Happy Cards, Flowers and Gifts Day

Happy Valentines Day or as it’s better known to most men, Happy make all the card and flower shop owners rich today day.

Let’s be honest here, this is how MacGyver and I feel about it:

walking dead

Anybody else feeling me?


Any how, I just got back last night.  I was in Tennessee.  I know I said I’d update earlier in the week.  Newsflash, I lied.  Not on purpose but I was with my family and family is first so that’s how that went but I’m back at work today and so I can update because priorities.

So in case you’re wondering, I flew up to see the family and drove back with my mom.  We bought her old car and she got a new one.  I’m not exactly sure why we need 4 cars instead of two really good ones but you just don’t question MacGyver and the truth is, I like having a small car to wheel around in.

I’m a bit tired today because we drove for over 12 hours yesterday and got in pretty late so you’ll forgive me if I put off another update until tomorrow.  In the meantime, here’s a sneak peak of some of the fun we had:

Are you celebrating Valentines Day?

5 thoughts on “Happy Cards, Flowers and Gifts Day

  1. GOATS! 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s day!

    I celebrated by running 3.67 miles in the morning and another 3 in the evening lol I didn’t run on Wed so I wanted to make up for it.

    • That sounds so fun. I wish I could run right now but the compartment syndrome is a beast and if I run I risk needing surgery so I’m trying to be good. And it’s killing me, lol

      • How’s the treatment going? I hope it won’t take surgery.

        My sleep has been jacked up the last two days (I really don’t do well if I get up after 5 hours of sleep) so haven’t run. I have two races this weekend though (not trying to rub it in)

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