I don’t like to move it, move it.

Don’t you hate those people who get all excited on Monday mornings.  You know the type, they’re all like ‘good morning sunshine’ and I’m like,

shut your mouth

And especially when I’m tired or exhausted which is a much more accurate description after the week and the weekend that we just had.  I mean closing on two houses in one day is crazy but moving from one into the other in less than 3 days is just, dare I say, stupid?


This is how MacGyver would’ve liked to move but I had to squash that shit right there.

Clearly MacGyver and I are NOT real men.  It took us about 14 trips with a huge car hauler.  Did I mention that this is a vacation house?  Yeah, we are obviously hoarders and we have a shit ton of pure crap, but we got it moved.

We managed to walk the dogs every day during the move as to try and keep their lives as normal as possible.  On one of those mornings MacGyver almost stepped on something and that something is now a new member of the family.  Let me introduce you to Squishy Toots.

Squishy Toots

Cute isn’t he?  He was pretty chill during the moving too but then how excited do turtles actually ever get?

So, we got everything in the new house on Friday afternoon and then we spent most of Saturday and Sunday cleaning the new house and moving boxes and furniture into our rooms.  We don’t have everything moved in but I did manage to finish, (or semi finish) setting up a few rooms and here they are.

The kitchen.


The dining room


And the living room

living room


We still need to paint and hang our pictures and fine tune but since we spend our weekends there, I had to go ahead and set up some things.  I don’t mind.  I get weirdly excited about decorating.  Weirdly.  Maybe obsessed is the right word but hey, who’s to say that’s a bad thing?  Not me!

The new house is not far from the old one but the water is way better.  The fishing is going to be awesome.  In case you’re wondering how I know, MacGyver threw one crab trap in the water just after we closed on Friday afternoon.  Saturday morning, he pulled up four of these guys.


Blue Crabs in the pot!

We got home last night just in time for The Walking Dead which I personally thought was dismal at best.  Not one of my favorite episodes ever and actually the Talking Dead which aired afterwards was more exciting in my opinion.  Let’s hope it gets better because I can’t stop watching.  Why? Ummmm, Daryl!

This morning, we’re over here just trying to get back to normal, which means, I’ve got some new shoes to try out and I’m going for a run.

Have a fantastic Monday, and tell me what you did this weekend.

Do you like moving?  How about decorating?

Memorial Day Weekend and a White Dove

I love going down to Nokomis for the weekends, especially when it’s a three day weekend, but after packing up to go down and then cleaning up to leave, and then coming home and unpacking and putting everything away, by Tuesday morning I feel like I got hit by a mack truck.

Mack TruckWe left Clearwater on Friday night and drove down to Nokomis.  MacGyver wanted to leave early but I had some rewards points from my credit cards and I had to spend them or lose them so I HAD to go to the mall.  Had to.

new outfit

In case you had any doubt about my skill, this entire outfit, including shoes was less than 30 dollars.

After power shopping we headed down to Nokomis and on Saturday morning I got up bright and early and got in a long run on my favorite trail.

long run sat

MacGyver and I had some lawn debris to pick up and some garage sales to visit so we piddled around for much of the day on Saturday doing those things.

We didn’t find too much at the garage sales but we did go over to the jetty and we met this guy who had a metal detector and he was picking up things right and left.  He told us that he had found 28 rings in only 6 months, twenty eight, including diamonds and sapphires.

money eye


On Sunday MacGyver got up really early in the morning to go work on the boat and I went out for a run.  He was supposed to change out the prop while I ran six miles and walked the dogs and then we were going to go out and try to do some fishing.  Here’s what actually happened.

six mile run

I did run six miles and walk the dogs but on the walk Hank got over heated and fell down which scared the hell out of me so I picked him up and carried him back home, (he loved it, I’m not sure but he may have planned it).

MacGyver pulled the boat out of the water to change the prop but the dealer had given him the wrong parts so he had to put the old prop back on, which meant he wasted a shit ton of time for no reason.

Finally, around 11am, my mother in law came to pick me up so MacGyver could get the boat back in the water since it was at their house in Englewood.  When she showed up, this was what she walked in on.

woodpecker on my head

My mother in law and I loaded my things, and by things I mean, my menagerie, into the car and then we headed off to Englewood.

my family(In case you’re wondering were Hank is, he insisted on driving.)

We finally made it onto the boat around 1:30 in the afternoon and made our way out to Stump Pass.  I haven’t been to Stump Pass since last year and I was super excited to get out there, mostly because I really wanted to fish but also because I knew there would be a lot of people out celebrating and enjoying the holiday weekend.  I was shocked when we got there and I saw this.

Nothing ever stays the same

Apparently the pass isn’t deep enough for the larger boats so they are ‘fixing it’.  In my opinion, it will never be the same.  Progress?  I’m not sure that’s what I’d call it but it is what it is.

Anyway, there hasn’t been any bait fish anywhere.  MacGyver is convinced that the red tide we recently had ruined the fishing but I disagree.  We went to a few spots looking for bait and didn’t see any and we threw a few lures out but MacGyver was getting frustrated.

Eventually MacGyver and I decided that we should maybe start metal detecting but I said I wasn’t really ready to give up yet and that’s when I threw out a lure one last time and I landed the only fish of the day, and it was a snook!


Boom!  What you can’t see in that picture is that when I was holding the snook, he flipped hard and his gill caught my thumb and cut it pretty good, and when he flipped, because I caught him on a double lure, the second lure flipped up and caught my hand as well so in that picture I’ve got blood all over my hand.

About 5 minutes after I threw the snook back I looked to the left of the boat and saw a large fin.  Yep, a shark.  I had hoped to get a closer look but it swam away.

After locating some band-aids we decided to head back and have some dinner.  Later that night we had desert back in Nokomis and we decided to go over to the Jetty to try some metal detecting with a unit that MacGyver had bought at a black Friday sale a few years ago.


It didn’t work.  (I’m searching craigslist for a new one today.)

Yesterday we hung out in Nokomis for most of the day.  It was so hot that I really had no desire to go out in the sun at all.  MacGyver and I watched some TV and hung out with the animals and worked a bit in the yard.  We just enjoyed the day.

Late yesterday we met my laws for dinner before leaving and had a really nice time.  The restaurant pulled a bait a switch on us which was annoying but there was a white dove hanging out there and I really wanted to take it home.

white dove

Wouldn’t you like a woodpecker brother?

I didn’t.

We got home last night around 9PM and MacGyver and I made it to bed around midnight.  I managed to get up and run/walk around 4 miles this morning but I have no idea how I did it because I’m exhausted and I still have a full day of work ahead of me.  This is why lunchtime naps were invented 😉 and why I excel at them.

How was your weekend?

Did you do anything special?

Snook fishing, a little running, a new roommate, and she said yes!

The worst part about coming home from a fun filled, action packed, awesome vacation is that unfortunately you’re usually exhausted and work is, well, let’s be honest, it’s sucky but you have to do it.

I sure miss this though…

Venice Inlet at sunset

Since this week I’m back to my regular schedule of work, work, and more work I thought I’d go ahead and take some time to recap the vacay, while I still have a chance.  When we last caught up I was on my way to a CT scan and the family was out fishing with MacGyver.  They had a very successful trip and caught lots of grouper.

During the course of the week, we also caught a lot of snapper, trout and of course, Snook.  Snook season is the reason my sister and her husband come down the first part of September, and as you can see, it’s well worth it.  Here are a few examples from the week.


snook fishingsnook season in florida






In case I haven’t mentioned it before, we really like to fish in our family.  It’s a prerequisite for getting in too so don’t even think about marrying any of our kin folk unless you’re a reel fishing addict.  See what I did there?

We also like our beaches and lucky for us Stump Pass has an awesome one.

Stump Pass 1Stump Pass 2





By the end of the week the girls needed some shopping time and  we thought my niece might be a bit tired of fishing so we hit up some souvenir shops and then I took them to Manasota Beach.

Englewood, Manasota BeachManasota Beach





Boardwalkturtle on the boardwalk





When we go to Englewood whether we’re on Manasota Key or at Casperson Beach I can be found doing the one thing that you can only do in a few places.

Looking for fossilized shark’s teeth.

elementI tried to take a selfie with my sister and my niece but my sister and I decided that only my niece looked good and so, I cropped us out.

KaitlinI did get a good picture of my niece and my sister later on.  You can see them here in a shot I like to call, The three monkeys.  Can you spot the third one?

3 monkeysThat’s actually my neighbors house.  He obviously has a great sense of humor.  We totally get it.

I also took the girls to Flounder’s for lunch.  We probably should have eaten inside but I wanted them to enjoy the atmosphere outside.  Unfortunately the Sons of Beaches weren’t scheduled to play until later so it was sort of a bust but I did get to play the game they have there which I love.

foundlersBest game ever

My niece brought her boyfriend of over two years along for the trip and imagine how excited I was when I found out that he wanted to propose!  My sister and I, (mostly my sister) got to plan it.  We got an empty wine bottle, got my niece’s boyfriend to write out the note and then had the guys drive us out to Snake Island on the boat.  My sister and I told the kids to go for a walk and we planted the bottle with the note inside and hid behind some trees.

And then…

Kaitlin found the bottleShe found the bottle, read the note, and turned around where her boyfriend was on bended knee.

And then…

She said yesShe said yes!

We celebrated the engagement by hitting up the new Dockside Waterfront Grill.

Dockside Waterfront GrillThe ring was center stage for most of the night..er actually, most of the rest of the trip.

Dockside Waterfront GrillAnd in case I didn’t mention it, I ran two days last week.  I ran Tuesday and Saturday and both days I got three miles in.  I did end up with a migraine on Tuesday but I was able to keep it at bay on Saturday so that’s something.

On Saturday afternoon I took my sister and the family to the airport and MacGyver and I made our way back home.  We were exhausted but so were these two.

Boomer with bearHank with bear





Yes, my dogs each have a bear that they sleep with.  I’m going to try and remember how cute that is because when I got back from my workout this morning, this is what I found.

dog-partyLittle bastards!

But back to my recap.  When MacGyver and I got home we realized that we have a new roommate.  He’s very smart too because he mastered both doggie doors with no problem.

squirrelUnfortunately Hank and Boomer don’t like him so we’ve had to evict him.  (It hasn’t prevented him from coming back though.)

Last thing and I’ll let you go.  I ran another 3  miles this morning!  I walked one, ran three and then walked one more.  I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t get a migraine but  time will tell.

What’s the worst thing your pet has ever done when you weren’t home?

Should I try to encourage friendship between the dogs and the squirrel or help the squirrel find a new home?

The beach, do you love it or hate it?