I’m back! What? You didn’t know I was gone?

I’m still alive, you know, in case you were wondering.  I ain’t gonna lie it was really hard to leave this view.

View of beachI’m sure you understand.  Anyway we are home and have been for several days but I’ve had some things going on and haven’t been able to update until now, but here I am so let’s catch up.

First, we were in Nokomis until late Thursday night.  We spent a lot of time with MacGyvers sister and her husband, and the parents and we had a lovely time.  I got some great pictures of the beach.

Nokomis beach at Casey Key

Casey Key is amazing!

And I got some great pictures of some seagulls.


They really are cute so long as they don’t fly over you….

And who can forget about the fish?  Not that we caught any that were substantial which is why I am going to show you just one picture and it’s the picture I took from our dock.  You can see the millions of mullet that are in there and also you can see that the water seems milky.


Those are mullet, maybe not millions but close enough.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the water but MacGyver and I are convinced it is the reason we didn’t catch any ginormous fish.  It has absolutely nothing to do with skill, trust!

You may also remember I told you that we were working on some craft projects.  Well, I am prepared to show you my masterpieces.  Yes, plural, because I made two…so far.

The project that we were doing involved several steps.  The first step was to remove all the backing of a picture frame and then use clear caulk and seal the glass to the back of the frame.  Then you draw a picture of what you want the finished piece to look like on top of the frame.  For this project I wanted a seahorse.

seahorse drawing

I painted this seahorse onto the glass

Once you’ve drawn the picture you then place shells or sea glass or beads or whatever you want over the picture.

seahorse shells

The shells are all laid out.

Then you pour an epoxy resin over the shells and let it set for the next 48-72 hours.  After waiting for the resin to completely dry, you hang your masterpiece.

seahorse pic

Voila! A new masterpiece for the bathroom.

And this was the second one that I did, a Mermaid.

mermaid girl

We even hid shark’s teeth in the projects.  I need to get a better picture of this one, it was actually really cute.

I’m sure I’ll be making more of these.  It was such a fun thing to do but I gotta be honest though, for now, I’m all crafted out.

On Friday morning MacGyver and I got up and took the dogs down to see the peacocks.

peacock fan

I’m not tooting my own horn but this one kind of had a crush on me.

They were in rare form.  It’s mating season so they haven’t left the farm all that much which is why we had to go see them.

After walking the dogs I headed off to the chiropractor.  While at the chiropractor I found out something about my health that had no relation to why I was at the chiropractor, and it was quite disconcerting.    I’m not ready to talk about it yet and probably won’t be until I see a few more doctors but what I will say is that I chose not to do a long run this weekend and I think the mystery of the migraines may no longer be a mystery.

I swear I’m not doing the vague blogger thing, I just don’t want to speculate on something that I don’t really have all the answers to just yet.

Anyhow, since I didn’t get a long run in MacGyver thought a nice little kayak ride was in order and so that’s what we did on Saturday afternoon and y’all it was lovely!


This is a secret trail in Safety Harbor that not a lot of people know about.

MacGyver on his kayak

This man always knows how to make everything okay.

With all that was going on and despite my health concerns, I did manage to run 32 miles last week.  I also cross trained with kayaking and a little yoga and I did 3 weight routines.  Go Me!  😉

And now you’re all caught up, well except for the canine chronicles….


I’ve just been hanging out waiting for food or treats and the occasional walk.  Anyone? 


Hank the tank

I don’t really care so much about food or treats but if you ever leave me alone again, I’ll piss all over your favorite pillow, just sayin.

And now, you’re all caught up.

What did you do this weekend?

Last week in workouts

Since we were in Englewood late yesterday we came back to the Nokomis house to watch the Walking Dead and then it was after 10PM and neither of us wanted to drive home so, as you may have guessed, we just got home this morning.

I’m a little behind the gun today but I’ll get caught up eventually.

In the meantime, here’s how some of my week went….

Last week I ran a total of 34 miles.  I also got in some additional strength workouts and some cross training.  I got one arm workout in that I found on Youtube.  I also worked in the lawn twice which I’m counting as cross training since each time I was out there for over 2 hours and I’m pretty sure pushing around a lawnmower is a decent workout. (If you don’t agree you are welcome to come mow my lawn.)   I also got in a 2 hour kayak ride with the kid and I loved it.

This week I’m hoping I can focus more on weights because that’s the ultimate goal but whatever I can get done, it’s better than nothing.

Since I’m really crazy busy today I just wanted to check in and update quickly but I also wanted to tell you about Tina.  Tina is a fellow blogger, runner and someone who is so sincere you can’t help but like her.  She had a lifelong dream to run in the world half marathon championships for her country, Great Britain.  This weekend she accomplished that goal and she finished strong, 49th overall and 3rd for Great Britain!  You can read her post here.  And if you love running, follow her blog, she’s absolutely amazing.

Did you get all your workouts in last week?  Tell me about them.

Happy Memorial Day 2015!

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day 2015
First and foremost, thank you to all of those men and women who paid the ultimate price and gave their lives for our freedom. I am proud to be an American and I am forever grateful to you.

USA Today had a wonderful article with 10 historical facts about Labor day, if you have a chance, you should go read it.

We’ve been hanging out in the Venice area. It’s me, my Mom, MacGyver, my sister-in-law and her husband, oh, and we don’t want to forget the four dogs, Hank, Boomer, Shakespeare and Riley.

Memorial Day Bracelet

My SIL gave me this beautiful bracelet. It’s perfect for the day. Now if I can find something to wear with it…..

Today we are heading over to spend the day with MacGyver’s parents in the Englewood house. I’m looking forward to some pool time, some boating and most definitely, some fishing.

Here is a quick recap of the weekend so far in pictures mostly because I’m in lazy mode right now:

Legacy Trail Bridge

Of course I’ve been running on my favorite trail, the Legacy Trail.

Everyone kayaking

Running over the bridge I actually got a picture of MacGyver, my sister-in-law and her husband fishing on their kayaks and versa boards.

the Legacy Trail

A good portion of the trail is shaded which is nice when it’s almost 80 degrees at 6:30AM!

Casey Key

After running, my Mom, me and my SIL hit the beach at Casey Key.

Nokomis Beach

It’s beautiful here but I only lasted an hour and a half before I got a blistering migraine.

I spent the afternoon sleeping and nursing my migraine but I feel better now and it’s on to some more fun.

Kayaking in Florida

The boards are awaiting us in the backyard. (How do you like my fire pit?  I built it myself.)

Shower outdoor

If you’re ever in the area, we’ve got quite a few kayaks, paddleboards and even a canoe. And we have an outdoor shower! Drop on by.

Wherever you are today, I hope you have a nice holiday with family and friends and don’t forget about what this day means to us. We are very fortunate as a family not to have lost any members to any wars, although we have had many that were seriously wounded. We also honor them today.

If you know someone who has given their live for this country, you are welcome to leave a dedication below.

God Bless you all and Happy Memorial Day!