Thursday things I need to say

MacGyver and I were listening to the news this morning and they were talking about a recent study that said most Americans think about food about 40 minutes a day.  FORTY?  I was like, we need to know who was in that study because I think about food like 4 hours a day and those people are not telling the truth.

Fortunately, I’ve stopped taking the steroids so now I only think about food like three and a half hours a day.  As far as the weight I gained while on the steroids, well, it’s made itself at home and I’m struggling with it.  This is an accurate representation:

Or chips, or ice cream……

Did y’all see that Ariana Mocha Latte Grande got a new tattoo?  She did.  I’m assuming that it was supposed to say ‘7 Rings’ which is apparently the name of her new song but it doesn’t.

Roughly translated, it says ‘BBQ grill’ and no, I am not kidding.  Maybe when you get a tattoo in Kanji, you should double check with someone who actually knows Kanji, just sayin.

But apparently Ariana took my advice and consulted with her Japanese tutor because she tried to get the tattoo fixed and even posted about it on her Instagram.

She captioned the post partly with this, “RIP tiny charcoal grill. Miss u man. I actually really liked u.”

However, depending on how you read it, her attempted fix might actually now read, ‘Japanese BBQ Finger.’  Good Lord.  I’m not sure what perplexes me more, the tattoo or the fact that I even follow Ariana Mocha Latte Grande’s Instagram account.

Also when I read some people’s messages on Instagram it makes me wonder…

word porn

Are you experiencing the Polar Vortex where you live?  I cannot believe some of these temperatures.  It’s crazy.  The kid lives in Columbus and with the wind chill it’s been in the negative 20’s.  He didn’t even have to work today because it’s too dangerous to be outside. 

For the record he doesn’t work outside but I guess the city wants as few people out as possible.  He also told me that the newscasters are telling people to turn down their heat because with so many people blasting their furnaces it puts a strain on the system so he has his thermostat set at 65.

I have my thermostat set at 70 because it’s been in the low 60’s here and my toes have been blue for days.  I can’t even imagine a polar vortex. Just the fact that polar is in the name indicates to me that it’s unlivable. Well that and this reporters pants,

They were frozen solid after 10 minutes outside. Nope, not for me.  I’ll be over here fighting with Hank over the heated blanket.

What is the temperature where you are?

Do you have any tattoos? 

Projects and pets

Taking some time off from running has left me with a little extra time in the mornings and quite frankly, if I don’t busy myself with little projects, it’s an ugly day.


Fortunately there is no shortage of projects around here but I was getting rather tired of organizing screws so I was glad when I remembered I had that old dry sink to do something with. This picture is what it looked like after I had already sanded the top because for the life of me, I can’t remember how to take actual before pictures.

It was made out of knotty pine and the people that I bought it from had put in a little shelf and added some 70’s paper as a liner. I left the shelf liner because it was in really good shape but we took out the shelf itself because it was poorly made and honestly, it looked hideous.

Call me crazy but it only took a bit of cleaning and the liner really doesn’t look that bad…

I knew that I wanted to use this beside my sofa in the media room as a cabinet to store all of our popcorn and accessories. I’m gonna put the popcorn machine on top. But, that will be temporary.

Eventually it will be used as a coffee bar in my formal dining room which is what the room will be when we get rid of the media room. We don’t need it anyway, we have a living room and we mostly live in there. I don’t think we’ve actually watched a movie in the media room in at least 3 years but we eat every damn day so, instead of eating in the kitchen I think we need a dining room. Sorry, got off topic. That’s what I’ve been rehearsing since MacGyver doesn’t know the plan yet.

But for now, back to the dry sink. MacGyver insists it wasn’t that old but I think it’s fairly old. Not from the mid 1800’s old but at least the 30’s or 40’s. I think the last people who owned it changed out some of the hardware and added those hideous knobs but I could tell as I took it apart that the actual wood was quite old.

When I tried to find something similar online the closest I got was this one from Pennsylvania.

Very close, don’t you think?

What really matters to me though is what it looks like now and since my future dining room will have hints of red, I painted the bottom part and I also changed out the knobs. Here is the after:

What do you think? Do you like it?

I’ve been pinning things like crazy to go in the room once I change it and because I get sidetracked quite easily I’ve also been saving images for a Tennessee house. We don’t have one yet and quite honestly we just started entertaining the idea but of course, I’m already designing it.

I found the cutest thing to do instead of using curtain rods. I’m in love with this idea:

Can’t you just see that in a little farmhouse? It’s the cutest thing ever, right?

I have two more quick things to show you before I get to work. First, I need to show this picture of Charles. His feathers are coming in for spring and he’s getting all kinds of action from the lady peacocks.

Isn’t he gorgeous?

And this last picture is the boys. It was freezing this morning. Okay, actually it was around 45 degrees but that’s really cold for here. Anywho, Hank couldn’t find the sofa blanket so he used the next best thing.

That’s it for me. I need to get some work done.

Who does the home improvements and redecorating in your house? You or your husband? Or both?

The real housedogs of Tampa Bay, starring Hank and Boomer

I only ran 5 miles last week and walked 3.  That’s a pretty big difference from the 35-40 miles that I had been running but my shins weren’t getting and after taking a few days off I realized that the pain had actually originated from my Achilles and it was still bothering me.  So, I made the adult decision to take some time off until I feel 100% better no matter how much time that may be.  I’m okay with it but I ain’t gonna lie, I have had a few moments in the past few days.

I have had a little more free time on my hands so I’ve been tackling some projects that I’ve been meaning to get to.  I’d like to say they were my projects but actually they’re MacGyver’s.  I’ve been trying to teach him the wonders of good organization with the JoFlow method, that’s my version of KonMari. 

I would be willing to bet that she never had to deal with anything like this:

That would be buckets and buckets and totes full of screws that I am trying to organize.  It’s a little maddening but I’m determined.  Don’t worry, after I finish with the garage Mahal, I’ll write my book and you can buy it.

And since I’ve had extra time, MacGyver and I have watched a bit more TV that we normally do.  And since I’m prone to little outburst when I’m not running, I’ve been winning the ‘what are we watching  war.’  That may not be such a good thing because over the weekend we watched a documentary called ‘the devil we know’ which is about DuPont and the chemicals used to create Teflon pans.

I urge you to watch it.  After we saw it I pulled out my cast iron pans, oiled them up and told MacGyver those are our new go to pans.  Not that it will matter much.   Apparently the chemical used to make Teflon, Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) also known as C8, has shown up in the blood of almost everyone tested for it.  Testing has shown that it causes birth defects and cancer in lab animals and the incidence of cancer and birth defects is much higher in areas around plants that have used PFOA and tainted the water supply.   If you ever had any doubts about what major corporations are allowed to put into the products we use every day, watch the documentary. 

MacGyver and I went to grocery store yesterday and as we stood in the checkout we saw a calendar with Crusoe the Dachshund on the cover.  I told MacGyver that Crusoe has a YouTube channel and he’s very popular and I wouldn’t be surprised if his owners haven’t made at least a few hundred thousand on that little guy.  And then I said, ‘maybe we should focus on Hank, he could be a star.’

‘Hmmmmm, what will I do with all my millions’

MacGyver said he didn’t think it was possible to make 6 figures off your pet.  Can he not see our dogs?  I’m convinced my dogs are millions of dollars just waiting to happen.  In fact, I think I’ve been doing this all wrong and I need to go set up a few social media accounts and a YouTube channel.

Have you seen the documentary ‘the devil we know’ and did it make you want to stop cooking with Teflon?

Do you have any pets and do they have their own social media accounts?

How many followers do your pets have and do they have more than you?