Trigger finger Fat Tuesday and King Cake

I didn’t run yesterday.  Actually, I didn’t do much of anything but that’s probably why I woke up this morning ready to get out and hit the pavement.  I didn’t realize when I left that house that is was already 73 degrees with 80% humidity.

I felt pretty badass until the end of mile five and then all of the sudden exhaustion set in sort of like:

running and falling

Okay, maybe not quite like that but let’s just say I walked the last two miles and focused on hydrating myself and not much else.

Maybe if I would have plastered a smile on my face during the whole run it would have went a little better.  I read this article recently that said if you smile when you run, you will run better.  Seriously.

smiling improves running

Click on the image if you want to read the full article

Maybe tomorrow I’ll smile the entire time.  I’m pretty sure it will make me look more insane than I already do when I’m running but it should be interesting.

About three weeks ago I woke up one morning and my thumb was really stiff.  I gently bent it and it sort of clicked a few times.  It has not gotten any better.  Actually it clicks all the time now.  I told my mother in law about it this weekend because she’s a nurse and she confirmed what I had already found out from Dr. Google.

Trigger Thumb

Yep, I’ve got trigger thumb.  And not even from shooting.  I don’t even know how I got it but it hurts like hell.  My mother in law said I probably need a steroid injection and if that doesn’t work sometimes they do surgery.

I found some braces online and I think I’ll start with those and see if they work.  I’m not too fond of steroid shots and I’m definitely not fond of surgery.

Today is Fat Tuesday.  Since we’re not in New Orleans, I’m not really looking for a parade or beads but I am craving King Cake.  If you live in the area you can actually get it at Publix or, if you live in Pinellas County, go to Frida’s Cafe and Bakery.  Frida’s is better than Publix in my opinion.

King Cake

You could also try making one.  I found this recipe online last year but I didn’t try it because I have no idea how to get the baby Jesus inside and I didn’t want to put it outside of the cake because that defeats the purpose.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Have you ever had a trigger finger?

Have you ever eaten King Cake and if so did you get the baby Jesus?  Did you have good luck for a year?

Do you smile when you run?  (I think I grimace.)

My fitness trackers may have possibly saved my life.

Some days it’s hard to write because I like to make people happy. I like to make you laugh if I can, but I can’t do that today and so if you want to read something funny, skip this post.

Around 2 months ago, give or take a few days, I was having trouble catching my breath when I was running.  At first I thought it was the weather or maybe the fact that I hadn’t been running as much as I had a few weeks prior but then it got worse and it would happen randomly throughout the day.

I had an appointment scheduled with my regular doctor to check out my arm and hand so I decided to ask her about it.  She didn’t really listen to me at first because she was so focused on the reason I was there, which was for my arm and hand, but I insisted.

I told her that I originally had trouble breathing when running but that it was getting worse and now happened sporadically throughout the day.  She said it was probably deconditioning since I hadn’t been running all that much, but I persisted.  I told her that I still managed to log at least 10-15,000 steps a day, ride my bike, and that I had been running quite a bit right up until the visit.  The doctor asked how much I was running currently versus a few weeks ago and again she said it was probably deconditioning.

I got the feeling she didn’t believe me and so I whipped out the stats from my fitness trackers and I showed her my workouts.  She looked surprised and asked when I last had a chest x-ray.  I told her I wasn’t completely sure but it was at least 10 years ago and then she scheduled one, immediately.

A year earlier I had encountered the same symptoms and I had been diagnosed with bronchitis so I was completely expecting her to tell me that I had it again and I actually forgot all about it until two days later.

“The doctor has asked me to call you to let you know that a density was found on your upper right lung.  We have requested a CT Scan immediately and someone will be calling you to arrange it.  Please come in as soon as possible,” said the nurse on the other end of the line and then she hung up.  That was on a Wednesday and I spent the next four days waiting for a that never came.  I was beside myself with fear.  I was freaked out and all I could think about was what ‘a density’ could mean.

I finally called the doctor myself and the CT scan was scheduled within days.  It came back showing a few pulmonary nodules, a few blebs, and hyper inflated lungs, all of which I had to Google.  I was terrified but the doctor insisted that it could have been much worse.  She told me I needed to see a pulmonologist immediately and I waited 6 weeks for the next available emergency appointment, which is today.

I have no idea how serious this is but I’m hoping it isn’t.  I am doing everything in my power to expedite my appointments and testing, and my mom is here for emotional and moral support.  Despite everything, I am super thankful that I had my stats from my fitness trackers because without them, I don’t think the doctor would have ordered that chest x-ray and who knows what would have happened.

I’m off to the pulmonologist, wish me luck.

Some ice cream, a cupcake, and a donut all go to the pool….

I’m not gonna bitch about the heat or anything since I live in Florida and y’all are probably thinking, ‘hasn’t she lived there for like a billion years?  Doesn’t she realize it’s hot in Florida?’ and yeah, I do.  That being said, dayum, it was hot when I left this morning.  I’m pretty sure the bottom of my shoes melted off while I was out there.

I'm melting

Because we didn’t really have much of a winter I keep forgetting that it’s almost summertime and that means if you want to get your run in, you have to run early in the morning or very late in the evening and I’m a morning person, for life.  Truthfully though, I’ve been walking almost as much as I’ve been running lately and I’m okay with it.

A few months ago I took a little break from running and realized how hard it was to get in those 10,000 steps on my fitbit.  So, I challenged myself to get 10,000 steps a day not counting what I get from running.  Last week was the first week that I pulled it off for the entire 7 days!

fitbit steps

Sweet Step Success!

I never realized how hard it was to get those steps until I started tracking them.  It’s crazy hard, especially if you forget to charge your fitbit or you leave it off after you shower….I wish my fitbit would track swimming because that’s something I plan to do a lot of this summer.

MacGyver and I took a trip to Target yesterday intending to stock up on some pool rafts.  I say intended because I couldn’t make a decision.

Let’s do something fun, let’s vote, lets vote on my new raft!  Here are your choices:


The Creamsicle

cupcake float

The cupcake

ice cream sandwich float

The ice cream sandwich

And last but certainly not the least,

donut raft

The donut float!

Which one would you choose and which one should I choose?