Slippo the Hippo

I have literally been working my ass off, as if that were even remotely possible, and it’s not.  Trust me, it isn’t.  I’ve been blessed in that way.

big big booty

I get it from my mama

But seriously y’all I’m so tired and I needed a break and so did MacGyver and even though we did go to our house in Nokomis last weekend it wasn’t exactly the break we were looking for since we had to deal with the whole ‘a friggin tree fell in our backyard and left debris all over the god damn place’.  See that was NOT exactly a break.

And then, I had a slip.  A nip hip slip!

oh the pain

Actually, what had happened wuz….

I was walking the dogs yesterday after my run, and of course the bastards decided to chase a cat, but they had different ideas of how to catch it.  Boomer went left while Hank went forward and I landed on my left butt cheek.  Hard.

So, all day yesterday my left hip which had been a little tweaky now feels like someone is stabbing me every time I sit down which means my piriformis is screaming at me.  And guess how we get that better.  Go ahead, guess!

We Rest!

i need self help

Does anyone know where I can pick up a self help book?

Fortunately, MacGyver and I are headed to our little cabin.  Unfortunately, there’s no electricity, or running water, or cable TV.  I do have a sweet ass personal running trail that was specifically built for me so that I’d have something to do while we’re out there……………

Kill me now.

What are you’re weekend plans?  (I’m going to steal wifi and blog from the cabin, stay tuned.)

Tuesday tips, how to have a successful running blog

As one of the most unsuccessful running blogs in the world I gets lots of email from people who ask me what it takes to write a successful running blog.

Wait, what?

So today I’m going to tell you exactly what you need to do if you want to become a successful running blogger and have legions of readers and fans.  No, really.  Read on.

The first thing you need if you want to have a successful running blog is a really good name.  Think fast and strong, something like ‘super fly felicia’ or ‘blazing fast belinda’.  Because if you want people to read your blog, and most importantly subscribe to it, it starts with the name.  No one wants to read a running blog written by ‘the turtle from Topeka’, just sayin.


Everybody wants to know your times.  No one reads just to hear all about your training and then not to learn how well you raced.  Ever.  If you run fast or slow it doesn’t really matter, actually, scratch that.  People do want to know how fast you are, so if you don’t run fast you better at least improve because everybody likes to see improvement.  If you’ve been running for six years and still run the same 5K time, you’ll need to do something drastic to keep (or grow) your readership.

I suggest you qualify for the Olympic Trials.  Yeah, that should work.

run bitch

No one wants to see you sweat but we want to hear about it.  All the successful running blogs make sure to constantly talk about how profusely they sweat and then post pictures of themselves so dry Death Valley pales in comparison so, do that.  Nothing says successful runner like a face full of makeup, curled hair and running clothes.  Trust.

We also want to know what you’re eating and we want you to make us feel like we eat too much so be sure to post pictures of lots of salads and veggies and throw in some fruit with some protein powder too, we love to know how healthy you are as well.

french fries?Oh no gurl!  No successful running blogger ever eats a French fry!  Ever.

Run all the races.  We want to hear about ALL the races so you’ll have to run them all, each and every one.  As soon as you finish the latest 5K, get back to the start line and finish the 10K and the marathon.  And don’t forget to post your times.

Be sure to tell us how to properly train for whatever race we might be running and tell us when to take rest days.  Of course you don’t have to practice what you preach because we don’t want to actually see you taking a rest day.  Nope, we want our running bloggers to be super human.  We want you to run ALL the time.

Whatever you do, do not get injured.  If you get injured you’ll have absolutely nothing to write about.  Unless, you get Meb or Shalane to guest blog for you and then all will be instantly forgiven.

And if you become a top running blogger that should be easy, right?


And there you have it, my tips on how to become the most successful running blogger ever.

And now it’s your turn because I’m sure I’ve left something out.

What else should one do to become a successful running blogger?

How does one become a successful (any subject) blogger?

Why blog comments are so important

I’ve been running off and on since I was in high school. Since that time I’ve really loved running but it wasn’t until 6 or 7 years ago that I began running consistently. Once I got serious about running and racing I started perusing the internet for any information I could find that would help me develop as a runner. That’s when I discovered running blogs.

I’ve read many running blogs over the years, some more consistent than others. I’ve commented on many of them and I have actually met a few of the people whose blogs I regularly read. I started my own blog because I wanted to share some of the things that happen to me when I’m out running and it kind of evolved from there. I really didn’t know if anyone would read and that didn’t really matter because it became cathartic in a sense, and so I kept with it and I have also continued to read blogs myself.


Sometimes it isn’t easy to find the time to read all of the blogs that I love but when I do, if I really like the post, I want the writer to know it and I take the time to leave a comment. Despite the fact that I run my own little business and do all of the marketing for MacGyver’s company, take care of two houses, and a cabin, have a husband, a kid, and two dogs, I will take the time to tell you that I like your post because I want you to know.

And that is also the very same reason that I take the time to reply to every single person who leaves a comment on my blog. Because I care. Because I know how busy you are and I know you have a life and a job and things that are far more important than my little ol’ running blog but yet, you take the time to leave a comment, for me. And regardless of whether we have the same opinion or not, that means something. So if it takes me 10 minutes or a week to respond it doesn’t matter, the point is, I will reply to you.

Your comments count

Granted, I don’t have hundreds of comments a day to sift through and I have been quite lucky in that most of the people who have commented on my blog have been super supportive, but even if that changed, I would continue to make an effort to reply to every single person even if it meant that I had to write fewer posts.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect every blogger out there to reply to every single commenter, it’s just something that I myself feel strongly about. Whether that changes in the future, who knows? But to be perfectly honest, I doubt it will because when you take the time to respond to me, I appreciate it and I want you to know.

Now, tell me anything you want to, anything at all.