WTF Wednesday, I’m gonna test all the tests.

I went out for a run this morning and I felt pretty good.  I planned on running four miles as that’s what I’ve mostly been running during the week.  The operative word here is planned…..

I’ve got 93 reasons why I didn’t make it past 3.

it's hot

I’m okay with the mid 80’s or maybe even the high 80’s if the morning temperature could be around 72 or 73 with low dew points and no humidity but, dayum it was hot this morning.  Hot and humid.  Some days you just have to call it and today was one of those days.

After running I took the dogs for a quick walk and then I had to head over to the medical center for an appointment with my cardiologist.  For someone who has so many doctors, you’d think I was either the unhealthiest or the healthiest woman on the planet.  For the record I am neither.

bad joke

And my jokes are bad.

MacGyver always asks me how it went and I have become accustomed to giving the same response over and over, we’re doing additional testing.


Story of my life….

WTF, it’s Wednesday, at least I got a little break from work….

27 Miles and a little race envy

Saturday morning when I got up to go running, it was around 70 degrees.  No, I’m not lying, it was epic.  In fact, I’m pretty sure this is what I looked like..

running happy

I ran six miles and I would have kept going except that Saturday was the annual ‘Junk in the Trunk’ sale in Safety Harbor and I really wanted to go to it.  Unfortunately, we didn’t find anything we wanted, or even liked, and I found myself regretting that I didn’t run longer.

On Sunday, the temps were already creeping back up but it was still coolish.  I left around 7 and headed down to the park.  I though it would be cooler that running through the neighborhood.  I didn’t realize the annual pretty in pink 15K was yesterday but it was and it runs right through the park.

At first I was cheering on the runners who passed me but the more runners I saw the more crowded the trail became and a few of them almost ran into me because we were running in opposite directions.

I decided to head back to the neighborhood rather than finish the trail in the park and I was really trying to enjoy my run but instead I was just getting mad.  I’ve run that race before and it’s not only fun, it’s in my own neighborhood and the more I thought about it and the fact that I wasn’t running it now, the madder I became.


I got in my own head.  That’s all.  I managed to run 3 miles before calling it a day.

When I got home I thought about it for a while and then I realized that I still managed to run 27 miles last week.  I managed to get out there every day, regardless of the temperature and how I was feeling, and run.  I may not be where I was a few years ago but I have will power and strength and I know soon, I’ll get back to that point and then I’ll get even better.  It wont happen over night, but it will happen.

As far as the rest of the weekend goes, MacGyver and I spent a little time shopping and I worked out in the yard a bit.  MacGyver had a bit of a cold so I spent a lot of time in the man cave building, guess what?  More wreaths.

another wreath

The one in the window is the largest one I’ve made.  It’s around 32′ in diameter.  I put it in the window and took a picture of it and then posted it online to sell.  I sort of want to keep it though.  How many wreaths are too many?  Two?  Four?  Six? Maybe it’s time for me to start on the Christmas ones…..

What did you do this weekend?

Have you ever gotten runner envy seeing a race that you aren’t running?

Let’s step up and volunteer

Despite the fact that I spilled an entire Yeti mug full of coffee all over the table, my computer, a rug and then the living room floor this morning, I am lucky.

Hurricanes hit Florida practically every year and even with the destruction of Irma last year, we have been fortunate.  Never having any major damage from any storm over the years, I am so thankful.

The panhandle of Florida has been devastated.  The damage and destruction is almost insurmountable.  Any and all help is needed even in form of prayers.

And if you can donate, Volunteer Florida is a good place to start.

Thank you.