The curse, send bubble wrap please.

I’m still alive.  And also feeling much better.  My stomach issues were caused by antibiotics which my pulmonologist had prescribed the previous Thursday.  I don’t know why I didn’t think about the antibiotics causing the stomach problems but I didn’t, anyhow, after several days of rest, I feel much better.


I feel good, so good, so good!

Despite feeling like crap for several days and barely leaving the bed for at least one of those, life continued on.  MacGyver was great the first day that I felt bad and he catered to me accordingly while I tried to work from the lazy boy.  Unfortunately, the catering didn’t last.  By day 2 MacGyver had his own trauma.  Don’t worry, I’ll fill you in.

In case you don’t know, MacGyver and I have a curse on us for the 4th of July.  It’s been going on for years.  From dog bites, to shoulder cuts, to uveitis, to a gun blast to the hand, we have a really bad track record.  That’s why on July 3rd through the 5th we cover up with bubble wrap and pray for the best.

This year, it threw a wrench in our plans and started a few days early.

On Thursday, MacGyver went to the bedroom to get something and tripped on the bench at the end of the bed and hurt his little toe.  Of course, I laughed because he moaned about it the entire day and I was all like, ‘dude, it’s a pinky toe, I had a fever of 102 and you made me go get my own popsicles!’

He showed me the toe and I asked if he could move it so he grabbed it and then he said he heard it pop.  I’m not even kidding he was literally like this for the entire day:

So he went to the doctor the next day and they said it just looked like he dislocated it and he probably popped it back in himself when he moved it but they did an x-ray anyway.  While he was waiting on the x-ray he called to tell me what the doctor said and I made fun of him for crying over a dislocated toe.

Then the x-ray came back and guess what, yeah, it’s broken.

men are babies

Thankfully he could still walk because he had work to do.  The next day he had to go work at a commercial site he’s doing some work for and the company doesn’t want them there during the day so they have to go in at 8PM and work til they finish.

That night he wore a flip flop on the broken pinky toe foot, and a regular shoe on the other foot.  I guess it was good he had on a regular shoe because as God is my witness, the man picked up a door and dropped it right on his healthy foot.  On his big freakin toe!

Dear Lord

By some freak act of nature, it did not break his big toe however, it did turn it black and it’s swollen so now both of his feet have jacked up toes.

It’s not even close to July 4th.  We are so screwed.

How was your weekend?

Any plans for the 4th yet?

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