Maybe it’s Maybelline…

I always wake up around 5:30-5:45 AM, well, not always but most of the time.  Today was no exception.  I got up at 5:40 and piddled around for a bit before deciding to head out for a run.

I checked the weather first.

Did you happen to notice the feels like temperature?  Ahem, 89 degrees!  Ouch.  No worries, I can handle it.  The previous days before heading out it had rained just before I left the house and I was fortunate enough to actually see a rainbow.


Isn’t it beautiful?

This morning there was no rain and the chance of it was only 30% so I felt relatively sure it would be a rain free morning and I headed out the door.

I was wrong.  After only about a mile it started to thunder.  I don’t mind the thunder but typically when you hear thunder, lightning is close and you don’t want to be outside running in the lightning, not here in the lightning capital of the world.

So, I finished running 3 miles and then I walked another half mile back to my house.  By the time I got home the rain was pouring, sideways.

sideways rain

Can you see it?

I don’t really mind the rain, it is definitely making the lawn look fantastic, but the one thing I wish it would do that it hasn’t is wash the damn love bugs off my car.

love bugs escape

The irony is not lost on me….The Love Bugs Escape

They swarm at this time of year and you have to get them off of your car as soon as possible because otherwise they destroy the paint job.  And because they are everywhere right now, I have to wash my car every time I drive it.  It makes staying at home a lot more enticing.

Well, there’s that and the fact that I can stay in my pajamas all day.

Unfortunately yesterday was not a pajama day.  I had an emergency appointment with my dermatologist.  I was positive that a new rash on my nose was skin cancer.

It turns out that sarcoidosis can also affect your skin and my dermatologist believes that is exactly what my rash is, only he called it Lupus Pernio which really had me confused because I do not have Lupus.  He then explained that Lupus Pernio is the term used for the type of sarcoid on my face even though it has nothing to do with the disease Lupus.

I'm thoroughly confused

Well, that’s not confusing!

He said that it may or may not get better without treatment so we’re taking a conservative approach and watching it over the next few weeks.  It’s not really all that noticeable and I can easily hide it with makeup so it doesn’t really bother me and I’m just really glad it wasn’t something that would require a biopsy, because the last little chunk they took out of my leg just recently healed.

Anyway, the point of telling you all of this is so that if you see me out somewhere and I look like this:

makeup party

Don’t judge.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

Have you had a lot of rain?

Do you use makeup to hide imperfections of do you go makeup free and proudly wear your scars?

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