I run for a happy brain

I get up every morning intent on running.  It’s no secret that if I don’t get out on the pavement and move my feet before my day begins, I can be a real bitch.  It’s not because I didn’t get to go running either, I mean, that’s part of it but if you look at it that way you miss all the reasons why I really, really need to run.

running is my favoriteRegardless of what problems, issues, or challenges I wake up facing, running helps me find the answer to all of them.  Once I get out there I can get into my head and all of the minutiae fades and I can really figure things out.  It relaxes me in a way that I can’t even describe.  It’s cathartic and energizing at the same time.

Of course there are the obvious health benefits and it does help to keep me in shape but the main reason that I run is for my mental health.  It’s the best thing that I can do to calm down my overactive brain and focus.  Plus, when I get home afterwards and the dogs are fighting or MacGyver is yelling over missing tools or clients are getting on my last nerve, I can handle it.  I feel like I can handle anything.

Of course if you’re a runner you already know this but wouldn’t it be nice if everyone knew that feeling?

Tell me one of your favorite reasons for running.

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