Friday five, big bucks, Bueller and Pisces pants

If you do anything today, go buy a mega millions lottery ticket.   I mean, how can you not?  It might reach a billion dollars.  Do you have any idea what I could do with a billion dollars?


We’re supposed to get a cold front on Sunday which should lower our mid day temperatures to the mid eighties.  I am beyond excited about it.


I might run all the miles.  All of them.

Did you see the story about Texas’s Ferris Bueller?  The kid who stole his mom’s BMW while she was at work?  Oh My God, the video of her going after that child is hilarious.  I’m pretty sure he’s grounded for life.

So Netflix has cancelled Orange is the New Black.  Isn’t that crazy?  Maybe their ratings have dropped, I don’t know, but I really like that show although, not as much as I used to.  The first two seasons were my favorite and then it sort of fell out of favor with me.  Thankfully I have about 100 other shows I love.

And the last thing on my Friday five is zodiac leggings.  Have you seen this article?

zodiac leggingsWhen I saw that article I was like, ‘well that’s just ridiculous.’  Of course you know I clicked on it anyway because that’s how I do and guess what?  I was laughing at the first few pairs and then BOOM, I got to Virgo, which is me, and I LOVED them.  Imagine that shit…check it out by clicking on the picture and let me know if your Zodiac Leggings are spot on or way the hell off.

Have a fabulous fall weekend!

Vodka Tacos

Today is National Vodka Day and also National Taco Day…

But since they don’t, I’ll just eat tacos.  They do make Pecan pie flavored vodka though, you know in case you’ve ever wondered about that.  MacGyver and I got some from a friend a few years ago.  I didn’t make it past the first sip.  I thought it was gross but I don’t like pecan pie either so there’s that….

I do want to try the salted caramel flavored vodka because that sounds insane.  Would somebody please invent a cheesecake vodka because I’d be on board with that for sure.

Is 9:30AM too early for a drink and taco’s?

Have a great weekend.