The weekend and what ruins your good run?

Good Morning!  I’m still trying to get motivated after a long weekend down in Nokomis, not that I ran, because I didn’t.  MacGyver and I worked in the yard for most of the day Friday and then I worked in the yard Saturday and Sunday because, let’s be honest, OCD.

Here are some of the results:

Nokomis Lawn

And also this little result, which happens to be a burn.  Let this be a lesson, if you have metal tiki torches with those little caps that go over them when you aren’t burning them, be careful with those damn caps.


Freakin OUCH!

Yes, it hurts.

Guess what else hurts…my right butt cheek, right outer thigh and my right hamstring, hence not running.  I did manage to walk 3 miles on Saturday morning and I walked a few miles this morning but running is not happening.

If you’re wondering what happened, the best I can tell is at some point when I was doing all that yard work I stepped forward a bit too far and felt a little twinge of pain and it’s been hurting ever since.  It’s not real serious or anything but since I want to run a few marathons this winter and I really want to start seriously training again in August, I’ve decided to rest it for as long as I need to.

running and recovery

When MacGyver and I were in Nokomis, I was watching the news on Friday and saw that Snooty the manatee was having a huge party for his 69th birthday.  I considered going over there on the weekend  because Snooty is the coolest manatee ever and I love manatee’s.  After seeing the news this morning, I wish I had because apparently Snooty died on Sunday.

RIP Snooty

This makes me so sad.

Yesterday MacGyver went fishing and I decided to stay home.  After working in the yard a bit, I took a little break to watch some television.   I watched To The Bone on Netflix.

To The Bone

I have to admit that I wasn’t the slightest bit curious about it until I read the hype and the controversy but I will say if you have or have ever had a serious eating disorder, this may not be a film for you to see.  I could see how it would trigger bad behavior in some.  The film does warn you at the beginning that it could be a trigger but I also felt like there were parts of the movie that almost seem to glamorize eating disorders.  Maybe it’s just me, but that’s how it seemed to me.    I would say if you want to watch it, proceed with caution.

Did you see all of the hype surrounding a tweet that Ivanka Trump sent out like 4 years ago?  I feel kind of sorry for her, I mean, if you looked at all of my tweets, I’m pretty sure you’d find a hell of a lot of stupid things I’ve said from the last week much less 4 years ago.  That being said, this tweet cracked me up:


I was reading an article recently and it was about the things that you think about when you’re running and the writer said that she can be having a great run and a certain thing could happen and then completely ruin it for her.  In her case one of those things was having someone drive by and yell out a rude comment because she said that she just couldn’t stop thinking about why someone would say something so rude and that it ate away at her until she quit running.

I thought about what would make me stop if I was having a great run and for me, it happens if I start thinking about work and I remember that I forgot to do something for a client that I said I would do. I feel like I have to go get whatever it is done before I forget again and I can’t stop thinking about it and I know it will drive me crazy so I usually just run straight home to handle it.


This is why I do everything I can NOT to think about work when I’m out running because when I’m having a great run I feel invincible.

running man

What is the one thing that can ruin a good run for you?

Have you seen To The Bone?

Friday Photos, edition 2

So, I think since y’all seemed to like the Friday photos post of last week I’ll just incorporate it into the program here with a little twist.  I’ve decided to change the photo theme weekly depending on, well basically whatever I feel like.

Earlier in the week I told you we were going out on the boat and heading out to Stump Pass which is absolutely beautiful.  I’m pretty sure I told you I would try to take some pictures for you.

I aim to please.

mermaid bracelet

I had to share that photo first because MacGyver is such a sweetheart and knows how much I love mermaids so he bought me this bracelet.

We got up early on Tuesday but it was a little too cold just yet so we hit up breakfast and then sat by the pool for a little bit.


Those are our friends, Randy and Peggy and if you look closely, you might spot Hank’s tail waggin photobomb.

When we finally got on the boat it was absolutely beautiful and quite sunny.


We made a quick stop at the marina for some bait and I took a picture of the bridge.  Most of the time when we fish under the bridge we see all kinds of bats, it’s a little eerie and unnerving.

placida road bridge

You drive down the Intracoastal Waterway for around 15 or 20 minutes heading toward Stump Pass which is the entrance to the Gulf of Mexico.  Just before you get to Stump Pass the water color changes and the difference is stunning.

This picture doesn't really do it any justice, trust me, it's beautiful

This picture doesn’t really do it any justice, trust me, it’s beautiful.

Check out this photo and tell me if you can see the manatee…or his nose…


We fished for a bit at the mouth of Stump Pass and then we decided to visit our little Island that we love.

I got off the boat and the first thing I did was take a picture of the awesome shells and greenery.  It got a little cloudy but it was actually a good thing because none of us were in the mood for a sunburn and it kept it nice and cool.

seagrass seashells


I snapped a lot of photos out on that Island so bear with me because dammit I’m sharing!  I thought they would turn out crappy because of the lack of sun but they actually came out very cool.


I love the shells, LOVE!


The shells here are insane! I always bring back bucket fulls.


These pelicans were doing whatever pelicans do on a sandbar. I was so excited to see white ones because we typically only see the brown ones.

We were out there for so long that the sun started to go down but I didn’t want to leave.  The sky was ethereal.  I hope I captured even a tenth of the exquisite beauty.

boat at sea

It started to get a little cloudy but look how pretty the sky is.  Can you see the dolphin fin?

The dolphins were all over the place this day

The dolphins were all over the place, can you see the two of them in this picture?

Here’s a view of the Island on the other side.

stump pass island

Just before we left I took a quick photo of MacGyver doing what he loves to do and that seemingly random photo has become one of my favorite photos ever.  It completely defines him.

MacGyver fishing

A boat in the distance, fish in the water and a pole in his hand. 🙂

And I took this last photo just as we left the island.  Check out the sky.



And here are a few randoms.  Typically we never have water coming inside the boat but for some reason this old boat put off a massive wake and Peggy and I got soaked.

jerky boat owner

Thanks ass wipe!

This is one of my favorite boats and it belongs to one of the neighbors.  It’s a Chris Craft and there is just something so beautiful about all that wood.

Chris Craft boat

Look at their Christmas Tree!  Can you see it just behind the boat lift.

And I can’t leave you without one final picture.

Boomer has given me permission to add this picture in order to satisfy the requests of his fans so I will comply.

Boomer and the bed he ‘borrowed’ from his brother:


That’s a handsome boy right there!

Just like last week, tell me about a random photo on your phone or tell me about a photo of something awesome you did this week.  GO!

Notes on my door, moons and manatees.

Can you believe it’s Monday already? Dang, the weekend just flew by but that’s what happens when you’re busy have shit tons of fun!

So in case you didn’t know, we were in Nokomis for the weekend. On Friday night MacGyver installed our new amplified HDTV Antenna that we bought for the house. Now we get like 55 channels or something FOR FREE!  So, you can go suck it cable.

On Saturday morning we got up and turned the TV on and guess what was on…

HR PufnStuf
That my friends is H.R. PufNStuf, which is probably one of the greatest kids shows ever made. In case you haven’t seen it, you can watch full episodes online here.

Unfortunately, MacGyver and I didn’t have time to watch it on Saturday morning because one of the largest communities in Venice was hosting its bi-annual garage sale and with over 70 homes participating, we had some serious bargain hunting to do.

We shopped for a few hours and then headed home for lunch. I went out to the dock and was shocked to find the water this high….

water levels

Typically it’s about 1-2 feet lower..

MacGyver said it was a good sign that the fish were biting and that we had to get out there so we hopped in the boat. We decided not to take Boomer because the heat is not good for him, but Hank refused to stay home. That dog loves to fish more than I do.

fishing dachshund

Shhhh, I’m spotting bait. I need quiet people, QUIET!

MacGyver was correct. The fishing was stellar and even more so because I caught more fish than MacGyver. That always makes the trip a little extra fun, just sayin.

When we got home I went to get a special treat for Boomer and I found a note on my car. It’s the second note that I’ve gotten from this couple who are looking for the previous owners of our house. I found the first note a few weeks ago. They slipped it through the mail slot on the front door. It basically said:

Hey Lisa & Brain,
This is Debbie and Earl.
We came by to see if you still live here. If you do please call us at 407- XXX – XXXX.

I threw the note away because I figured when they didn’t get a reply they would realize that Lisa & Brain have moved and do not live there anymore.

Obviously not. The second note read:

Hey Lisa & Brain,
If this is you, me and Earl was looking for you. Give us a call at 407- xxx – xxxx.

I told my Mom about the note and she said I should just call and let them know that Lisa and Brain do not live there anymore, a thought which never occurred to me because, well, I’m obviously socially awkward. I figured the next best thing would be to reply to the note.

So, after several rough drafts, I replied with the following:

Hello Debbie and Earl,
We are the current homeowners. Lisa and Brain no longer live here. They haven’t lived here in over 3 years. They have moved away.    We do not know their current location but good luck in the search.  Also, it is entirely possible that he had an identity crisis, because rumor has it that Brain is now Brian.
Kindest Regards,
The current homeowners.

I stuck the note on the door as we were leaving.

Y’all may already know that the reason the water was so high in our canal and the reason the fishing was so good was because the tides are abnormally high during the full moon, but they were exceptionally high and there was a reason.

In case you didn’t know, on Sunday night for the first time in 30 years, we had a super moon with a full lunar eclipse. The result is a super large blood moon. I really wanted to see it and I was disappointed that the cloudy skies prevented it.

However, Nasa has many pictures on their website and you can view them here.

So, I may have missed the amazing Super Blood Moon but I did get a picture of the most glorious sunrise on Sunday morning before my run:

And then MacGyver sent me this picture which he apparently took from the boat at the exact same time.

Florida Sunrise
He may have been fishing and I may have been running but we both looked at the sunrise and took a picture at the same time. You can go ahead and say Ahhhhhhhhhhh now, it’s okay.

And did you know that on Sunday we had the exact same hours of daylight and dark? Exactly 12 hours of each. Cool, right?  (Sorry but I geek out on these kinds of things.)

You know what else I geek out on?   Manatees.

While I was in Englewood taking care of a few things yesterday, I sat the water hose down on the edge of the dock and it just happened to be the same time the manatees came for fresh water!


manatees drinkingmanatee

manatee lips and teeth
It was such a cool moment that I almost didn’t get a picture.  Bet you’re glad that I did.

What did you do this weekend?
Did you get to see the super blood moon?