Back to our normal, but what is normal anyway?

So, we have power and internet and cable at both houses.  Well, we don’t have cable at Nokomis but then we never did so that wasn’t a loss.  What we don’t have are three and a half of our former trees and a bazillion tiny limbs and palm fronds.

I wonder is snap peas grow on snap trees?

Anywho, this will be a really short post because apparently my body is not meant to do the things it used to do when I was, ahem, younger.

I am broken.

After 7 days of constantly lifting 100+ pound logs from cut trees I was not able to sleep for the past two nights.  I had a very severe pain in my right arm that radiated down to my fingers.  So, early this morning MacGyver insisted I go to the urgent care.

My hand is badly swollen and I can’t grip anything.  Fortunately it is not broken or fractured but I have some nerve pain and very bad inflammation and the doctor noticed some bone spurs on the xray as well as a little arthritis.  He also mentioned some other underlying issues involving my spine and and asked me to follow up with my regular physician.

And then he prescribed some pain medication and told me above all, do not use that hand for at least 5 days, so here I am, typing out a blog post.

How was your weekend?  Your week?  I can’t type so you better fill me in on your weekend.

WTF Wednesday, Florida Strong!

Irma was a big ol’ bitch!


She rolled in around 8PM on Sunday night with this alert on my cell phone.

Cell phone alert

It didn’t seem all that bad for the first few hours and MacGyver and I and the neighbors ended up heading off the bed around 10:30 because by that time the earlier reports which told us we should expect a category 4 storm to hit us directly now informed us it would be more like a category 2 and it would not be a direct hit.

So, we went to sleep expecting to wake up to no power and maybe some trees on the ground or on the roof.

Surprisingly, we woke up with power, but no internet or cable.  I have to use my hotspot to update the blog so that’s why the delayed post.  Well that and I’m sure you want to see pictures and it takes about 4 minutes to upload each one and that’s beyond annoying so it is what it is.  Maybe I’ll post more later.

Anyway, there was a ton of downed trees in my neighborhood and for a cat 1-2 storm, it was pretty bad.  Here some of the damage from my backyard.

leaning palm

We ended up losing this palm tree.


The next pictures are all of neighbors houses.


A neighbor’s house

tree on house

My next door neighbor’s backyard

And these are pictures from our house in Nokomis sent to us from a neighbor.  We lost a few fence panels and a tree was snapped in half and one fell across the canal but no damage at all to our house.  We are so lucky!

WTF it’s Wednesday and we may be cleaning up for a while but we’re still standing!

Famous Last Words

This might be the last post for a little while.  Remember how I said ‘we never get hurricanes here….’  yeah, well, apparently I lied.

After helping MacGyver and I shore up the Nokomis and Englewood homes, my sister found a rental car online Friday and was able to get her family safely home. (After an incredibly long drive I might add.)

At that time we thought the hurricane was possibly coming into Miami but we still wanted to prepare in case it wasn’t and it was a good thing we did.  We prepared as best we could.  The storm surge however will probably be too much for Nokomis.  I really hope it isn’t but it is what it is.  I am more worried about my family and their safety right now and that is what is most important.  Things can be replaced.

We are in Clearwater right now which is 48 feet above sea level at our home.  It is one of the highest locations in the area.  We have boarded up and put up storm shutters, even over our impact windows.  (MacGyver is very protecting.)

Unfortunately some of the people in our neighborhood did not have time to prepare and did not feel safe in their homes so MacGyver and I have opened our doors to them.  We do not know how our roof is going to hold up to the winds and some of the neighbors have trees that are hanging dangerously close to our house which we did not have time to trim or did not have access to but we are praying they do not fall.  Fingers are crossed and we’ll update family and friends as we can.