What if I could die without these pills, then what people?

A few months ago my doctor switched my thyroid medication from Levothyroxine to Nature Throid.  The changes that happened with my body after the switch were remarkable.  My blood pressure normalized, I didn’t feel the need to take afternoon naps and I felt more like myself than I had in years.


OH MY GOD! This is what normal feels like!

There was just one problem.  When I went to the pharmacy to have the medication filled they informed me that there had been a shortage and they could only partially fill my order.  They explained that this was normal with some medications and that by the time I needed more they should have them in stock.  I left the pharmacy with enough medication for the next 7 weeks.

I ran out of them over the weekend.

oh shit


I called the pharmacy that I originally went to and placed the order on their automated system and they said I could pick them up that afternoon.  So, late yesterday I went to pick up the order.  The pharmacist couldn’t find them so he went to the back for at least 10 minutes and then came back up front with nothing in his hands and I just knew.  They didn’t have them.  There is obviously still a shortage.

what the hell

Isn’t that just my luck.  I finally find a medication that is natural and that works for me and that doesn’t cause side effects and then just like that, it’s gone.  The pharmacist recommended that I call other local pharmacies to see if anyone has it in stock.

One day and about 300 phone calls later, I found 73 pills this morning.  At two pills a day, that should last me for almost 5 weeks.

better than nothing

Yes, I guess it is.

Of course based on my experience thus far, I’ll have to pick these up and then continue to make calls every day until I run out.  Otherwise, I will probably never find them again.  Stupid thyroid.  What the heck would I do if I needed these pills to live?  #Frustrating

Do you take any medications daily?  Why?

Thursday in the 727, a different kind of racing

No, the following pictures are not from an episode of Street Outlaws and no, MacGyver and I were not in the 405, AKA Oklahoma City.

showtime speedway

There was no Big Chief, no Farm Truck and no Azn.  There was a 72 Nova but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the Murder Nova.

72 Nova

Nope, MacGyver and I were at the Showtime Speedway.  In an effort to get him to finally get the 67 Pontiac back on the street, we headed down there for some motivation.  I think it worked too because he didn’t take his eyes off the track once.  It was test and tune night.

me and macgyver

Yep, he was watching a race and I busted him.

If you’ve never been to the races or a track of any sort, I highly recommend it.  It’s super exciting.  Last night there was a girl testing her snowmobile which she races, I kid you not. She got that thing up to 95 miles an hour on the 1/8 mile track.  Why she had a snowmobile in Florida I have no idea but the girl kicked ass.

I was quite surprised to see how accurate Street Outlaws actually is when I learned that they do in fact use computers on their cars!

tuningThe Showtime Speedway has a test and tune night each Wednesday and the actual races are on the weekend but some of the cars did race last night and some of them were super fast.

fast car

I don’t know how motivated MacGyver is but I really want to race.  And MacGyver says I can if we pull out the pontiac and make some adjustments to it.  The only caveat is that he says I’ll need to wear a helmet.  I’m not fond of helmets but considering the amount of times I’ve crashed my bike, it’s probably necessary.  (And not just for racing.)


They have a circle track too where some guys where practicing last night.  The cars get really close tot he fence and I got a bit nervous.  I mean they do make you sign a waiver when you go in.

I wonder what they make you sign when you race?  Hopefully I’ll find out soon…

Have you ever been to the races?  Fan or not?

We don’t have snow falling but it is raining iquanas.

When I left to go for a run this morning it was 35 degrees but the windchill made it feel like 29.  I didn’t really feel like it was much cooler than the day before but the wind was blowing harder than yesterday so it was a bit nippy.

cold weather runningI rallied because I really wanted to run and I did.  Of course, I should have changed clothes or taken a break before walking the dogs because I did that immediately after running, and when your sweaty and then you’re body cools down, it’s cold A F.

Did you know that there are two full moons in January?  The first, the wolf moon, was on January 1st and the second is on January 31st.  When two moons occur in the same month, the second one is a blue moon.


What I didn’t realize is that they are both super moons.  Also, the blue moon occurs during a total lunar eclipse.  If you geek out over stuff like that like I do, you can read more about the supermoons here.

Because the temperatures in Florida have been so low some iguana’s have been falling out of the trees.  Anyone who’s lived here for any length of time has seen this before.

iguanaMost of the time, they are not dead.  Actually it’s rare to find a dead one.  Iquanas are cold blooded reptiles and when it gets below 50 degrees they become really slow and sluggish.  If it’s colder than that they can become immobile and that’s when some of them fall out of trees.

If you live in Florida and you see one, you shouldn’t touch it, (unless it’s in obvious peril like in the middle of the road or it falls in your pool).  It will become active again when the weather heats up.

There is this new app called HQ Trivia and good lord, I am addicted to it.  It’s sort of like Who wants to be a millionaire except if you answer all of the questions correctly you might win 10 or 11 bucks vs a million dollars.

Regardless of the tiny payout, it IS FUN.  Seriously, you need to play it.  It’s a series of 12 multiple choice questions so how hard can it be right?  (That’s my challenge to you so go play it!)

Have a fabulous weekend!

What are your plans?