Animal updates!

A little later this afternoon MacGyver, the dogs, the bird and I are all going to pack into the truck and head down to Nokomis for the weekend.  It should be epic.


But I didn’t want to leave without first giving you an animal update.

First, I’ve recently gotten a few emails from some people asking about Boomer.  Some of you were wondering how he’s been doing and what he’s been up to lately.  I can tell you that he’s been pretty busy,


Boomer Sleeping

Woody is growing at an alarming pace.  I can’t even believe how fast this bird has grown.  He’s tripled in size in only three weeks and he can fly for a few feet now.  He still doesn’t really have any major flight feathers but don’t tell him that.  He thinks he can soar through the sky!

Red Bellied Woodpecker

He knows his name too.  He comes when you call him.  He is also starting to get the red coloring on his head which is clearly evident in the next picture.

You can see the red just at the top behind his head, or not, depending on how closely you look but it’s there, I swear.  He’s so darn cute.  Have I mentioned that?

Did I mention that Boomer is still the champ at sleeping?  Or that he’s also cute?

Boomer's philosophy on sleep

“When you’re this good at something, there’s no reason to quit.”

And it wouldn’t be an update without a status report on this little guy who is, you guessed it, also a cutie pie,

Hank the Dachshunds

“Psssst, single adoptable male here, loves women! Not afraid to share the bed or my toys, just not with other dogs, cats or birds! Looking for a new family, preferably a sane one. Currently taking applications.”

I don’t know why he would say that, he loves it here.  He might be a tad bit jealous is all.  Maybe I could get the in-laws to pecker sit this weekend so I could give the wiener some extra attention.

hmmmmHope you have an excellent weekend!

What are your plans?



Long runs, eye twitches, and dog rescue’s

If you follow me on Instagram then you may already know I’ve recently developed an eye twitch.  I have no idea why but according to Dr. Google it’s most likely due to lack of sleep, or stress.  I’m going to wager a bet here and go with C, both!

all about winning

Over the weekend I decided not to do too much work on the computer to see if that would alleviate some of the symptoms.

It did not.

Fortunately not being on the computer left me with lots of time to do work around the house and to get some runs in.  On Saturday, I ran 10 lovely miles around the neighborhood and it was stellar.  I enjoyed every single solitary minute of it, even when this guy try to seduce me somewhere around mile 4.

Mr. Peacock

Oh, hello!

After I finished running MacGyver and I decided to go to some garage sales and putter around for a bit, after which I came home and did about 4 hours of lawn work.  I was tired but in order to avoid the computer I was thinking about starting a new craft project.  As I went outside to look at an old piece of furniture I have stored in the garage, I noticed a stray dog running around the road and we locked eyes and of course he ran right up to me.

Obviously he was someone’s pet as he had a collar and tag, but no number.  After a few minutes a friend of ours drove up and said that the dog had been at his house earlier and he had given it some food and he was worried it would be hit as it wasn’t really afraid of cars so we decided to try and find the rightful owner.  The dog was running around and not really wanting to be controlled so every time one of us got close it took off.

Finally, we cornered the dog at a house around the corner and knocked on the door and I asked the guy if he knew who owned the dog.  He didn’t, but as luck would have it, he worked at the humane society and offered to take the dog in and read the chip to find the owner.  While standing there talking to the guy, a random guy in a gray car peeled around the corner at around 80 miles an hour. We all yelled at the idiot in the car to slow down and then you won’t believe what happened next.

He drove his car up onto the sidewalk and actually tried to run over me and my friend.  Seriously.

what the hell

I was stunned.  Too stunned to even try to get a license plate number.  Not that it would have mattered because by the time I got up and turned around he was a half a mile to Sunday.

The guy at the house took the dog and found the owner and returned it, and we went back to my house to tell MacGyver what happened.  I don’t think MacGyver really understood how close we actually came to getting hit and I’m kind of glad he didn’t see because it was really close.  What kind of person does that?  I can’t for the life of me figure out why on earth you would do something like that.  Miscreants!

On Sunday I ran 5.5 miles and I looked very hard for that silver car because I am determined to find it.  I’m sure he must live somewhere in this neighborhood.  And when I find him, and I will, I will watch that guy like a hawk until I find out how I can get him off the streets.  It just takes patience, and I’ve got all the time in the World.

Also, Kharma always wins because yesterday while MacGyver was cleaning the boat and I was working in the yard again another dog wandered over and plopped down right beside us!  No really.

This one was a pit bull mix, very sweet but hot and thirsty.  I walked it around the neighborhood for a good hour and a half and we kept it at our house for another 3 or 4 and could not find out who owned it.  Finally around 8:30 last night MacGyver and I got in the car and drove around looking to see who might own this dog.  We stopped at all kinds of houses and talked with all kinds of people.  No one had a clue but we did meet the owners of the black dog that I had helped to rescue the previous day.

Just when we were ready to give up I decided to try one more loop around and I saw a guy outside talking on the phone so I pulled over to try and ask him if he knew of anyone missing a dog and while I was waiting for him to end his conversation a car pulled up behind us.  The people in the car said, ‘hey you didn’t happen to find a lost dog did you?’

And here is the greatest part of the story, the guy driving the car was the guy in the house who’s door we had knocked on the previous day.  He was the guy who worked at the humane society and helped us save the black dog, the pit bull was HIS dog!

So yeah, basically I’m responsible for rescuing all the dogs in the neighborhood this weekend.

high five me

You would think after all that my eye would stop twitching but, nope.  Oh well, before I leave you for the day, here are a few more pictures from my trip to Tennessee.


This is me in front of a random fountain the antique district in Sweetwater, Tn


Patsy Cline

Bear carving

I’ve always wanted a bear carving but I’ll have to learn to carve because MacGyver will never pay 700 bucks for one.

morning Glory Farm

Morning Glory Farm property of Artist G. Webb

french broad river

French Broad River

the Smokey Mountains

I love my Tennessee hills!

What was the best thing you did over the weekend?

Where is your hometown?

What do you love most about your hometown?

Another weekend on Dog Town Trail

I went for a run in the neighborhood this morning and I thought I would die.  Literally.  I got to 4.3 miles and I just gave up.  It is so hard to run on trails all weekend and then come home to pavement.  So. Very. Hard.

Dog Town Trail

You would miss this too right?

Dog Town Trail

I mean this beats pavement any old day!

I ran on my running trail both days we were at the cabin.  The first day was a bit more challenging because MacGyver hadn’t yet had the time to mow it down so I had to dodge all the roots that had grown up and I had to watch out for critters.  Luckily, the only major incident was with this guy.

Sand hill crane

Can you see him off in the distance there?

Well, here’s a much better picture.  I took the next one right before he sang out and flew over me.

sand hill crane

I said sang out but it was more like a yell.

And did I mention that he had a very long snake in his mouth?  Well, he did.  And it was hella scary.

The other issue with my trail on Saturday were the random holes that appeared.  I’m not sure what made said holes and after the Sand hill crane snake incident, I’m not sure I ever want to know.

Here is the photographic evidence.

random hole

First Random Hole

two holes

two random holes

And then I found a bazillion more.  And then I started finding very large ones, like this.

big ass hole

That’s a big ass hole!

MacGyver went around the entire trail and filled them all in for me before I ran the next day so the dogs and I would not get hurt.  (He’s a keeper!)

The next day we ran our asses off and I may or may not have fallen asleep with them.

You should make it a point to snuggle with pups every know and then. It lowers your blood pressure.  Hank is wearing a super cool vest that MacGyver bought him.

A little later, MacGyver and I took a ride on the ATV.  MacGyver took me on the upper trail which is the more dangerous one.  It’s the higher part where you can look down over the side and see down about 40 feet into the palm scrubs and cypress trees.  It gets a little hairy in some parts and MacGyver just plows right through.  (Mom, if you’re reading I’m so kidding, we always take the lower trail and MacGyver always stays in 2nd gear, he’s such an old man.)

sugar sand

Florida Sugar Sand. I’ve actually driven the motorcycle on this before. True story, I have. I would never do that again, ever.

mud trail

Mud trails, possibly an upper one…

upper trail view

This is a view from an upper trail.


I finally broke down and brought home a piece of driftwood from our property.  I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look around the pond.

We were exhausted by Sunday afternoon and ready to get home but then MacGyver spotted something between the orange trees in the groves on the way out.

Turkey Call

Calling the Toms

Yes friends, that’s a Turkey call in his hands.  A good wife lets her husband go hunting but a great wife will sit quietly in a car while super exhausted with two exhausted dogs and let her excited husband use his turkey call for half an hour to try to bring out some turkeys because she knows how happy he’ll be when this happens.

Tom Turkeys

Here come the Toms!

And that smile on his face lasted the entire three hour ride home!

I’d say it was a pretty successful trip.  I need to get back to that running trail.

How was your weekend?