It’s a beautiful ring, it tracks your fitness, and helps you to relax, and I want it!

Some of you may have read my post about the Motiv Ring which still hasn’t shipped but is promised to do so soon, (sometime this summer for those of you who are waiting.)

I happen to be one of those people who can be a bit impatient, especially when I’m sporting a hell of a white ring around my wrist from my fitbit!  Mostly though, it’s because I’m a tech lover and an exercise addict and I just love gadgets, especially pretty ones.

So, I did some research on activity tracking rings and I found this one:


How pretty is this ring? Right?


It doesn’t track swimming but then neither does my fitbit.  It’s mostly for tracking steps but it also has a feature that helps you to unwind and de-stress.  No, really.  Ringly offers daily guided audio meditation and breathing exercises.   How cool is that?

ringly Now that’s a feature that I could seriously use.

And let’s not forget that it IS an activity tracker, calorie tracker, and it allows you to set your own goals and reminders.

what ringly tracks

If a ring isn’t your style, the company also offers bracelets.  Really cute bracelets.

Ringly producst

And at only $169.00 for the ring, it’s just as affordable as any other fitness tracker on the market, only it’s pretty.  Really pretty.  And I have a birthday coming….

Have you heard about the Ringly?

Would you wear a ring for an activity tracker?

What do you think about the Ringly, too pretty or just right?  I think it’s perfect!

WTF Wednesday, Paris the Princess of Por…..

This story came across my news feed yesterday:

ring too small

I have to admit, I wanted that story to turn out differently.  I mean, I was glad that she broke up with the guy but I secretly wish she would have lost the weight and then rejected him, kept the ring, and then left him for his best friend, who was also his therapist.  Right?  Like an amped up episode of Khloe Kardashian’s Revenge Body that you might actually want to watch.

Paris  for Princess

I tried to write something about this but I just couldn’t stop laughing.  I’m still laughing so if you want to read it just click on it.  I’m over here hysterical right now and I just can’t even.

Last week when we were in Nokomis, MacGyver and I had planned on building a nice storage shed and moving the laundry room to the cabana so that we could put in the second bathroom.  We’ve already contacted a plumber and taken the steps to go from well water to city water so it was just a matter of getting all the things moved around.

We have a lot of shit.  Rather, MacGyver has a lot of shit.  Tools, equipment, various things he needs to work on the boat, cars, house and etc.  What we really need is a garage but then, we have one of those in Clearwater, why do we also need one in our vacation home.

the hoard is real

Oh yeah, that’s why.

Anyway, since we had a building to build we needed some equipment.  MacGyver and I like to go to garage sales because sometimes you can find some of the things you might need.  While we were out driving around we saw a house for sale near our neighborhood and we stopped to look at it.  It needed a bit of work but we liked that it was laid out just like the Englewood house and was bigger than the Nokomis house but it was on a good canal with good boating access.

MacGyver said if we could just move our house to where that house was and leave the garage and boat lift and put in a pool it’d be the perfect house.  We both laughed, and then as if lightning struck us both at the same time we knew what we had to do.  We bought the house.

MacGyver sure does know how to get out of home improvement projects!

And then it occurred to me…

new running routes

They accepted our offer this week and now we just have to sell our other house, and fast.

WTF, it’s Wednesday and we just bought a house y’all!

What’s the last big purchase you made?

If you could have a vacation home anywhere in the world where would it be?

Tuesday Tips, Staying comfortable, even when it’s hot!

It’s no secret that it’s hot in Florida, everyone who’s ever been here knows that but you do tend to get used to it and you adapt.  I’m always giving runners advice on how we stay cool when running in the Florida heat but I often get asked how we stay cool and comfortable in general, especially with the humidity.


As I said, we adapt to the heat and humidity.  We develop ways to stay comfortable and cool and for those of you who wonder how I do it, here are some of my tips.

Keep your head cool.  It’s the number one thing I tell people.  You may think wearing a hat is hot but actually it keeps the sun off of your face and helps to cool you down.  If you don’t like wearing hats, wear a visor.  I wear one every day when I run.  Every. Single. Day.

I have a pretty small head but I live in this one, even when we go out on the boat.

Cool your engine first.  Just like a car, your body needs fluids to keep it cool.  I munch on fruit like watermelon and strawberries throughout the day and I also drink lots of water.  Staying hydrated is key.

Cotton is king.  I love my cotton underwear.  It breathes and its super light.  That’s really important here in Florida.  No one likes to have something sticking to them underneath their clothes.  It’s not only unsightly, it’s really uncomfortable.

Wear Sports Bras under all the things.  I wear sports bras as much as possible.  If you see me in anything other than an evening dress, chances are I probably have on a moisture wicking sports bra underneath.  You can get the same support with a sports bra as you do with a really good bra but a sports bra is much more comfortable in my opinion and the moisture wicking option is a must!

This is one of my personal favorites. Focusing on a comfy, moisture wicking base layer isn’t just for women either. Choosing the right men’s underwear, like these, make all the difference for guys too!

Forego the heavy makeup.  Makeup tends to run down your face when it’s hot and that’s why I stick to a light moisturizer with sunscreen instead of foundation and I use very minimal makeup.

makeup running

This is not pretty.

Dress for comfort.  I love light colors and really thin fabrics.  I don’t like to feel restricted by clothing and being able to move in it is a must and that’s why I prefer clothing that’s light and airy.  Long flowy cotton dresses look just as nice as a tight pencil skirt and it’s much easier to step out of my SUV!

Be mindful of your feet.  High heels sure do look nice, especially with a really nice outfit, but let’s face it, they aren’t the most comfortable.  I recycle my old running shoes and wear them when I’m running errands, garage sale-ing on the weekend, or shopping. When the occasion calls for something other than my running shoes, I wear cute flat sandals as much as possible.  Lately, I’m living in my Sperry Calla Jade sandals in Blue, LOVE!

running in heels

This is a broken ankle waiting to happen.

Misting sprays for your face.  I have a couple of these and I keep one in my purse at all times.  Not only does that mist feel great on your face, it gives you a nice little glow as well.

Lower your temperature with your wrists.  If you find yourself out running around during the day and the heat is getting to you but you certainly cannot take a dip in the pool, just run your wrists under really cool water for 10 – 15 seconds.  This trick actually lowers your whole body temperature and it keeps it cool for up to an hour!

What are your tips for staying cool and comfortable?