Don’t compartmentalize this, it ain’t pretty

I had plans to update the blog every day last week but on Wednesday things got all kinds of crazy and well, you know how that goes.

Let’s start with issue number one.  On Tuesday I was checking my bank account as I randomly do and there was a suspicious hold for a menial amount but I couldn’t find out why so I called.  I was told that the hold was due to a check that I had cashed that hadn’t cleared…in JULY.  They also said they couldn’t give me any more info until the hold went through overnight so I’d need to call back.


Obviously, I called back the next day and they told me it was a money order that I had cashed.  Yeah, um, NO.  First, I haven’t bought a money order….in like…EVER.  So, then they said someone used my account to cash a money order as me.  Finally, they told me that someone had a money order, cashed it at another bank and it somehow came back to my account.


So I requested images and it’s a money order made out to cash signed by some random person and there is nothing at all in the purchaser’s line and I couldn’t find my account numbers or name anywhere on the thing.

Oh, and also, there are 10 more in different amounts which they will no doubt be debiting from my account as well as a charge of 12.00 dollars per money order.


I was able to get the 12.00 fees reversed but they will not reverse any of the charges until a full investigation is done.  In the meantime they are mailing me the worthless images they’ve already sent me.  I swear to all that is good and Holy, I could do a better job investigating.  The only thing I charged on July 26th was at Walmart who happens to see money orders and since the money orders were worthless or stolen, I’m thinking they should start there.

On Friday I had a doctor’s appointment and as I mentioned last week, after we spent an hour discussing my horrible sinuses I asked him about my shins.

An hour later he told me I have Chronic anterior compartment syndrome.

compartment syndrome

You never want to hear that because a, you cannot run, at all, and b, if it doesn’t go away with therapy and conservative treatments, they do surgery to release the pressure and let me tell you, it ain’t pretty.  Google it but you’ve been warned.

I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why, why the hell this would happen since I hadn’t run any ridiculous amount of miles or ramped up suddenly but then I did some investigating and guess what?  Steroids can contribute to it. Especially long term or high doses.


Thankfully, I am done with those bitches.  Unfortunately, the effects are still with me and I feel like I’m fighting a war.

No time to fret, I had to get up Saturday and get ready to go.

leaving jet plane

I’ll update you tomorrow.

Ever heard of compartment syndrome?

Ever had it?

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