My Running Story

Let’s get real, I’m no spring chicken and I’m not a great athlete. In fact, I’m probably the least likely person to be writing a blog that includes posts about running. Oh sure, I ran track for a year in high school but I wasn’t exactly a threat if you know what I mean because well, I sort of sucked! It wasn’t that I didn’t like to run, I did, I just didn’t think I was any good and I didn’t have the motivation to get any better.

Motivation is a funny thing. Some people are motivated solely by the need to be the best. Others are motivated by a desire to lose weight or to get into shape but me, well, when I finally got motivated, I was motivated by a hum. Yes, you heard me right, a hum or rather humming, coming from none other than me.

Race pic

Yep, that’s me. I’m totally humming at the start….

I’m not really sure why it started happening since I wasn’t even aware that I was doing it but friends and family starting noticing around 4 years ago. They would ask me why I was humming or what I was humming or tell me to stop the flippin’ humming. And it’s not a soothing or a nice hum either. No, it’s more like a Grandmother crossed with a dying whale sort of tune, very disturbing. I asked Doctors about it, I looked it up on WebMD and I Googled it. What I found out is that it could be anything from Alzheimer’s to depression, OCD, a sinus issue or possibly stress but it seemed to be almost always associated with OLD people. Thinking it was most likely stress, (because I am soooo not old!), I began to look for ways to de-stress and I started to run and the more I ran, the more I realized how much I love running. And before I knew it the humming stopped…KIDDING, It never really stopped but I learned to live with the humming and actually I kind of embrace it now, (believe me… you have no idea how fast you can actually run until you try to outrun the sound of your own humming!) I have learned to laugh at myself and the bonus is that I fell in love with running.

compression socks

I’ve kept many running journals in the last few years and because I’m a little obsessive, (who me, NO), I also began reading and consuming every piece of information about running that I possibly could. I subscribed to magazines, I read Born To Run, I watched a movie about Pre, I read blogs and I learned exactly what a fartlek, tempo and PR mean. I learned about over-pronating after injuring my Achilles, I learned all about the Achilles and how to treat it, I bought a Garmin, I ran some races and I became a bona fide runner. And then I realized every damn thing in this sport seems to be geared towards, AHEM, young people. So I started this blog and hopefully I can inspire a few older women out there as well as the young ones, because it’s never too late to start running, living healthy and learning to love you for you. And while I’ll never be the next big thing in running or a rising marathon star, I’m not a running newbie either, what I am is, Up and Humming!

Welcome to my blog, it’s nice to meet ya!

11 thoughts on “My Running Story

  1. I am also a sportsperson plays that sports which needs too much running. You might be thinking of football yes you get it right.
    Frankly saying you wrote an awesome blog post about running and the design of your blog is mind-blowing. Loved it.
    I too own a fitness blog you can check it out here.

  2. While I am not a runner, I certainly think of doing it, so if is true that it is the thought that matters, then I am a runner at heart! I found you while I was looking up reviews for a product for my dogs, or as hairy children as I call them. Your story had me laughing to the point of tears!!!!! I am a fan! From one southern gal to another, honey, you are a hoot!😂

  3. Haha! I love your humorous story! I love that you put your life in motion and decided to make a change for yourself. Keeping a running journal must have really helped in tracking your improvement and self-confidence! Way to go!

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