Tuesday Tangents and how not to get killed on a treadmill

So MacGyver and I put in a new floor in our home gym and we also bought some additional equipment and now we have all kinds of machines up there.   Then we ordered a mini split system so it’s not so hot up there.  Do you know what all that means?

It means I worked out 6 days last week.  Six days of weight training.  Don’t get me wrong, I would still rather be running but since I have 3 more weeks til I can do that I’m trying to develop the very good habit of weight training in the meantime.   Maybe it will last this time….

weights oh joyI wasn’t able to work out yesterday and believe it or not, I actually wanted to.  I would have rather done almost anything that what I was doing yesterday.

summonsIt really wasn’t all that bad though.  The parties ended up settling and I got to go home without serving and I’m good for another year.  YAY.

Did y’all see the video of the man running on the treadmill in the gym who almost got run over?

It kills me how she goes back to get in her car like, well this parking space sucks, I’m outta here.  And she looks like she has no concern at all for that man she almost killed.  Crazy. And where are her shoes?

This is precisely why I have a home gym and I run on my treadmill at home.  People are crazy y’all.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen happen on a treadmill?

Have you ever had to serve jury duty?  I’ve done 7 tours so far.

WTF Wednesday, Mystery Solved

We live on a little pond.  It’s quite peaceful to go out and sit on the dock after a good workout.  And sometimes I like to go out there early in the evening and have a little glass of wine.   I love being outside in nature.

natureLast week I noticed fish bones on our dock that had been picked clean.  It was a little disturbing and I wondered if maybe a coyote or a vulture had been hanging out on the dock at night.  Or maybe someone snuck into our backyard and fished the pond while we were sleeping, cleaned the fish and then left.  I know, it’s a stretch, but that’s how my mind works.

I decided to hide out early in the morning before the sun came out to see if I could figure out what it was.  It took a couple of days but then…..I solved the mystery.

Ollie the Osprey I’ve named him Ollie.  Ollie the Osprey.  And so far that little punk has fished about 30 talapia out of the pond!  I’m not sure if he’s just hungry or trying to show us how a real fisherman does it.

WTF, it’s Wednesday and I do love nature.

The best April Fool’s Day prank and it will never be topped.

My father passed away several years ago but he was one of the funniest people I have ever known.  He would joke around with everybody he met and he would make up words that forever stuck in your head.

Once when we were kids, we stopped at the local Sonic on our weekly trip to my Grandparent’s Lake house.  The Sonic used to put these plastic things on the rim of their cups.

Sonic Aminals

I’m kind of pissed I never got a mermaid…

My dad called them aminals because they weren’t real animals but plastic ones.  To this day if I see a chachki or a stuffed animal or anything really that resembles an animal but isn’t, it’s an aminal.

My father was a mechanic by trade and once when I needed a car he gave me an old Oldsmobile that someone probably dumped off at his shop and decided it wasn’t worth fixing.  I was glad to have a car but imagine how embarrassed I was when I had to rub two wires together to start it.   My dad said if it was still working there was no point in buying more parts.

Do you know how hard it is to make sure no one is watching while you hot wire your car in a mall parking lot?

britney bitchOne time I had to take my boss home and I’m pretty sure she thought I stole the car.  I could have died from embarrassment.   Anyway, as I mentioned, my dad was a mechanic.

When I was in grade school, I don’t remember what grade but I do remember it was on March 31st, my Mom picked me up from school and told me we had to go to the hospital.  She said my dad had hoisted an engine and it had fallen on his foot.  She also told us that the hospital mentioned that he would lose some toes.

whatI just remember asking all kinds of questions.

“Is it his big toe?”  “Will he still be able to walk?”  “How long will he be in the hospital?”  “Will he get presents and can we have some of them?”

I might have been a little bratty back in the day.

But back to the story.  Luckily my dad came home that same night and while he could only limp the first few days, he only lost the ends of two toes and it never affected his walking.  Nothing major.  My dad certainly wasn’t concerned about it so life went on.

I went to school the very next day and proceeded to tell all of my teachers and friends that my father cut his toes off and NO ONE BELIEVED ME.  Why?  Because it was April Fool’s Day. Despite all my efforts to bring in photographic evidence, have my mom call the school or actually bring my dad’s toes in for show and tell, no one believed me.

I did however become known as the best prankster on April Fool’s Day and since I have never in my life been able to top that feat, that is why I never prank on April Fool’s Day.

Now, tell me the worst prank anyone has ever pulled on you?

Also does your family have any pet names for things, like Aminal, that you want to share?