Down here in Nokomis where the coyotes roam free.

Hey from Nokomis where we’ve been since Thursday nite.  We’re heading home tonight but we had a lot of things that needed to be done around here so we extended our stay a bit.  I was also able to complete the two night stands that match the dresser I re styled several months ago.

night stand

Now the bedroom feels a little more ‘put together’ and I don’t feel like it’s so hodgepodge.  I love it when things start to look like I imagine them in my head.


Not perfect but getting there….

MacGyver and I went to a few garage sales while we were here as well.  I was pretty excited to find a few great antique pieces at great prices.  We found a large metal container that I thought might have been used for milk back in the day and as it turns out it is the bottom part of an antique milking machine.  It’s pretty awesome and once I figure out what I’m going to do with it, I’ll show it to you.

I also found this beautiful little side table and I am in love with it.

Side Table

I love the cutout on the side, it sort of looks like a tulip..

MacGyver and I hauled off the tree limbs we cut a few weeks ago that have been residing on a trailer in the driveway.   I love going to the dump in Nokomis.  I’ve only been there twice but each time I saw a deer so I was really looking forward to seeing another one.  This time however, there were no deer but we saw a coyote running around in front of the Publix parking lot in the middle of the afternoon.  It was crazy.  And it was fast, too fast for me to get a picture but maybe next time.

With everything going on this week I still managed to run a little every day,  I ran/walked 33 miles last week.  I also lifted weights 5 days and did a core workout 5 days and I can now run 3-4 miles on average without taking a break.

eleven happy dance

Eleven get’s me..

It seems like such a small feat but it feels huge because honestly, I haven’t felt completely healthy in months so I’ll take what I can get and I’ll keep plugging along.

One of the people that I look to for inspiration is Gabe Grunewald.  If you aren’t familiar with Gabe, she’s a professional distance runner who’s been fighting a rare type of cancer since first being diagnosed in 2009.  I was sad to read this morning that Gabe has been moved to a comfort care center for end of life treatment.   Her husband, Justin, shared the news so that anyone who wanted to could send her one last message.

I hate hearing this news.  I really do.  If you want to send Gabe a message via twitter you can do so at @gg_runs and you can also leave a message on her Instagram account.

The purpose of life is to live it, so get on out there and go enjoy your day!

I was never fond of spinning anyway

Occasionally MacGyver will find a show that he really likes and he doesn’t care if it aired 6 months or 6 years ago, he’ll watch all the episodes and all the seasons for days.  I don’t mind if it something I’m interested in as well but lately, he’s been hooked on Deadwood.  Or, as I like to call it, ‘the f*cketty, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck and Pu$$y show because seriously, that’s 90% of the dialogue.


Funny, that’s how I feel about watching that show.  The only saving grace is Jane, whom I’m assuming is Calamity Jane, correct me if I’m wrong.  That woman is hilarious and the only reason I stay in the room when MacGyver’s on a Deadwood binge.

Yesterday was Global Running Day and I’m happy to say I ran a full 42 and a half minutes without a break.  I ran and walked my 5 miles but the highlight was the running because since the stress fractures in my legs that’s the longest I’ve run without having to take a break in what seems like forever and I’m looking forward to building my endurance again.  Baby steps but I’ll take em.

Did y’all see the rescue of that 74 year old woman who was hiking?  Apparently she fell on the trail and needed to be flown out by a helicopter.  This is footage of the rescue, make sure you watch the whole thing.

Now, if that would’ve been me, I’d have died right in that basket from a freakin heart attack.  And considering my options of lying on a trail and possibly dying or being spun to death in a helicopter basket, I’d choose the trail.  Every. Damn. Time.

For the record, the woman was fine except for a little dizziness and nausea but she was also out hiking the trail at 74 years old, so in my eyes, she’s an all around bad ass anyways.

Have you ever watched Deadwood?

Ever taken a ride in a helicopter?

Tuesday, running, heat, otters, projects and James.

It’s June 4th already and I left the house to go for a walk this morning and it was 81 degrees…AT 6:45AM!  Here is an accurate representation of what it’s like to run in Florida in the summer.

Im on fire

Yes, it’s that bad.  I have been running a little though.  I get 5 miles in every day now.  Sometimes I run half of it, sometimes more but I am running and it makes me happy.  I’m also walking a lot and as long as I’m moving without pain, I’ll take it.

And here’s a shocker, I’m still weight training!  I got in 6 days of weight training last week and even worked my core on 3 days.

who am i evenI know right?

Does anyone else watch Jeopardy?  It’s one of my faves.  I’ve literally been watching it for years.  The kid and I used to watch it together when he was itty bitty and I still watch it to this day.

I was really enjoying the last month or so watching James Holzhauer  annihilate every opponent that faced him.  However, I felt like he wasn’t really trying anymore after teachers week and then came last night.  Thanks to leaked footage and the stupid internet I already knew what was coming down, but did anyone else feel like he threw that game?  I’m telling you, I’m convinced he did.  It’s almost like he didn’t want to break the other guys record or maybe, just maybe, he made some bets in Vegas about how long his run would be, like under an assumed name or something and he HAD to lose.  There’s something more to the story.  I just know it.  Dammit James, I was rooting for you!


Last week I got the pneumovax vaccine.  It didn’t hurt but my upper arm was sore for a few days.  Now we just have to wait until mid June and then I go have my antibodies tested again and if they’re still low then we have a problem.  If they are higher than they were before the vaccine, then I do not have a primary immunodeficiency.  It sure does take a long time to find out about the immunoglobulins and why they’re low.   I mean, I’m glad they rule everything out but jeez, they started testing me in October of last year.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it but we’ve got an otter in our pond.  And I’m in love with him.  He’s so stinkin cute.  He plays in the tall grasses and scratches his belly like a dog and he comes up into the yard and chases the ducks around.  MacGyver tried to get a few pictures of him but they weren’t very clear.  I’ll keep trying because you have to meet him.

In the meantime,he looks a little like this:

river otter

Not much else going on around here except I was going a little crazy without any projects so I spent a little time this weekend taking this:

old night table

And turning it into this:

night table new

What do you think?

Tomorrow is Global Running Day, got anything planned?  I think I’m going to run 3 fire filled miles.  That’ll be my max in this weather.