It’s Friday and this post is a quick one because I’m in a fight with a squirrel

I know, I know, I’ve been MIA for a few days. I have a pretty good explanation. You see the kid is coming home for Christmas for a few days and it’s also his birthday and so I’ve been getting all prepared, which basically means….

boss shop
So, yeah.

Also, I had to have MacGyver repair some Christmas lights and then I had to restring them. In case you’re wondering why, let’s just say I’ve got a contract out on a certain squirrel in my neighborhood.

Kill the squirrel
Oh, it’s so on little squirrel, IT IS ON!

I’ve also been busy going through my closet and trying to find out what fits and what doesn’t. Most of the things I’ve tried on fall into the latter category.

scale fail
I know what the problem is. Topirimate. When I stopped taking it the weight just creeped up. And I’m fine with it. I’d rather be 10 pounds heavier that have pneumonia every other week and run the risk of destroying my lungs. And then there’s the whole eye issue thing. F*ck Topirimate all the way to hell but I’m not bitter. No, really, not at all.

I went to ALDI a few times this week and each time someone has given me a cart without asking for a quarter.

In case you don’t know how ALDI works, you pay a quarter to basically rent the cart while you shop and then you get it back when you return the cart. It helps ALDI because they don’t have to pay someone to retrieve their carts from the parking lot and in turn keep their prices low. We like low prices around here.

We also like not having to dig to the bottom of our purse to find a damn quarter. Because you know how I dig through my purse, right?

purse digI throw that shit right on the floor.  It has never failed me.  Well, except once when I threw everything on the floor in my car and the one quarter rolled up under the seat in that little spot that you can never ever reach.  So, thank you random stranger and I paid it forward too!

Happy Friday folks, I’m going hunting, for a squirrel.

What are you doing this weekend?  

Any Christmas light fails?  Tell me please!

Dollah dollah bills y’all

This morning I went for a walk for two miles.  It paid me three bucks an hour because I found six dollars just laying on the ground.

found some bills

Dollah, dollah bills y’all!  It doesn’t get any better than that well, unless I would have found 100 dollar bills and then that would be way better.

Something I’ve been waiting on for years happened today, sort of.  There’s a race over the skyway bridge in March!  I had hoped it would be a half marathon but it’s a 10K but hey it’s a race over the skyway bridge.

It’s also for a great cause so I hope they sell out soon.  I’m still trying to find out if it fits into my schedule and I really hope it does.  If you want to register, go here.

That’s it, I’m out, I got six bucks to spend.

Will you be running the skyway10K?

You just have to wait til Monday…

So, I promised a review of the Motiv Ring and I seriously meant to post it today because that’s what I do but then, life sort of happened.

I got slammed yesterday and then my Mom came to town and well, no review.


Mom got in quite late and I have some catching up to do this morning so it will have to wait til Monday.

But on a side note, Mom came in all excited and slammed this down on the counter.

So, I asked what it was and Mom said, ‘Oh Chick-fil-A actually gave us a boy’s toy this time and Shaky is so excited about it.’

Um, Shakespeare is a dog.  I’m pretty sure he has no idea what that thing is but he might want to pee on it.  Yeah, he probably will pee on it.

Happy Friday!  What are your weekend plans?