A scientific running experiment

Because I wasn’t feeling very well last week and mostly because it’s ridiculously hot here, I’ve been mixing my running in with some power walking.  I am still averaging 5-6 miles a day, it’s just not all running and I’m okay with that.

I run mostly in Kapok park which is close to my house.  I usually walk or run about a mile or two before I get to the park and then run around the park for 3 or 4 more miles.  I see a lot of the same people every day and I always say hello or good morning.

Good Morning

I’ve mentioned it before but since it really irks me, I decided to conduct my own little experiment which I started on Sunday.  In this experiment I continue my normal routine and say hello to everyone that I pass and determine just how many I pass in total and how many of them actually say hello back.  In all fairness, I’m a super happy person in the morning and I realize that some people do not feel the same.

I conducted my experiment over three days, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  In that time, I covered a total of 16 and a half miles and I passed 41 people.  Of the 41 people that I passed the total amount of the people who actually waved or said hello was exactly, TWO!  Or possibly three if you count the grunt that I got from one girl but I can’t be sure because it sounded sort of like a snarl.

Now the interesting thing is that both of the people who said hello back to me were older.  None of the younger people, and by younger, I mean mid-twenties to forties, none of them said anything.  In fact, most of them didn’t even bother to look at me.  I mean, how hard is it to just nod? I see you every single day.  I reasoned with myself that maybe they’re running so hard they can’t even manage to speak but then I’m out there running with a lung disease for Christ’s sake and I still say hello!

In order to get the most scientific results I’ll need to continue my testing.  I think I need to try some new trails and I’ll have to run in all seasons as well to make sure I get the most accurate data.  I think I’m up for the task.

What are the people like where you run?  Are they nice?  Do they speak to you? 

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