You give them root, you give them wings…

So I took Celia’s advice and got back out there on my bike and I did it!

happy dance

It wasn’t a fast ride though I did have a few stretches where I went fairly fast and I stood up and peddled once for a brief second.  Those were my only real big feats.  Other than that, I took my time to get to know the bike and get comfortable with the brakes and the gears.  You know, the important things.

I took the lead and MacGyver road behind me the entire way.  I actually left him on the way home because he had to stop at the bike station and repair one of his gears and that worked out better because I was more confident.

I rode 9 miles without incident.  It was awesome.

I do have to tell you that because I have a sense of humor and I believe the best way to get past anything is to laugh through it, I ordered this shirt for myself.

my new shirt

I think it’s appropriate.

Several weeks ago my neighbor brought me a sweet little guy we named Larry Bird.

Little Larry

His nest had fallen out of a tree that was being cut down and he and his brother had fallen, he survived but sadly his brother did not.  We had the pleasure of nurturing and raising little Larry Bird and watching him grow and thrive.

We watched him as he learned to all on his own and then to hunt his own food.  We watched him as he flew up to the top of this cage and then as he flew across the lanai to the top of the screen.

Larry Bird

This morning we released Larry Bird and we watched as he flew off far up into the pine tree in the back of the yard.  I hope he comes back occasionally when he has a craving for a meal worm or two.  He really does like them.  I hope he finds a wife and makes a family and brings them down to see us.

That little Larry Bird really left an impression on me.

Have you ever rescued a wild creature?

Going down, I’m yelling timber!

Over the weekend MacGyver and I went for a bike ride in the rain.  I was a little jealous because MacGyver had taken me shopping and I got a new water bottle and holder and new gloves but he got new pedals with shoes that clip into them and he wouldn’t get them for me.  He said I wasn’t ready.

Oh Really

He said he ordered toe clips for me but that I wasn’t even ready for those and we would work into them.  For the record, he’s wrong.  I’m totally ready.  Just because he’s been riding a bike for a bazillion years and I’ve only been riding one for a few days doesn’t mean I can’t use clips because I can.

I am an idiot

After he stopped at a light and almost ate it, I decided the toe clips would be just fine.  I don’t really need those fancy shoe things right now.  They seem a little complicated anyway.

Anywho, the clips haven’t come yet so it’s a mute point and it rained all day Sunday and Monday so we didn’t ride.  We have gotten so much rain that MacGyver thought it was a really bad idea to try to ride.  It’s really wet everywhere.  Even our backyard is flooded.


That’s actually a pond but there’s some flooding in there too I swear!


This morning we woke up to more rain and then finally around 8am there was a break in the weather and it stopped raining.  Since I tried running yesterday and it hurt my hip and even walking seemed to aggravate it, I really wanted to ride my bike so MacGyver and I decided to chance it and go for a quick ride.

We headed out around 8:10 this morning and luckily for us the skies turned clear and the sun even started to peek out.  We headed down to Kapok Park and down to the Ream Wilson Trail and followed that all the way down to the Safety Harbor Marina.

I was feeling pretty good about the ride and making really good time too.  That is until MacGyver decided to turn around on the sidewalk at the marina and head back.  Apparently I’m not skilled enough to turn around on a sidewalk yet because that’s when I crashed.

And I ripped my seat.

ripped seat

And scraped my brake.

scraped brake

And I scraped my shoulder.


And I cut my knee.

cut knee

And I’m so pissed that I messed up my new bike.  Pissed.  MacGyver said I crashed because it was wet out and he’s said we should have waited til it dried up to go out.  But I know it was really because I was being over-confident and totally hit the corner of the sidewalk but don’t tell him that because he’ll never put those new toe clips on my bike.

When is the last time you crashed on a bike?

On a scale of 1-10 how confident are you on your bike?

Wake up you need to make money…

Good Morning!  How are you?  I woke up bright and early ready to get things done.  I picked up the house a bit, went for a three mile walk, walked the dogs, and took a shower and then MacGyver woke up all stressed out.  Which stressed me out.


Apparently he couldn’t sleep because he was worried about all the money we’re spending on the new vacation house when we haven’t sold the first one yet and when he told me this I suddenly caught the stress bug too.

stressed out

And then I wanted to go for a run or meditate or do something because stress is the worst.  Running however, is still not happening.  I tried this morning for the first mile but it was still painful in my right hip and also my lower back.  I’m wondering if maybe I’m more broken than my doctor originally thought.  I might have to make another appointment if things don’t get better soon.

In the meantime, I’m spending as much time as I can on my new bike.

On Saturday MacGyver asked me if I wanted to go for a ride late in the day.  I said yes of course but I asked him to check the weather first.  He said it was as clear as a bell.  So off we went.

biking in rain

“Let’s go for a ride”, he said.  “It’ll be fun”, he said.  We sat under the bank building for a half an hour until it was just a sprinkle and then we headed home.  It was still lightning but thankfully we made it home in one piece.

The next time we go for a ride, I’ll be checking the weather myself!

What is the one thing you stress out over the most?

How do you handle stress?