15 miles before heading to the cabin where my running trail is no more…

So I thought I would check in and let you know that I’m still here.  It’s just that the kid is in town and we’ve been having so much fun I almost forgot about my little blog.  And then just when I decided to sit down and write a little post, bam, my internet took a crap again.  Thank you WOW cable and internet, you never cease to amaze me with the amount of mistakes you make and the crappy service you continue to almost provide.

sarcastic applause

Anywho, since we’ve got service for the time being, let me start by telling you about my awesome Saturday long run.

fifteen mile long run

Yep, I got my fifteen mile run done, albeit slow, it was still 15 miles and I did not get a migraine and I felt great afterwards.

The kid and his friend arrived around 1:15 in the afternoon and we hung out around the house because he was tired from driving for so many hours.  MacGyver and I went to get pizza and another of the kids friends came over so they all chilled on the lanai for a while.  It was a pretty low key evening because we had to get up early the next morning.

On Sunday at 5AM I woke everyone up and we hit the road.

four wheelin

We headed out to our cabin in Holopaw.  We didn’t bring our mud jeep this time because we were only going to be there for a few days and the guys weren’t interested in muddin all that much.  They had other plans.

guys shooting

In case I didn’t mention it, we have our own shooting range on our property.  MacGyver brought out a mini arsenal and they all wanted to shoot every single thing.

shooting hill

They set up tons of targets and the thing that launches the clay pigeons.  The kid is the master at skeet shooting.  For real.  He doesn’t miss.  Ever.  He loves it.  Unfortunately he also loved MacGyver’s Benelli and has informed me that’s what he would like for Christmas.  If anyone knows where I can get a Benelli super black eagle III on sale let me know.

While the guys were busy shooting, the dogs were busy napping.

sleeping dogs lie sleepy dog

I wish I could sleep through all that noise.  Silly dogs.

Instead, I was inside the cabin setting up dog town with new sheets.  For those of you who don’t know, our camp is actually called ‘Dog Town’.

dog sheets

Can you believe I found those dog sheets on clearance at Walmart after Christmas for only 7 bucks!  Score.  And bonus, they’re flannel.  Perfect for the cabin.  I also got a queen set for 11 bucks for our bed.

We did a bit of riding around while we were out there and we even did some Urban Exploration through some abandoned camps and I’ll post those photos tomorrow.  It was so much fun.  I could have done that for days.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to run on Monday morning because my running trail is grown over and since someone bought the lots around us, we have to reconfigure it anyways.

We got home around 9:30 last night and the guys must have been exhausted because I got up and ran 7 miles, walked the dogs and showered and they were all still sleeping.  Too bad because they missed this beautiful sky.


That’s it for me. I better get some work done while the internet is functioning.  Check back tomorrow, I promise you will love the pictures from our urban exploring adventures.

How was you’re weekend?

Another weekend on Dog Town Trail

I went for a run in the neighborhood this morning and I thought I would die.  Literally.  I got to 4.3 miles and I just gave up.  It is so hard to run on trails all weekend and then come home to pavement.  So. Very. Hard.

Dog Town Trail

You would miss this too right?

Dog Town Trail

I mean this beats pavement any old day!

I ran on my running trail both days we were at the cabin.  The first day was a bit more challenging because MacGyver hadn’t yet had the time to mow it down so I had to dodge all the roots that had grown up and I had to watch out for critters.  Luckily, the only major incident was with this guy.

Sand hill crane

Can you see him off in the distance there?

Well, here’s a much better picture.  I took the next one right before he sang out and flew over me.

sand hill crane

I said sang out but it was more like a yell.

And did I mention that he had a very long snake in his mouth?  Well, he did.  And it was hella scary.

The other issue with my trail on Saturday were the random holes that appeared.  I’m not sure what made said holes and after the Sand hill crane snake incident, I’m not sure I ever want to know.

Here is the photographic evidence.

random hole

First Random Hole

two holes

two random holes

And then I found a bazillion more.  And then I started finding very large ones, like this.

big ass hole

That’s a big ass hole!

MacGyver went around the entire trail and filled them all in for me before I ran the next day so the dogs and I would not get hurt.  (He’s a keeper!)

The next day we ran our asses off and I may or may not have fallen asleep with them.

You should make it a point to snuggle with pups every know and then. It lowers your blood pressure.  Hank is wearing a super cool vest that MacGyver bought him.

A little later, MacGyver and I took a ride on the ATV.  MacGyver took me on the upper trail which is the more dangerous one.  It’s the higher part where you can look down over the side and see down about 40 feet into the palm scrubs and cypress trees.  It gets a little hairy in some parts and MacGyver just plows right through.  (Mom, if you’re reading I’m so kidding, we always take the lower trail and MacGyver always stays in 2nd gear, he’s such an old man.)

sugar sand

Florida Sugar Sand. I’ve actually driven the motorcycle on this before. True story, I have. I would never do that again, ever.

mud trail

Mud trails, possibly an upper one…

upper trail view

This is a view from an upper trail.


I finally broke down and brought home a piece of driftwood from our property.  I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look around the pond.

We were exhausted by Sunday afternoon and ready to get home but then MacGyver spotted something between the orange trees in the groves on the way out.

Turkey Call

Calling the Toms

Yes friends, that’s a Turkey call in his hands.  A good wife lets her husband go hunting but a great wife will sit quietly in a car while super exhausted with two exhausted dogs and let her excited husband use his turkey call for half an hour to try to bring out some turkeys because she knows how happy he’ll be when this happens.

Tom Turkeys

Here come the Toms!

And that smile on his face lasted the entire three hour ride home!

I’d say it was a pretty successful trip.  I need to get back to that running trail.

How was your weekend?


I finally got to run on Dog Town Trail and then I fell.

Good morning!  I guess it’s kind of late morning huh?  Oh well.  I guess that’s what happens when you go to your cabin in the middle of nowhere for the weekend.  Maybe we should have tried to find the middle of nowhere closer to home…………



Before we headed out on Friday I decided to go ahead and get in a long run.  I knew my running trail at the cabin was overgrown and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to run on it so I decided just to go ahead and get a long run in just in case.

After running, we piled into the truck and headed out.    The ride over was going to be bittersweet knowing the airstream installation wasn’t going to be there but we did get to drive by the Florida State Fair and I love seeing all the rides.

florida state fair

After about 4 hours, a stop at Popeye’s Chicken, one stop at Big Lots, one stop at Bealls Outlet and another stop to gas up the car and the fill the gas cans for the generator we arrived at Holopaw Groves Road.  This is one of my favorite parts of the trip because of the smell.

orange groves

Can you see the oranges on the ground?

You have to drive down a five mile road to get to the gate to Suburban Estates and you pass by five miles of orange groves and all you can smell at this time of the year is orange blossoms and it’s delicious.

After we get to the gate we still have to drive through half an hour of bumpy dirt roads to get to our cabin.

And then there she is.


After unloading everything it was pretty late so MacGyver and I decided to take a ride around on the ATV.  It was a bit dusty so I donned my pink ranger uniform, (not really but sort of.)


I took a few pictures while riding out on the trail but it’s kind of hard to take pictures and drive the atv.


Do you think it’s odd that someone would leave a random kayak in the middle of a muddin trail on recreational property with absolutely no real navigable waterways, because I don’t.  I find shit like that out here all the time.  One we found an actual sailboat in the middle of a cypress field.  It was epic.

Anyway, the next morning we got up early but it was pretty cold and my trail wasn’t really ready to run on and MacGyver had a project to work on so I decided not to run and he went to work on his project.  I went out to see if I could help him and then I saw the thing that makes my little ocd brain go bananas:

MacGyvers tools

Holy Mother of God!  How on God’s green Earth does he expect to find the right nuts and bolts to get anything done?  Seriously?  I mean, how can anyone get anything done with a mess like that?  What is he thinking?

So, while MacGyver got to work on his project, I got to work on mine.

After OCD

MacGyver’s project was a whole lot more fun than mine.  We may not have typical electricity in Suburban Estates, we use a generator.  And we may not have city water, instead, MacGyver dug a well and he uses a pump to get it to the top of a tower where it runs down into the pipes and supplies water to our little cabin.  Did I mention that MacGyver is a genius?

Anyway, we raised this bar this weekend.

Hot tub

Or our redneck is on point.  Either way, I’m pretty sure we have the only hot tub for miles around!

I did manage to run on Sunday morning on my trail.  Dog Town Trail, for those of you who don’t know.

trail dog town trail

And then I found a disturbing thing.  I was tracking some little footprints around the pond.

tiny paw prints

Those are definitely paw prints of some sort.

And I saw all of this fur on the ground. And it is definitely from an animal.


And I was trying to take a picture of the disturbing thing that I finally saw when this happened.


And this is what my legs look like as I’m falling on my ass while holding my iphone and avoiding a creepy and disturbing thing.

Which is why my run looked like this:

And yeah, that kills my OCD brain to end on 4.16, kills me.

And in case you’re wondering what was so disturbing, it was this:


Yeah, so when you’re out there running on the trails, even if it is your very own running trail, be careful!

You can fall down and your dogs will laugh at you.


Do you prefer running on the pavement or running on the trails?