Dollah dollah bills y’all

This morning I went for a walk for two miles.  It paid me three bucks an hour because I found six dollars just laying on the ground.

found some bills

Dollah, dollah bills y’all!  It doesn’t get any better than that well, unless I would have found 100 dollar bills and then that would be way better.

Something I’ve been waiting on for years happened today, sort of.  There’s a race over the skyway bridge in March!  I had hoped it would be a half marathon but it’s a 10K but hey it’s a race over the skyway bridge.

It’s also for a great cause so I hope they sell out soon.  I’m still trying to find out if it fits into my schedule and I really hope it does.  If you want to register, go here.

That’s it, I’m out, I got six bucks to spend.

Will you be running the skyway10K?

You just have to wait til Monday…

So, I promised a review of the Motiv Ring and I seriously meant to post it today because that’s what I do but then, life sort of happened.

I got slammed yesterday and then my Mom came to town and well, no review.


Mom got in quite late and I have some catching up to do this morning so it will have to wait til Monday.

But on a side note, Mom came in all excited and slammed this down on the counter.

So, I asked what it was and Mom said, ‘Oh Chick-fil-A actually gave us a boy’s toy this time and Shaky is so excited about it.’

Um, Shakespeare is a dog.  I’m pretty sure he has no idea what that thing is but he might want to pee on it.  Yeah, he probably will pee on it.

Happy Friday!  What are your weekend plans?

It very peopley out there on Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th y’all!


That scene still freaks me out to this day, even though I totally know what’s coming, it still freaks my shit out!  Other than the movie, I like Friday the 13th.  Typically it’s a lucky day for me and so far this year, same.

I got this present in the mail yesterday.

chia bars

I’ll tell you all about soon but I’m pretty excited about it, especially the coloring book. I mean, who doesn’t want a coloring book about marathon training, right?  Duh!

Also, we have a new bird on the pond.  I’m not sure if he’s decided to move in permanently but it’s been 3 weeks and he’s still here so I’m thinking he’s decided to call our pond his new digs and I am beyond excited because he is beautiful.


And if that weren’t enough to make me feel lucky, October and November are traditionally the season of community garage sales around here and today, THERE ARE TWO!  I don’t know how I will find the time to go to all of them but I must.

G sale

The only thing you have to remember is that when you go to a garage sale on Friday the 13th, you cannot second guess any purchase, you cannot!



If garage sales aren’t your thing and you didn’t get presents in the mail, it’s still your lucky day because check out the best T shirt I have found yet for any introvert out there.


So as you can see Friday the 13th is a very, very lucky day.  And if you don’t believe me, ask Taylor Swift, she loves Friday the 13th. ………… See, I didn’t feel like I had enough content for you so I had to throw in some Taylor Swift, look what you made me do.

And with that, I’m out.  They pyrex is waiting people!

Happy Friday, 13th and all!  Is it lucky or not, what do you think?

What are your plans for this weekend?