Older runners, you can do it! There are no limits.

Over the weekend tragedy almost struck twice.  On Saturday after my long run I decided to trim up the ferns in the back of the Nokomis house.  All was going well until I realized my Motiv ring was once again, missing.

Oh my God

I was sure it wasn’t going to fall off.  I had checked several times and it seemed tight enough on my finger and yet here it was missing.  I looked all through the ferns and y’all have no idea how many ferns are in the back of this house.  TONS.  There was no way I was going to find it in there so I thought maybe it might be in the trash can where I had been throwing all of the cut branches.  It was a long shot and the huge can was full but I had no choice other than to dig through it all.

found it


Laying somewhat close to the top of the can amidst all the fern leaves, boom, there it was.  I put that baby back on my finger and vowed never to lose it again.

On Sunday we went over to Englewood to visit with the family.  We weren’t sure how long we would be over there so we took the dogs with us.  On the way over MacGyver stopped at TJMaxx so I could run in quickly and look for something I I’ve been looking for but they didn’t have it.  Then I saw that the thrift store in the same plaza was going out of business and having a big sale so I asked MacGyver to sit in the car with the dogs just a bit longer so I could go check it out.

By the time we got to Englewood Hank was itching to get out of the car and he nearly pulled my arm off as I held onto the leash.  We finally got the dogs settled and as we were talking with my in laws, I reached down to twist my ring around as I often do, and that’s when I realized, IT WAS GONE!

son of a bitch

MacGyver instantly recognized the look on my face and asked what was wrong.  When I told him he said he couldn’t believe that I lost it again.  This time, I had absolutely no idea where it would be and MacGyver thought that maybe I had lost it in one of the stores that I had been in.

I decided to go out and check the car in case it had fell out in there and MacGyver and his dad followed me outside.  As I went to open the door, I looked down on the ground and low and behold, a shiny Motiv ring was laying in the grass.

Holy shit

That’s what I said!

Can you believe that?  I lost that damn ring twice and each time I found it.  MacGyver said if I lose it again and I’m lucky enough to find it, he’s going to screw it to my finger!  And I have no doubt that he’d try.

Now, let’s talk running because this weekend, I rocked my running shoes my friends.  On Saturday I woke up feeling sad because I haven’t raced in a while and it’s on my list of things to do this year, but since I haven’t registered for anything yet I decided to just go ahead and run a half marathon on my own.

half marathon

Boom! Nailed it!

It was slow and steady but my goal was to keep the pace consistent and I checked my splits after and it was super consistent, like within a few seconds each mile.

On Sunday, I woke up feeling great but since I had run two back to back long runs last week, I didn’t want to do that again.  Instead I wanted to run a progression run of 8 miles.

progression run

Progression run = PROGRESS

I didn’t look at my splits until I was finished.  I just tried to run based on how I felt and again, nailed it. As far as running goes, this was definitely my week.  I’m not sure why I’m so motivated lately but a lot of inspiring stories have come across my facebook feed and across other accounts and they have inspired me.

Did you see the story about Molly Friel?  Shes the California woman who recently qualified for the Olympic trials by running a 2:43:57 in the California International Marathon.

Molly FrielHere’s the thing, Molly Friel is 50 years old.  FIFTY!  So, don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too old, ever.  You can do anything you set your mind to.

If you need additional proof, look no further than Andrea Linck.

Andrea LinckWhat Andrea did is just as amazing.  She sat out to run a marathon, and not just any marathon but her very first marathon.  And then she won.  No, really, she won!  Her first marathon.  Go girl, go!

So you see, anything is possible.  You just have to get out there and run.

Switching gears because that’s how I do, do any of you live in Hawaii?  What the hell is going on with that notification system and how many people had heart attacks before realizing it was a mistake?  Damn Hawaii, get it straight!

What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever lost something multiple times and couldn’t believe you found it?  What was it?

Thursday in the 727, a different kind of racing

No, the following pictures are not from an episode of Street Outlaws and no, MacGyver and I were not in the 405, AKA Oklahoma City.

showtime speedway

There was no Big Chief, no Farm Truck and no Azn.  There was a 72 Nova but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the Murder Nova.

72 Nova

Nope, MacGyver and I were at the Showtime Speedway.  In an effort to get him to finally get the 67 Pontiac back on the street, we headed down there for some motivation.  I think it worked too because he didn’t take his eyes off the track once.  It was test and tune night.

me and macgyver

Yep, he was watching a race and I busted him.

If you’ve never been to the races or a track of any sort, I highly recommend it.  It’s super exciting.  Last night there was a girl testing her snowmobile which she races, I kid you not. She got that thing up to 95 miles an hour on the 1/8 mile track.  Why she had a snowmobile in Florida I have no idea but the girl kicked ass.

I was quite surprised to see how accurate Street Outlaws actually is when I learned that they do in fact use computers on their cars!

tuningThe Showtime Speedway has a test and tune night each Wednesday and the actual races are on the weekend but some of the cars did race last night and some of them were super fast.

fast car

I don’t know how motivated MacGyver is but I really want to race.  And MacGyver says I can if we pull out the pontiac and make some adjustments to it.  The only caveat is that he says I’ll need to wear a helmet.  I’m not fond of helmets but considering the amount of times I’ve crashed my bike, it’s probably necessary.  (And not just for racing.)


They have a circle track too where some guys where practicing last night.  The cars get really close tot he fence and I got a bit nervous.  I mean they do make you sign a waiver when you go in.

I wonder what they make you sign when you race?  Hopefully I’ll find out soon…

Have you ever been to the races?  Fan or not?

WTF Wednesday, it’s why I’m rockin an afro.

I had planned on doing a review for you yesterday on some awesome shoes but that didn’t happen.  Why?  Well, my internet went down on Monday and was down all night and all day yesterday.

Pulling out hair

I called the provider on Monday night and immediately got a recording telling me that the entire area was affected due to a fiber cut.  Oh really?  They also said they couldn’t give a definitive time as to when it would be repaired but please, be patient because they were working on it.

I went to bed and woke up Tuesday and still no service.  I logged into my hotspot and checked their website and it didn’t mention any outages in my area.  Then I went to the down detector site and a lot of people in my are said they were up and running so I thought maybe it was me.  I checked the cable and all the computers over and over again.  I reset everything.  I shut everything off and back on again.  Nothing.

As a last resort I called the provider and when I didn’t hear the recorded message mentioning the outage and I just knew it was just me and my service that was out because that’s the kind of luck I have.  I waited on hold for 32 minutes and then the customer service rep told me the entire area was still experiencing problems.



I, ahem, politely explained to the representative that I wouldn’t have wasted 32 minutes on the phone waiting if only they had taken the five seconds to update the website or add the message to their automated service.  He said they’ve been requesting that from the supervisors but so far, nothing had been posted.  UGH!

We finally got the cable and internet back around 5PM and then at 9:54 this morning, it took a shit again.

nervous breakdown

Because I didn’t want to use my hotspot all day yesterday, instead of getting work done I decided it might be a good time to work on other things.  I have been procrastinating when it comes to some of the chores around the house and I needed to organize some things.

I started in the bathroom but I only made it through one shelf because I found a curling iron I thought I had lost and I decided to try this hairstyle that I found on pinterest.  (ADD much?)

beach hair waves

My hair isn’t as long as hers but it’s long enough to do this style and I’ve wanted to try it forever and so I did, and it only took me an hour.

Unfortunately the result was not the same.

Mine ended up looking like this:


White Girl Afro

There’s a reason that I’m not a beauty blogger.

WTF it’s Wednesday and I’m just over here with no internet and some crazy hair.

What do you do when your internet and cable are out?  For like, days!