night MacGyver and I got all settled in and watched The Walking Dead. I have this habit of spinning my Motiv ring around on my finger when I’m nervous or anxious and believe me when I tell you that last nights episode definitely made me anxious. I won’t spoil it for you but when I was watching it and went to spin my ring, that’s when I noticed that tragedy had struck.

My Motiv ring is gone. Forever. MacGyver and I looked everywhere but we couldn’t find it and I am just heartbroken. I plan on heading outside today to look again, probably at lunch time but I’m not holding out much hope. Wish me luck!

Have you ever lost a ring? (I’ve lost many…)
Did you watch The Walking Dead?

Seven Islands Birding Park, my Barkley Marathons practice run ;)

What’s happenin’ honeys?  Good things I hope.  Not much over here right now.  I’m just catching up on some work.  This morning MacGyver and I took a little break and may or may not have went to a few estate sales.  I’ll never tell.  Never mind those vintage pyrex to go baking dishes on the counter, I’ve had those things for years….

where did those come from

Now since I don’t want to leave you guys hanging I thought I would share with you little parts of my Tennessee trip over the next week or so and today I’m going to share with you the day I ran in the Seven Islands Birding Park.

In pictures of course because that’s how we roll on Fridays, lazy.


When I first started to run, two deer ran in front of me and then stopped. I told them to go on but one of them wouldn’t. I slowly walked up to him and stuck my hand out. At first he sniffed and then he licked it! That will NEVER happen again in a million years!

birding park

I have the worst sense of direction and I got a little lost a few times and had to double back because I wanted to take the longer trail by the river. It is very remote and hilly and I loved it.


You enter at a barn and my sister told me the turn around point was at the second barn so I was glad when I finally came upon this one.  I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to run through this one too but I didn’t.  I ran around it.

steep hill

And up this hill which was steep.  The picture doesn’t really do it justice because this hill is super steep.

trail head

There is a viewing area at the trail head and you can see the river below.

River View

This is a better view of the River.  Okay, maybe not that better but were not finished yet.


It’s a little remote in spots but I didn’t mind.  It’s also muddy and there are some brambles.  Barkley Marathon practice y’all!

seven islands birding park

Besides, with views like this at the top how could you really be mad?


I loved this little spot. I am definitely coming back. I’m jealous this place isn’t right in my backyard.  It’s times like this I really do miss Tennessee….

If you happen to hang your hat in Kodak, Tennessee even if for a minute, I highly recommend this place.  It might even be good practice for the Barkley Marathons since only one person even finished this year and he was from the area.  🙂

What’s your absolute favorite trail?