Happy Memorial Day 2015!

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day 2015
First and foremost, thank you to all of those men and women who paid the ultimate price and gave their lives for our freedom. I am proud to be an American and I am forever grateful to you.

USA Today had a wonderful article with 10 historical facts about Labor day, if you have a chance, you should go read it.

We’ve been hanging out in the Venice area. It’s me, my Mom, MacGyver, my sister-in-law and her husband, oh, and we don’t want to forget the four dogs, Hank, Boomer, Shakespeare and Riley.

Memorial Day Bracelet

My SIL gave me this beautiful bracelet. It’s perfect for the day. Now if I can find something to wear with it…..

Today we are heading over to spend the day with MacGyver’s parents in the Englewood house. I’m looking forward to some pool time, some boating and most definitely, some fishing.

Here is a quick recap of the weekend so far in pictures mostly because I’m in lazy mode right now:

Legacy Trail Bridge

Of course I’ve been running on my favorite trail, the Legacy Trail.

Everyone kayaking

Running over the bridge I actually got a picture of MacGyver, my sister-in-law and her husband fishing on their kayaks and versa boards.

the Legacy Trail

A good portion of the trail is shaded which is nice when it’s almost 80 degrees at 6:30AM!

Casey Key

After running, my Mom, me and my SIL hit the beach at Casey Key.

Nokomis Beach

It’s beautiful here but I only lasted an hour and a half before I got a blistering migraine.

I spent the afternoon sleeping and nursing my migraine but I feel better now and it’s on to some more fun.

Kayaking in Florida

The boards are awaiting us in the backyard. (How do you like my fire pit?  I built it myself.)

Shower outdoor

If you’re ever in the area, we’ve got quite a few kayaks, paddleboards and even a canoe. And we have an outdoor shower! Drop on by.

Wherever you are today, I hope you have a nice holiday with family and friends and don’t forget about what this day means to us. We are very fortunate as a family not to have lost any members to any wars, although we have had many that were seriously wounded. We also honor them today.

If you know someone who has given their live for this country, you are welcome to leave a dedication below.

God Bless you all and Happy Memorial Day!

The long birthday is over…

Well, we’re back in Clearwater. We came back tonight. The super long birthday weekend has ended but in case you’re wondering, here’s how it went down.

On Friday my SIL and I shopped all day and then we came home, quickly changed picked up the rest of the family and hit up the mall for even more shopping.

Saturday – The actual Birthday

I got up early and hit the trail for 5 really easy miles.

The Legacy TrailIt was the perfect way to start the day. After running I showered and we all went to some garage sales where we scored some pretty awesome stuff.

At around 6, we headed out to dinner.

Yes, my outfit is short. Whatever, don't judge!

Yes, my outfit is short. Whatever, don’t judge!

I am fortunate in that I share my birthday with my nephew and he is visiting so we actually got to spend our birthdays together. My SIL’s birthday is a week earlier than ours so it was a celebration for the three of us.

me and VinAnd that was before this:

bday drinksBecause after the wine happened so did the selfies, starting in the car…

mirror selfieme in the carThey continued after we got to the beach for the Drum Circle but fortunately, there were other people there to take some pictures too.

on the beachAnd since I couldn’t see straight, much less take a clear picture, I decided to get all artsy and took this photo of my niece and nephew…

vin and robIt’s not blurry, they are running really fast!

After the drum circle we headed back to the house where my SIL had a LEGO cake that she made for my nephew:

Lego CakeAnd they got me the best cookie cake ever…

cookie cakeWe crashed hard and got up early the next day to get out on the boat and Hank was super excited to get out on the water.

HankWe also did a little diving…

divingBut the highlight of my entire day was teaching Boomer how to paddleboard…and he got right on with me and Hank.

Boomer and momBoth of the dogs rode around with me for a half an hour.

Riding the SUPAnd today we did a little more shopping, a little cleaning and then some driving and we are now home.

And guess what came in the mail while I was away…..

Dolphin Tale 2Some killer swag from Dolphin Tale 2! I am loving being a blog ambassador for the movie and I cannot wait for you guys to see it!

And that was my birthday adventure.

Now, I’m off to catch some zzzz’s. The family is still in town and we have many more adventures planned….

Have you ever ridden a SUP?

Do you think it’s as amazing as I do that I got both of my dogs to ride the SUP?

Vacation recap part 2: Pete the Repeat

Last Thursday my sister, my nephew’s wife and I decided to get up very early and take the kayaks and the paddleboard out to explore.

kayakingWe left sometime around 7:30 in the morning and headed off down the canal. We didn’t expect to see anyone in the canal so early so we were surprised to happen upon one of the neighbors doing some early morning fishing. I should mention that I have never seen these people outside, ever, but they have a growing beer can collection in the backyard that rivals the Eiffel Tower, it’s impressive in a college fraternity sort of way.

Beer Can collection

All I can see is money!

They also have a pretty sweet set-up in the backyard complete with a full size sofa by a make-shift fire pit and the matching lazy boy on the dock for fishing purposes I assume. What I’m saying here is that code enforcement in Sarasota County apparently does not care about your backyard.

Anywho, the two fellows outside that morning were pleasant enough. The conversation went something like this:

Two guys: Good morning ladies.
Us: Good Morning, how are you?
Guy one: Good, I’m just doing a little fishing before work.
My sister: Why? Is it bring your fish to work day?
Guy one: Good one!
My Sister: I got hundreds of em’. Hundreds of em’ I tell ya.
Two Guys: Were you from?
Us: Tennessee
Guy two: Were from Maryland
Us: Well, nice to meet you, have a good day.
Two Guys: You too.

Once we were out of earshot I said to my sister, ‘You should have asked them for their beer cans, those would substantially increase the amount of money in the cabana fund.’ They gotta be worth hundreds, seriously.

As we neared the end of the canal, I yelled ‘pretty bird’ to the parrot who lives in the last house. He always whistles back when I do that but this morning, he didn’t respond. I guess parrots sleep in.

Anyway since we had already taken the kayaks out to the Gulf we decided to paddle down Shackett Creek. We wanted to check out the fishing situation in the creek and we were not disappointed. We saw snook and tarpon all over the place. We even saw a manatee! It was crazy how many fish were jumping and it made me kind of wish we had brought some poles along.

We paddled around for nearly 3 hours just looking at houses and watching fish and birds. It was very relaxing and we had a shit ton of fun.

Kayaking on shackett creekFinally, we made our way back into the canal and as we entered I saw a huge snook jump in front of my kayak. It was so big that I was momentarily paralyzed and I ran right into a tree. Once I composed myself, I yelled back to the girls, ‘Oh my God, that’s the biggest fish I’ve ever seen.’ One second later we heard a voice say ‘Oh my Gawd, that’s the biggest fish I’ve ever seen!’ It was the parrot! He was mocking me.

My sister and I were laughing so hard that no sound was coming out but my nephew’s wife laughed out loud, ‘bwahahahaha’ and literally one second later, Pete the Repeat said ‘bwahahahaha’. So without missing a beat my sister said ‘L—-(my BIL) Sucks’ and I said ‘MacGyver Sucks’ and we waited, nothing.

No matter how hard we tried that damn bird wouldn’t say anything else but now that I know what he can do, I intend to keep practicing.

Have you ever had a bird mock you?
Do you like to kayak or paddleboard?